This video was uploaded on 18th December 2014.

Interviewer and x-cult member Mr Donnon Russell, speaks to other x-members about their experiences whilst being in the Cult of The Ecumenical Order of Christ whose messiah is False Prophet Exposed, Raymond Lear known as Lord RayEL, online he is goes under the name of The ‘Imperial Regent’ Angelus Domini / Alan Douglas

Members of the Cult – The Ecumenical Order of Christ

The x-cult member Alex Leach travelled to Baja, Mexico to join the Ecumenical Order of Christ’s only Church known as ‘Sanctuary’ Alex Leach states that he escaped the Baja Sanctuary and he reports in this interview about a murder he witnessed on Rosarito Beach the night of the First Blood Moon. This the Total lunar eclipse on April 15  – A Ritual Sacrifice. According to Donnon Russell,  The Congregation of RayEL is the Escondido Satanist Community.

‘A homeless man was sacrificed on the beach by the Cult’.

‘This was to usher in Lucifer’

‘This was a satanic ritual’

‘There was blood everywhere on the beach, he was sacrificed by them, they wanted me to enter the sea’

‘They booted the woman out who was disabled’

‘Kelly Patrick is reported to have kidnapped a child’  – Alex Leach, 2014

Leach states during this interview that ‘everybody was present during this Blood Moon sacrifice’. However, Elaine Elliot, X-Priestess who is mentioned in this video and was actually present at the ‘Sanctuary’ during the same time that Leach was there states….

‘Knight David Daniels  and I did not attend this ritual as Vicar General Kelly Patrick would not allow us’.

Having trawled through online papers for unusual deaths for this date in question, I cannot find any, that being said Baja is renown for its criminal activity.


  1. Crimes Against Americans – Empty Beaches. 
  2. How to avoid being a victim of crime in Baja, Mexico.  

It should also be noted, that The United States does not have any jurisdiction in Baja, and no extradition treaty with the Mexican Government.   This is exactly the same as Vanatu, off the coastline of Australia, where Debra Burslem,  Cult leader of the Magnificent Meal Movement who also has connections to Richard Ruff AS he was her Progeny.

X-Priestess Elaine Elliot left this cult,  having been traumatised by the Ecumenical Order of Christ.   Today, she is attacked by this group via online character assassinations and what she believes online hacking. Elaine has been actively telling her story since leaving and helping others who have been affected by this Cult.

Unfortunately, David Daniels, her friend and a priest with the Ecumenical Order of Christ died earlier this year under suspicious circumstances in Baja.  

The Congregation released this


Posted in The Internationsl Congregation of Lord RayEL PUBLIC page Richard Ruff also posted what he states a very accurate Torah Code to accompany the Obituary ! 

Completion of what exactly ? What the hell has this got to do with David Daniels Death?

Baja News released this Baja Nomas

To access this article visit Frontera Info

NOTE that this article is dated Tuesday 31st March 2015 AND THAT HIS BODY WAS FOUND on 31st March 2015  

NOTE that this PRESS RELEASE states that David Daniels went missing Last Monday – that would be 23rd March 2015 NOT YESTERDAY – being Monday 30th March 2015

NOTE that the Congregations obituary states 29th March 2015 

Obituary States 31st March 2015 

David Daniels Facebook page is still active his last post was on  29th March 2015

NOTE the date of David Daniels last Facebook post 29th March 2015 

Therefore whoever informed the local police that he had been missing since 23rd March 2015 – is a false witness.  

The local news report stated that he’s been missing since last Monday thus being 23rd March 2015 

Another date 30th March 2015 

Considering that Alex Leach, gave this interview in 2014, he is still connected with this Cult., as he actively comments on conversations in the online Congregation as you can see from his condolences on David Daniels death.

There is definitely, some discrepancies as you can see with the dates of Daniels death and with what the Congregation posted.   Daniels was part of ‘Sanctuary’ Baja   HE LIVED WITH THEM!.   How come the Clergy posted that he died on 29th March? when his body was not found until 31st March ?

The second interview is with Susan who is a former cult member, she will describe exactly what her role was within this cult, and has since broken free and she is willing to tell a little bit about her experience and about their Agenda.   you can hear the fear in her voice when talking about this cult.

Thanks to Anonymous and special thanks to Donnon Russell who cares enough to speak to x-members of this cult.

False Prophets Exposed, 2015