Shocking …


False Prophet Exposed, Raymond Lear AKA (self prophesed Lord RayEL, The Returned Christ, Messiah, Moshiach, ISA) is a convicted Felon, Passport control will not allow citizens to travel under breach of warrant especially from The United States of America.    Or,  could it be that the rumours that he runs with Criminal gangs be true and that he has a fraudulent passport now?

Man of the Cloth indeed!

Shameful. False Prophet Richard Ruff (who liked to be known as Moses with the inflated ego), is asking for an all expenses paid for trip to Israel, via New Zealand then onto Baja, Mexico to meet up with the moronic freeloading monks who sponge of peoples goodwill to post silly prophecies, bubblegum you tube videos and fake torah codes.   Oh if you have lost the plot already, the reason he’s going to Israel is to apparently  usher in the wanted felon, Raymond Lear as The Returned Christ.

And people really believe this…

Fake Prophets Exposed, 2015.