September 2015 has been surely been extra tough for the Clergy and The International Congregation of Lord RayEL on FACEBOOK.  

Keeping up with the daily “doom and gloom” is exhausting. The continuous streams of willy-nilly nonsense is churned out from the brainwashed EoC whose primary objective is to fleece the sheeple in order that they may continue their freeloading.

Visit any member of Clergy and I would bet you a £1 for a penny that you will find No posts about how wonderful the human race is, or celebrating life – a post of a flower, a dew drop, or even a smile – they appear oblivious to the beauty that surrounds them.  SIMILARLY, Take a visit to the congregation and you will not see one smile, one celebration – it is really dire – love God, love each other — these words appear lost on the confused EOC.

The Rabbis and Israel did not repent and kneel before Lord RayEL as they were ordered. Instead they totally ignored all the warnings, the diplomatic announcements, the threats of chastisement and the daily rantings of Archbishop Samantha Kennedy – which to be honest, anybody of a sane disposition would wonder what the dickens is she on, and if this is a representation of the Clergy – there is little wonder why the group has not and will not be taken seriously. Come the 13th and she was weirdly and rather hysterically having a nervous breakdown in front of her webcam. Never mind though, as this whole RAYEL business is a sham she ought to send her videos to the Producer of Eastenders as she would definitely get a part for her diabolical acting. It was spectacularly pathetic. I think she scared the Rabbis off.

Following the disappointment 😀 Alan Douglas boosted morale and the games continued.

MORE THREATS – Now chucking all his toys out of his pram

I’m convinced that there is a secret competition between them  – “who can post the most tragedy” .   But not everything is gloomy – stupidity is a common and adds a comedic factor.   Highlighted by the recent social media hype surrounding the rumours of an apocalyptic meteor / comet hurtling toward Earth on the 23rd.  It is so blantently obvious that they could not pass up a possible prophetic bingo card.   So let the posts begin ….

YES, you guess right, I know, it’s so predictable, hyping it up (Asteroid / Tsunami / Jade Helm)  – but hey the tithes pay for KOOLaid to keep them on top form in order that they can manufacture and churn this shit.

The End of Days – The Day of Atonememt. Unfortunately, this was marred by several hundreds of people being crushed which was truly tragic.  The  clergy distastefully jumped on this and attributed this awful human disaster to a poxy Torah code and celebrated its significance which is darn well nasty.

Post after post of badly made ‘bubblegum’ YouTube videos – but the award for the most “shittiest and bizarre posts” this month goes to the bumbling Deacon Petri who posted pictures of the 2014 Chebalinsk Meteor on the 23rd – which would strike fear into those who believed their peddled bullshit or even his.

Getting back to the meteor/comet.  EGG ON FACE moment RETRACTED

But…. As it didn’t hit – change in stance – could hit in the year 5776

On the 24th THE dawn chorus was beautiful – but you wouldn’t know that in the congregation.

Daily bouts of indoctrination from the Hierachal clergy whom constantly argue and belittle members of THEIR congregation and AUDIENCE should they disagree with what the cult is peddling leads to ban and being labelled a troll.

Studying their behaviour you can instantly predict what is going to happen.  When Moses posts his ineligible codes – the grandoising starts led by no other than Archbishop Donny Chong

IF THAT wasnt bad enough – out then came Sarah Brightman – Time to say goodbye.   Thank fuck for that.  When September ends.   Well something to look forward to will be STOPober.

Creeping up to the 28th and the blood moon and lunar eclipse more doom.

Pleas for money – Richard Ruff Aka Moses must get to Israel to welcome new Messisah for Sukkot. 27th – 4th October. ( TALL ORDER MOSES) requests for money for his trip

ANYHOW, RayEL doesn’t fit their picture of the Messisah/mosaiach

The very first of these qualifications is that he must be descended from the House of King David. In Judaism, tribal affiliation is passed on through the father.

The second qualification, according the Abarbanel, is that the Jewish Messiah must have the highest prophetic ability. (The Bible states that there never was and there never will be a prophet as great as Moses)

According to the Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah, the soul of the Jewish Redeemer will include the reincarnated souls of both Moses and of King David. BUT MOSES IS HERE NOW – reincarnated as its Richard Ruff – the group AND HIS TORAH CODE HAVE REVEALED THIS.  

Additional qualifications of the Jewish Messiah and the messianic age, according to the Abarbanel, include:

  • The wisdom of the Messiah will be superior even to the wisdom of King Solomon. ——– NO COMMENT
  • He will be in complete control of all of his bodily urges such as the needs for sleeping, eating and sexuality. ——— CANNOT VERIFY AS Nobody has seen him or spoken with him, but for his Imperial Regent.   SO BASICALLY NO EVIDENCE 
  • He will have no material desires. LIE -CONSTANTLY  ASKING FOR MONEY FAILED
  • He will pursue charity and justice throughout the world. REIGNS TERROR AND CHASTISEMENTS
  • His gift of prophecy will enable him to discern who is truly needy.  NO GIFT AS NOT THE MESSIAH 
  •  Through the power of his prophecy, the Messiah will perform miracles. NO EVIDENCE 
  • All the nations will recognize the unique spiritual powers of the Messiah and will willingly defer to his rule. EVERY NATION HAS IGNORED HIS CLAIM AS HE IS A FALSE PROPHET 
  • All the Jewish people from all over the world will be gathered and return to Israel and will live together in harmony.   CANNOT EVEN MUSTER HIS CLERGY TO GO THERE.  


Time to let the nuts out of the teapot.

They sink daily to new depths

This chappy really needs a wake up call.