Speaking through his brainwashed Clergy, Cult Leader, Lord RayEL urges 7 Billion humans to bend their knee, repent, speak English, and relocate to Israel and meet up on Mount Zion to have a bit of a Jolly, swig back bottles of Port and sing Sarah Brightman songs.      Fear not brave Knights of Baja, all will be well, as Mount Zion is SAFE.   A vision pops into my mind of hopeless cassocks sitting in a circle and singing badly….

We’re Knights of the Round Table,
We dance when ere we’re able,
We do routines and chorus scenes
With footwork impeccable.
We dine well here in Camelot,
We eat ham and jam and spam a lot.
We’re Knights of the Round Table

I am being serious.   This is Lord RayEL’s EoC.  Funny thing is though, not one of his 7900 strong Facebook congregation has heeded his warnings including his Clergy, so its a big ask for 7 Billion.

Why is this?

The BEST theology is Parasitology, and believe me, the study of parasites is the study of the future!

We must stop looking to the skies for E.T. to return, (i.e. RayEL… giggling) as the Rule of our Creation is within!

RayEL and his “Religion” is a neurosis, born out of fear and ignorance, which the ruling clases of all nations, in all times, ritualised and organised to CONTROL the masses. Unfortunately, this Cult hasnt  the intelligence to delineate fact from fiction.  Connected to Annunaki (Alien) overlords, Templars, Illuminati, condone child abuse, and anything else which is extreme and not the “social norm” – they tick all the boxes for inclusiveness, actually desperation, I mean who in the right tiny minds would want to be associated with Peado lovers.

The latest is … the instruction to get to Israel.

HE JUST PULLED THE TRIGGER!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!! (August 11th, 2015Lord RayEl Tweets: “It’s Time”

History books and religion would TELL YOU THAT David set his sights on Jerusalem, and that he was tapping into a spiritual stream of prophetic significance, so there you have it insert the God Figure with the elated Ego RayEL and his has to get there too. (No Surprise).  Furthermore,  ordering folk to get to Israel to usher him into his Kingdom.  7 Billion to relocate.   He’s having a laugh.    He can’t even convince his  Clergy to relocate  EPIC FAIL   According to the website

The word I am receiving is that this is primarily for EVERYONE other than the Baja Team, and certain key Clergy members who will be moved separately… ALL OTHER FOLLOWERS OF THE LORD ARE TO BEGIN MAKING THEIR WAY TO MT. ZION NOW!!!  Angelus Domini, July 2015


Once you arrive in Israel you are to ask for “Political Asylum” THIS IS A WTF MOMENT.

CURRENTLY, Israel is reluctant host to 46,437 African asylum seekers predominantly from Eritrea (73%) and Sudan (19%) and a small minority (8%) arriving from several other African countries. SO IF YOU LOVE RAYEL AND LIVE IN AFRICA – YOU WILL HAVE LESS THAN A HOPE IN HELLS CHANCE OF GETTING IN.

Asylum seekers in Israel are denied basic rights and access to social services and the government of Israel has employed various policies to pressure asylum seekers to leave – including indefinite arbitrary detention, refusal to accept and review asylum claims, limitation of access to basic state-sponsored services, incitement and coerced repatriation.    Please note that asylum seekers arriving in Israel have experienced difficulties such as hunger, poverty, persecution and loss of freedom,  Yes., this is true.   Link here.


So wake up please, you are being duped big time by RayEL and his RayElites. No wonder they are keeping rather tight lipped about the process.   That is because there is no PROCESS.   AGAIN IT IS A BUNCH OF LIES.

The only advice I have seen is …

“When you get to Israel contact us and we will then help you”.   Vicar General Cardinal Kelly Patrick.


A member of the congregation recently asked… “What’s going to happen after September, 2015”?   The EoC have been ramping up their campaign for a September Apocalypse since their Baja Seminar back in May, fudged incomprehsible Torah codes accompanied by badly made conspiracy videos all pointing to some holy shin-dig’, and RayEL to be welcomed in Israel by Rabid Rabbis).  The Rabid Rabbis have ignored all contact – no surprise there and WHERE IS RAYEL?

So the EoC continue with their apocalyptic doom for September,  Earth will be desimated by an Asteroid, afterwards according to Radicalised Archbishop of United Kingdom Samantha Kennedy

“It shall be the fall of Babylon. WW3. Nation shall go against Nation. Polar shift. Fire shall scorch the Earth all mentioned in the Revelations . The Judgement of Mankind”.

So, on that happy note…. I think it is time to buy up as much RayEL merchandise, see if I can get my sticky mitts on that Port, find a cave and hide.

False Prophets Exposed, 2015.