For abusive cults, the key word is CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL, by Submitting to the Leadership – leaders tend to be the absolute end, looked to as prophets of God, as specially anointed apostles. Alternatively, they can be strong, controlling, manipulative personalities, who demand submission, even if he changes his views, or conflicts occur in doctrine or behavior. Sometimes they can be looked on as God Himself, often to obey a leader and their teaching is equal to obeying God.   However, they also can be rather dim.


In a perverted attempt to ridicule the writer of this blog, a member of the clergy, namely Deacon, Robert Cross  who creates Torah Codes decided to post online in their renowned Facebook Torah Codes Group a code in an attempt to belittle the writer.

This is the same Deacon, Robert Cross who has confirmed in a “Torah Code” that the self appointed Archbishop of the United Kingdom, Samantha Kennedy is John the Apostle.

Bible Code created by Deacon Robert Cross


What you are witnessing ABOVE, is a method of control.   Usually this type of behaviour is used to create FEAR.   Fear of rejection, punishment, losing ones salvation, going to hell. This TRULY highlights the depth to which this group will use its members and x-members to create Guilt, Fear, intimidation which are weapons used to maintain their loyalty and devotion to the group.

If one., was of a nervous disposition, this could really tip them over the edge.  This is not the first time, that such tactics and mind games have been used by this group.

Donnon Russell

Donnon Russell, an x-member of the Cult has also experienced the same type of ‘bullying tactics’ with also threats to his life.   Donnon Russell exposed the cults dealings with interviews with x-members  see – Lord RayEL Exposed – Blood Moon Sacrifice


This is a 2000 year Torah Code.   What are the odds of actually finding Donnon Russell’s name, deemed a troll by the group for exposing their illicit dealings?

Notice… the words which are being used. (No Donnon Russ (ell), arrogance, staining, vanish ….

But not just one was found… They also use mind games …


Words… Donnon Russ – preliminary, prepatory, shattering, adapted, properly.

Intimidation and accusation are the most often used. For example, any questioning of authority is treated as rebellion, and not trusting. They suppress questions and conform to the groups behavior. They Discourage Critical or Rational Thought and Questions they will reply with comments like, “you are a troll. Critical thinking is discouraged being called prideful or sinful or rebellious. No independent thinking is encouraged.

AN “US AGAINST THEM” ATTITUDE AND PHILOSOPHY: Anyone who challenges the cult’s doctrine is automatically branded as an enemy which is usually anyone who disagrees.

But, getting back to my Torah Code.  I could of saved Robert Cross the time and expense as I certainly do not need a fudged Torah code to tell me that I’m destitute of Belief and a heretic in the eyes of this false prophet Lord RayEL and his bunch of moronic monks.   This was used as a warning to others who plan to dissent.  

The Ecumenical Order of Christ will have their congregation and audience believe that they are trying their very best to make contact with political and religious leaders, asking for money to send their clergy to Israel on diplomatic assignments to speak to Rabbis to convince them that Raymond Lear is the Moshiach.  Meanwhile they will post pointless Torah codes trying to belittle all those who question their authority and expose their lies.

There are so many lies embedded in these so called Torah Codes – especially when they will have you believe that Top Torah Code Researcher Rabbi Glazerson approves them – when in actual fact he does not and has stated that the Torah codes that relate to RA-el are fraudulent. 

As mentioned above, it is absolutely hilarious that the Ecumenical Order of Christ are all still trying to get to Israel (So they say) – Visit the congregation and you will see ridiculous posts regarding:-

  • Nibiru – see Lord RayEL Exposed – Confused over Jupiter, Moon and Venus
  • Annunaki Returning – see Lord RayEL Exposed – City in the Sky
  • Go to Israel – See Lord RayEL Exposed – I need a New Computer

No wonder, they are not taken seriously!

The Ecumenical of Christ were PURPOSELY deceived by me. I infiltrated this cult earlier this year to find out about the allegations of peadophillia and illicit dealings including money laundering.    These characteristics were witnessed :-

TOTAL COMMITMENT: was expected of the followers to the leader[s]. Their commitment requires that property and money be given in the hands of the leader[s].  It is all focused on their mission which is interpreted as Lord RayELs.

PRIDE OF THE GROUP: We are the only ones who are right. If you are not one of us, then you are destined for hell. Correct doctrine is used by them alone to the exclusion of any others, they alone have the truth so one must join them to be saved. they have an us against them attitude which can be very dangerous.

INDIVIDUALITY IS SACRIFICED FOR THE GROUP: The group’s concerns supersede an individual’s goals, needs, aspirations, Conformity is the key. The end Justifies the Means – Any action or behavior is justifiable as long as it furthers the group’s goals.

CURSES and THREATS: Are put on those who leave the group or oppose them afterwards. They are told there is no where else to go. Also the use of Torah Codes (as witnessed above).

So ….. HILARITY again. 

If you visit the Torah Codes page, you have to pay $99 for a Torah Code.    This money was badly spent by the Ecumenical Order of Christ in producing my code.

TIP – They should of put this money towards Moses round the world trip or the latest bullshit – Joe Monte’s diplomatic trip to Israel to peacefully welcome Raymond Lear as the Moshiach.  

Actually rather humbled that my name has been found in a 2000+ year Torah code – and this pitiful and poor 

False Prophets Exposed, 2015