Elaine Elliott
I was a Priestess with the International Congregation of Lord Rayel. I was a believer and did what was asked of me.

Before I went to Baja I was counseling like 24 hours a day on private message . So many had problems with addictions and I was on the Facebook Purifications Page. I preferred to counsel and advise these guys in private for their privacy . I am a certified Addictions Counselor.  There are rules and rules.


Hello Elaine, thank you for agreeing to be interviewed about your involvement with the cult known as Lord RayEL.  

Tell me Elaine, why have you agreed to this interview? My reason for doing this interview is to shut them down. I feel obligated to warn anyone getting involved to know the dangers. They are not of God, it is not a Sanctuary for all denominations of religions.   

Is this your first experience being part of a religious group? Yes

Have you a religious background? I was born and raised Catholic. We studied Catechism every day. I had friends of other religions . I married an atheist but both my children are baptized Catholic.   

I believe in God, in Jesus Christ and the holy spirit. I am just not accepting to the lies and bashing of religion against religion. I respect the beliefs of others.  

Are you spiritual? I am a spiritual person. I find God in many things and I feel closest to him by the ocean. In Baja my place to go to be near God was the beach. Sometimes alone but most often with David Daniels.  May he rest in peace in the arms of Christ Jesus . 

Elaine, what attracted you to this Cult? I did have a great expectation of the coming Christ, The Returned Savior.  

Who Recruited you? No one recruited me. I had been online searching for a religion that was closest to Christ teachings. Then RayEL The Returned Christ link just popped up and I read it . The concept of one command. Love God, love one another appealed to me.

Did you do any background before you joined?, No, because I knew the name Raymond Lear. I was familiar with the Guardian Angels.

Did you have any “real” friends join, if so., what was their reaction?  No one in my circle or family or friends joined. They disapproved and made it known .  I was not aware that it was a cult. In joining it was just a Facebook page. Just people saying that Christ had returned.

What were The International Congregation of Lord RayEL’s  beliefs? Eventually I learned their beliefs were changeable..

“They make members feel privileged to be one of them. Then make them fear losing that”

Tell me about the Leadership within the Ecumenical Order of Christ?  Oh that was Richard Ruff with Angelus Domini making his daily rounds in the online Facebook Congregation. 

Elaine, why did you become clergy?  I became clergy to learn more. There was an on line study course and a series of exams. During that time I also did a required modified fast. It was forty days eating fruits vegetables and unleavened bread. It was also giving up smoking, drinking and drugs. I had no problem with that . It was also to be no TV. That was in the beginning of January 2014  

So you wanted to help people? Yes.

Did you have a specific role within the Congregation? My role in the group became Counselling on the Purification Page.

And this was on Facebook? Yes.

Where you initiated? There was no initiation for me. I am a Certified Addictions Counselor as a second career and 25 years in Real Estate Agent.  I was busy 24-7 and I was shocked at how many needed help with addictions. Even more at the number who were on probation..Usually I spoke only to members and clergy on Facebook, and messaging. In so cases it was also by phone. This is what I was doing when it was said that we should all go to Baja. Then I was even busier. Aside from addictions the counselling was about family, spouses and children   This is not always something for group participation. One on one in private messaging worked best.  .   

Within a Cult setting, there is normally a very charismatic leader.   Would you say that this is true?  If asked, I would say that the Charismatic leader was Angelus.  Always humorous and flirtatious with men as well as with woman on Facebook.  

I understand Elaine that you went to Baja.  Can you tell me of your experience in Baja Elaine?  In April of 2014 I obeyed when I was told to leave the USA. On March 1, 2014 I boarded a plane and flew to San Diego, California. There I met Vince Love and Selena Roberts. We drove over the border together. I had never met either before and I hardly knew them from the Facebook page. Others were to be arriving at the same time but no one came till a month later.

