Earlier this month, (October 2015) in an article in The Prophecies of the End Times Rabbi AMRAM stated “In these critical times, Am Israel must join together to pray to Hashem to send us Mashiach Ben David!!!”


Shortly thereafter, NO SURPRISE here, Prime Cleric Richard Ruff known as Moses to his followers in The Ecumenical Order of Christ and The International  Congregation of Lord RayEL on FACEBOOK produced a couple of Torah Codes with RA-EL Linked with Ben David – which states that RA-EL is the Maschiach Ben David.   They now continue their campaign of contacting Rabbis and what they would have you believe international diplomats and politicians in Israel to spread this word.

Also posted by Richard Ruff was a you tube video confirming the same message.

If you haven’t  been following the trails and tribulations online via Facebook and other Social Media groups so many lies have been peddled by an individual known as Raymond Lear and his side-kick partner in crime Richard Ruff since 2011 – Raymond Lear believes he is The Returned Christ, Lord RayEL.   Whilst Ruff believes himself to be Moses reincarnated.

We will reveal now just another epic lie.  OPRAH WINFREY IS NOT ELIJAH

According to Rabbi Amram Vaknin (mentioned above) he was infused with Elijah’spirit in June 2015 in Elijah’s cave in Israel.  This was witnessed and recorded by Aids of Rabbi Vaknin.

This following video was posted on the Facebook International Congregation of Lord RayEL also in October 2015 by Samantha Kennedy, Archbishop of The United Kindom of The Ecumenical Order of Christ who believes she is the reincarnation of John The Apostle and has Torah codes created by Deacon Robert Cross as evidence.  

The video.  

Published on 10 Jun 2015כ”ג סיון התשעה. והמסר מאליהו הנביא בכבודו ובעצמו לעם ישראל!


שלום לכולם. שמי אדם אליוא ואני משמש כשמש משני לרבי עמרם ועקנין. הסרטון הזה צולם ב-“מערת אליהו הנביא”..באמצע ההקפה הראשונה שעשינו רבי עמרם לפתע נפל\צנך היישר את הרצפה (התעלף) כידוע למי שמכיר את הרב העליות נשמה שבאות לו מידי פעם כשמש גזירה על עם ישראל ח”ו. רבי עמרם דיבר עם אליהו הנביא , אליהו הנביא הזהיר את רבי עמרם ועקנין מן הגזירה הקשה ואף החתים אותו להתחייב לעשות את המוטל עליו. נאמר לרבי עמרם שקיימת סכנה שלא נראתה כמותה מאץ ומעולם לעם היהודי..אליהו הנביא הראה לרבי עמרם את תהליך הפלישה והתקיפה של ארגוני הטרור שעשו ביניהם הכסם שמטרתו היא להפריד בין הארגונים וכך בעצם אנחנו חושבים שהם קבוצות שונות (עניין הששיגורים לישראל ולקיחת האחריות) רבי עמרם ועקנין ראה את ארגון “דאעש” נכנסים אל שטח מדינת ישראל מהדרום….ולאחר מכן גם מהצפון ובנוסף לזה גם מהמרכז…(מרכז הארץ) אליהו הנביא החתים את רבי עמרם על כך שעל רבי עמרם לאסוף את כל עם ישראל לתפילה של צעקה אל קודשא בריך הוא. בכי,שופרות\חצוצרות….נאמר לרב שעם ישראל בסכנה גדולה מאוד ועליהם אף לקיים “תענית” ככל הנראה מדובר בצום…לעות צום , להרבות בצדקות. רבי עמרם שאל את אליהו הנביא “אליהו למה כל זה”? אליהו הנביא ענה לו “בגלל חילול שבת – חוסר תורה – ועוד…” זהו הסרטון המלא מתוך כל עליית הנשמה שהייתה לרב!

אחיי ואחיותי היקרים…אני מתחנן בפניכם שימו את כל התעסוקות שלהם לרגע בצד ותפתחו את הלב בתפילה למלך מלכי המלכים קודשא בריך הוא” העניין מאוד מאוד מסוכן זה לא צחוק “והמשכילים יבינו”

Translated by Bing Translation.   

Hello everyone. My name is Adam and I alyou used to Rabbi Amram Vaknin.  This video was filmed on/Elijah’s cave.  In the middle of the first lap we did Rabbi Amram Vaknin abruptly fell/tznch directly off the ground (fainted), as someone who knows the soul following lifts him occasionally when used with/report cutting Israel and Rabbi Amram spoke to Elijah .

Elijah warned Rabbi Amram Vaknin from cutting hard and signed him to do the job. Rabbi Amram said there is a danger that looked like her much and Jewish world. Elijah showed Rabbi Amram the process of invasion and attack of terrorist organizations made them as a aims is to separate the groups, and so we think they’re actually different groups (whole shshigors to Israel and taking responsibility) Rabbi Amram Vaknin saw/daaas/”organization” into Israel from the territory. And then also the North plus also from … () Elijah hired Rabbi Amram on so that Rabbi Amram collect all with Israel to 300 Al brich kodsha is Tears/Rams horns. With Rabbi Israel told in very great danger and even exists//”fast” probably about fasting. The hours fasting, drink plenty of charities. Rabbi Amram asked Elijah//why this Elijah? Elijah replied/”desecrating Sabbath lack of Torah etc.” this is the full video of ascent of the soul that was Rabbi!

Dear brothers and sisters. I beg you, put all their Government now and open your hearts in prayer to the King of Kings/brich kodsha is “a very dangerous is no joke/educated and understand/”

Now cast your minds back to March 2015.



LORD RayEL Tweeted that Oprah Winfrey was Elijah Reincarnated

Posted on Facebook –  Lord RayEL Information Page

Link to video produced by Vicar General Richard Ruff – Oprah Winfrey & Prophet Elijah 

Note that the comments have been disabled from this video.

Link to SHOCKING BUT CONFIRMED: OPRAH Winfrey Is Reincarnated Prophet Elijah!!! Article in BeforeitsNews

According to TOP TORAH FUDGE CODER Richard Ruff aka Moses, Oprah is the person who is supposed to prepare the way for The Messiah! – this being no other than False Prophet Exposed Raymond Lear.

Posts by Angelus Domini who poses online as Alan Douglas

If you visit SanctuaryInterfaith.org – The official home of Lord RayEL you can see the latest codes for RayEL being the moshiach Ben David together with the links referring back to Amran Vaknin HOWEVER, ALL REFERENCE TO OPRAH BEING ELIJAH HAVE DISAPPEARED FOLLOWING THE ECUMENICAL ORDER OF CHRIST REALISING THAT THE RABBI WHOM THEY ARE TRYING TO CONVINCE THAT RAYEL IS THE RETURNED CHRIST, THE MOSHIACH WAS VISITED BY THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH 

NOT OPRAH !!!!!! 




False Prophets Exposed, 2015


1) AMRAM VAKNIN – GIVES PROPHECY OF JUDGMENT AGAINST ISRAEL In this article  Rabbi AMRAM states “In these critical times, Am Israel must join together to pray to Hashem to send us Mashiach Ben David!!!”