Interview questions.

Would you like to me to use your real name, or for the sake of this interview a false name? It doesn’t  matter to me because if he is somehow connected to C.I.A or similar they will find out anyhow, so I’ll leave it up to you, Ruben “Yogie” Gomez.

Thank you Yogie, Was this your first experience being part of a religious group? No, it’s not I was raised Catholic but was disillusioned by it almost right away, (hypocrisy and boy rape)

Have you a religious background? As above , raised Catholic then was reborn around 1987 but for wrong reason(girls) lol, but in March 2012, I truly accepted Christ as my higher power, “but I don’t  consider myself Chrisrian in a religious sense”

Are you a religious person ? No

Are you a spiritual person? How so? Yes, I believe in karma and in helping others even if it can come back and bite me on the ass. 

How did you learn of this religious group? Bumped into them while I was doing some research/de-bunking of something else online  

What attracted you to it? Well for me, when I read and saw some videos, but mostly what they said hit the nail on the head for me, I always believed in the Bible and its stories, but instead of them being able to use invisible magical powers, it was actually technology, also take the Nativity story, Mary was artificially inseminated by an other worldly race. 

Are they an International Group? Well they do have members all over the world so I would say yes.

Why did you join the Congregation? I wanted to learn more, and to see what they were about, and the skeptic in me needed more proof to fully believe. 

Who Recruited you? Jaymian Franks, Senior Deacon from Australia.  

What features of the EOC and Lord RayEL stood out to you about the EOC? Well initially the mixing of the spiritual and actual physical technology, spacecraft. 

What made you think this is the real thing? I was never 100% convinced, I’m like a child, I ask the annoying question over and over, Why, How, over and over. 

Did you do any background checks before you joined, especially regarding the stories of Raymond Lear? I did , other than finding what they posted, nothing else come up.

If so., why did you continue to ignore the warnings? It became a game for me, I did like lots of what they said and claimed, but I needed more info, so I would ask if ever I was unclear on any point, but they would just send me to look at the videos. 

Did you have any “real” friends join? No!

What was their reaction ? They simply didn’t believe.

What did the cult offer you that your life wasn’t giving you? I guess (at first) affirmation what I always felt, that we were lied to, things kept from us by the governments. 

Who are they, Leadership, they say they are Knights Templar, Illuminati and Masons, How so? Fuck knows, other than claiming it, and their pictures they would post, they offered me no proof, they would say, have faith brother.

Did you become Clergy? Yes Deacon

What did you have to do to become Clergy? Nothing just volunteer, once accepted you were assigned jobs

When was this?2014

Who was your first point of contact? The one called Sammy

Did you speak to Sammy (Archbishop of the United Kingdom Samantha Kennedy) by telephone or meet in person? No – all through Facebook messenger

What was your role within this group.   What happens within the group online? We supported each other if one was down or needed some advice or guidance understanding The Bible.  

Did you have to go through some kind of initiation? Other than promise to not grass up, nothing but that struck me as strange.    No initiation, I’m not sure what I wasn’t supposed to keep quiet about, only thing I can think of towards the end of my membership, I had mentioned about not being able to work, (no work visa) then he told me to get a couple of people that are lesser minded and to hit a street corner and preach the word of RayEL,  and have them with buckets asking for change, but to make sure to make a ID card, false name recommended and if I’m good enough, with practice, I could make up to £1000 in a weekend.   When I asked what exactly Should I preach about he got upset and said, “listen I’m not going to spoon feed you everything brother use your mind” .    I went on to say that because of me being an artist I was a literal money making machine, then he asked if I had any property to sell so I could invest in the up and coming return to Israel to jump on a ship to God, lol. I was like ok, that’s it, fuck these people. 

Really.  So did you ask them about helping those in need or whether the money that you collected would go to Baja? No I didn’t as the money would of been a means to my pockets being empty, he never expected me to give any of it to him, well at least he didn’t mention it, since I cut him off by letting him know that I didn’t intend on doing that. 
And this was the ‘Imperial Regent’ known as Angelus Domini?  Yes.  

What was your daily life in this community? To be honest I kept in the fringe.