Vince Love and Selena Scott Roberts

“We were all asked if we were willing to die for Lord RayEL”

Selena and I pooled our money and we went looking for a place to rent. Vince was unable to contribute anything so we covered his share. Our first apartment was in Ensenada, it was where Vince thought we needed to be and we went along with his choice. The apartment was a one room efficiency and it was $300 a week. That was too far from the border and too expensive for what it had to offer. We moved back towards the border and after a few nights in a motel we found a two bedroom condo that was on the beach in Rosarita. The Realtor became our landlord. He also offered Vince a job cooking in his restaurant. All he had to do was show up and work and be paid. He claimed he had better things to do. He refused the work offered to him.  

We moved the following day. The deposit and months’ rent was paid 50/50 by Selena and me. Once again Vince was unable to contribute. Before we had even rented the first apartment I had given Selena $1300 to cover rent. I kept $400 for food in my wallet. I also had my bank card but the bank needed to be notified each time I crossed the border. Selena had put the American dollars in her purse and forgot about it. At the Realtors office she asked me for more money. I had to tell her in which pocket she had placed my money. Relieved that it was still there I became aware that I should keep my own money in the future. Selena had enough to do for herself.

Upon entering the condo Selena suggested that she and I continue to share a bed and I let Vince have my bedroom. I agreed to this arrangement even though I had been sleeping very little due to Selina’s snoring. After the first night I began sleeping in the living room on one of the futons. It was lumpy but quiet so I was willing to make the sacrifice.

During those weeks Vince was out drinking every night. At first Selena was joining him but then she was getting tired and stopped. We were supposed to be looking for a place for a Church and we looked at several. Nothing pleased Vince and we just kept looking. Then Vince refused to look at all. Meanwhile everyone on the Facebook Congregation page had commented and where questioning about how we were not getting anything accomplished. 

One morning I got up super early showered and dressed and went to the table and announced that I was going to look at this property Angelus Domini had suggested even if it was by myself. Selena got up and was soon ready to go also. Vince reluctantly did the same. I was putting on a bracelet and Vince came into the bedroom and said he was ready. I left my bracelet out and we went to see the building with the realtor. (The bracelet was never to be seen again) I believe that Vince took my bracelet. It is the only reasonable explanation.

The place we looked at was perfect. It was a new metal warehouse structure on a hill overlooking a town of about a thousand. All the homes were new and housed young families. There was another building that Vince liked but it was in an abandoned part of town where no one lived and it was half the square footage of the other. I have been a Realtor for 25 years and I had offered to give my referral fee back to the Congregation to help with the cost of getting a suitable building.   

I was seeing that Vince was drinking and out partying every night and he had no interest in finding a church. In truth he had stopped even telling us what was going on in the congregation.     

Vince Love, Archbishop of Mexico
Vince had been making advances toward me that made me feel very uncomfortable. He suggested to me that I could share his bed if I was uncomfortable on the futon, I expressed my concerns with Angelus Domini and he said it would be taken care of. Vince then became publically very abusive toward me. This was after I let him know his advances were not welcomed. He would try and embarrass or humiliate me in public places. Like pretending he was my boyfriend or husband and saying loudly that he was going to knock the hell out of me.  Selena actually locked him out of the house twice for this.

I was told by Selena that Vince was getting paid as an Archbishop and was refusing to contribute to the rent. She was angry. She was tired of supporting him.

Then when it was learned he was going to prostitutes and paying for sex instead of paying his fair share of rent and groceries, he had his monthly pay taken away by Prime Cleric, Richard Ruff.  

David Daniels (Dave) was the first to arrive.  

That table was Easter Sunday. I was having a premonition something was wrong. My mother was dying.
When CJ (Clark Isaac) arrived, It was CJ who moved Vince out of the condo.  I finally got my room back and that was in the wee hours the day before Monica arrived.

CJ picked up Monica Call very late at a bus stop in San Diego. Monica Call had arrived by bus. Monica was sick and had no income, she was living with me. Selena actually wanted no one else there at all but had conceded at the last minute.

Who is Monica,  where was she from? Monica was from Ohio. She was not coming the last that I had talked to her before I left. She had two daughters 11 and 9 and her ex-husband all of whom she wanted to come with her. That was not going to happen so she was staying in the US with her family. Then Angelus is paying her transportation and she was coming to Baja.

The following day Alex Leach arrived.  Later Kelly Patrick.  

 “Kelly Patrick is an OTO High Priestess”

Your relationship with Selena changed when Kelly Patrick arrived? Yes, Selena became like a slave to Kelly.

There was something that Kelly Patrick feared about Alex predictions and visions. She was always acting weird but she was definitely bothered when Alex said that Elaine and Monica needed protection. He said that someone would want to harm us.


Little did anyone know it was Kelly Patrick who would be doing harm to Alex Leach, Monica Call and myself?

Alex was set up within the first few days. He was the first!

I had gone with Kelly, CJ and Selena to find a building for a church. On the way back CJ announced that he was going to put Alex in a Mexican Drug rehab program. I stopped and told him that Alex has a free will, you cannot put him anywhere. It has to be his choice. We stopped at a beauty salon and Kelly wanted all the girls to have manicures, pedicures and hair extensions. I said that I did not feel the church should be paying for my grooming needs and I declined the invitation.

(Just a few weeks after they had all the guys out begging for money on the street.) The ridiculousness of her wanting to spend church money on such frivolous things became even more alarming. She was misappropriating funds of the church.  

The following day Alex went missing! I looked everywhere for him and I asked Kelly privately if CJ had taken him away. I later was told by Alex that he was in a room where they told him to stay. The following morning in our meeting she told us all to walk out and leave without even looking at Alex. Alex was sitting on the steps crying. Kelly then put him out on the street with no phone, no money and no clothes. It was so hard to obey this I knew in my heart it was wrong.

The others put out at the same time was Lorraine, Ivy Waddle and John Eric Hanson. Letisha was never actually accepted.  

Elaine, sorry, but what do you mean “the others put out” and who are these people? That’s what we call it in the USA where a client must initiate and agree to his/her own treatment. They were all at the motel. Poor Letisha never knew she was not accepted.  

Letisha was looking after Ivy. Shared her room and food to keep him sober. Now that’s an Angel for you. The lady has mental problems that come from abuse as a child. She had some chips and crackers she also shared with Monica and I when Kelly took all the food and water .

Kelly and CJ both accused a local business man of being cartel. She then moved into the Condo with her three demonic cats, claiming to be afraid.  She forbid all of us to speak to them. These people had been good to us when Selena, Vince and I arrived. They were our friends. There were not cartel as Kelly said. They were good loving people and they were very hurt.

I have mentioned before that Dave had been the first to arrive and we had been taking daily walks on the beach. When Kelly Patrick arrived she said that it was not right for the two of us to be going off for a walks everyday by ourselves. I always announced that I was going and asked if anyone else wanted to go with us. No one ever did. Later Kelly told Dave that I was a bad influence on him.  

The rest of the members were using our kitchen for meals and continued to do so. When they made dinner themselves it would be served at midnight and then staying till 2 and 3 am.  This was keeping Monica, Selena and I from getting to sleep at a decent hour. I took on the full responsibility for breakfast and dinner. I made sure dinner was ready by 6:00 pm and hoped they would all be gone by 10:00 pm. To do this required me to be making a daily trip to the grocery store. In all those trips it was my own money I was spending.  

I’ve already mentioned that Monica was sick, well she had to go to the hospital / doctor. I was taking her but Kelly and Selena insisted they were going along. The following day Monica and I returned for a test and her prescriptions alone.  

Monica was sick and was just out of her medications when she arrived. Angelus agreed to pay for a medical insurance plan through the local hospital. We went to the hospital and Selena and Kelly went also.

She was to go back the following day and it was just Monica and I who went to see the doctor. Kelly Patrick had the others giving us the same silence and isolation treatment they had given Alex. That is when I realised our fate was sealed! On the way home we stopped at the pharmacy.  

That night C.J and his girlfriend partied late with Kelly Patrick in the condo. Three in the morning and there running the blender again and again. Then just before Dawn they come into the bedroom where Monica and I are sleeping and demand Monica’s medications. First she refused. Then when they said that I would be put out of the priesthood if I did not make her, she went and emptied her purse and gave up her medications. Then Kelly argued that there were more.