What was your training? Zero, Zilch, Nada 0

Did you get along with the other members of Clergy? Yes

Whose idea was it / is it – to ordaine members to Clergy, what is the social hierarchy ? Well there was God RayEl, – Raymond Lear, Angelus  Domini, Richard Ruff aka Moses lol. Then Cardinals or Bishops, Deacons and the rest. 

Did the cult fulfill its promises? Lol, No. I asked Angelus Domini to talk to Lord RayEL to help me overcome a Demon, I was told “ok, done, now just believe it and live your life free of the demon”.  

How long were you in the cult and why did you leave? Not too long a few months I left/got kicked out for doing what they wanted and to not be one of the sheeple, and to think for myself and ask questions, I did but I was asking the wrong questions and was condemned to hell, and that shortly something horrible would happen to me

Do you still feel that certain things are missing in your life that the cult claimed it would have given you? Yes and no

How many people are in the cult, Is it local, national? Well they claimed 6000+ but it was only the same 30 to 40 people(max) on the Facebook pages and posting on the walls I never met more than that.

Did the cult had a particular leader? Was this person particularly charismatic?  Yes RayEL, but his right hand man Angelus Domini did all the talking for him, he wasn’t good at it and short tempered. 

Did the cult have weird doctrines and teachings?   Yes, basically a mix of Christian and Islamic beliefs

Were there any doctrines about end-times? Yes

How did you feel about this? Not good, based on what they called proof they expected you to leave the US, if you lived there, go to Baja and give up your money and drop all those who you love, if they don’t follow you following Raymond Lear. 

Where you asked to end your life? No, but that I might loose it during the tribulation or fighting for God. 

Do you think that the people who began the cult did so out of conviction or to manipulate others? 100% manipulation

Did you have to pay to be in the cult or give up anything like contact with friends and family? Not a fee, but they wanted donations every Sunday they would pass the collection plate. 


How much money did you give them ? Fuck all really, but still too much! £40-£50 MAX

Did you feel pressurised at all into giving money? A bit pressured to give but not really, it was more the feeling like I’m contributing and to gain trust to try and get closer as I felt they were not what they claimed. 

Where you asked to contact people, perhaps introduced to Templars here in the Uk on Facebook or added to any unusual groups? I was asked to get in touch with rabbi in Spain trying to get them on board, but I never did anything just said I did, would hand in a list of the people I so called contacted. 

The ‘Imperial Regent’ Angelus Domini (known now on Facebook) as Alan Douglas describes The Ecumenical Order of Christ as Luciferian in his ‘Gospel of Angelus Domini’? Yes,  they claim that Jesus is Lucifer because both claim to be The Light, the Morning Star.  

Does It practise pedophilia, animal sacrifice or ritual murder?  Even though they condone sex with everyone no matter the sex and age, they say that they are actually not saying to have sex with kids, but if you do, neither should feel bad about it, because its Love that you are sharing.  

How was Morale within the group? Very up beat most of the time

Where there any consequences for leaving the group? Well they claimed and sentenced me to hell, lake of fire but unless you are in Baja with them, we are safe.   

Have you been threatened, if so, who by? Richard Ruff and Angelus Domini.  I invited them to do there best,  I’m a very well respected Gang member, though not active in gang activity, I am loved and respected maybe a bit feared, I told Angelus Domini this and said that if anything happened to me it would rain with the lead of about 200 active members, gagging to be able to do soothing to gain respect among us the older members that managed to live through the 1990s the most dangerous time to have been in our gang. 

Have you contacted law enforcements regarding this? Nope

On the subject of defectors and those who leave, have you kept in touch, how are they? One or two through Facebook. 

I’ve noticed posts online in Facebook Groups that refer to the disappearance of people who were connected with this Cult. Who are these people? I never met them personally

What do you believe is their goal? To make money, and destabilise the USA. 


How do you feel now? I’m good, happy and the hole is being filled with life and positive vibes. 

What advice would you offer others about being in a cult? Never take their words as gospel, and if in doubt ask questions, many questions, if they are honest and truthful they shouldn’t get upset but happy for your interest.  

Do you want to help others? If ever I can, yes.  

Thank you so very much Yogie for answering these questions.   

False Prophets Exposed, 2015.