“They demanded all of Monica medications prescribed by doctor”.

CJ put a chair to the closed door and read the priest code to me over and over.   I was trying to get dressed.  I slammed the door to keep him out, but at one point and he kept his foot on the door refusing to show consideration that I was in my night gown. 

CJ Chanting this outside my bedroom door whilst I was getting dressed.

“Monica could have died having her medication taken from her that way” 

Then they threatened me because I had taken her to the hospital and to the pharmacy to get the prescriptions filled.  Then Monica was without her medication and Kelly was accusing me of coddling her.  Monica could have died having her medication taken from her that way. A medical doctor prescribed it and it should have been a medical doctors orders as to taking the patient off the medication.
For a month she had sever withdrawal. There were times I thought she had stopped breathing. She was either sleeping or irritable and nasty about being disturbed. She hardly ate or drank and because of her kidney problems I was concerned about getting her trying to get her to eat and drink. I was accused of coddling her. I am a certified addictions counselor and in this situation her needs requires more than what they wanted to allow her, she could have died.

Elaine, isn’t the very premise of Lord RayEL  – Love God, love each other ?  Yes

Elaine, that was kind of Angelus Domini to pay for her treatment ? That was kind of Angelus. He also sent money to Linda Graham at the point she was half way home. It was real tug of war . Angelus saying come back we will get you your own place and me saying keep going Linda your half way home now. I don’t know why he does those things.

What was Monica on medication for? As for Monica’s medication she had blood poison and a damaged kidney was the result. There were times when she could not walk a block. She also had scoliosis of the spine and good deal of pain along with it.  She had been sick with blood poisoning in the past. It was the side effects and kidneys that were an on going thing. She also had a very serious Thyroid condition. that is the medication that without she could have died.

Monica had given some food away to a homeless American boy who was sick. She was reprimanded and she stopped eating completely. She, Dave and I did not understand why they did not want us to help other people.  

Selena was going to be moving into the Sanctuary with the others. Dave was planning to move into the condo and help take care of Monica. It would have been May 15 2014 as that was the day rent was due.

Sanctuary, where was this?  That was the first of many. It was the one that had no electric . The plumbing soon failed also. They moved into the property and began work without city permits and owners permission. It was in the middle of Cartel . It had a high chain link fence around it and they were forced out.  The next one was near the commandary. Then the beach house where they are now. They spend an enormous amount of money and manpower to make the first liveable but ignore the city and owner in what is lawful. That’s Kelly Patrick for you. Thank God I did not agree to sign my name on any of the lease agreements. Her business ethics comes from selling refinancing and second mortgages to people who had just bought their homes a month earlier. Predatory lending is illegal ! My point is, once an unsavoury criminal, always an unsavoury criminal.

Elaine, you mention the Commandery, what is this, and where was this?  That was in the hills. I was there once and we drove past. Very isolated I thought. The commandary is where RayEL /Angelus Domini are hiding. It was a rather plain industrial looking place with a very high fence. Much like the other places up there in the hills. There is a picture . I know Alex took one and we also once had Google pictures.

So what was the overall plan when you got there? We were to find a place to live. 

Where you supposed to set up a church a sanctuary to help others? We were supposed tot yen find also a place that would be suitable for a church and living. There was never a set allocation as for cost of this property for the church. What we were finding for church and dormatory style living in the same building all required a great deal of work. I expected that the person with authority to make the final decision and sign the lease agreement to be there or arriving at the same time . That did not happen. When I said something to Kelly Patrick about her needing to get down there, she told me that Angelus told her to take all the time she needed. That struck me as odd because the March 1st date had been the official dead line given. Two others were on the way and both suddenly changed plans onroute. Meanwhile I kept stressing the need to house many people who would need shelter. Both American and locals.

First and foremost a church with a dormatory was needed. I found the perfect place and whoever was speaking for Angelus would not accept the price. Angelus told me to keep looking. After Kelly arrived she made it clear that my help was unwanted.

They just wanted your money? Clearly. There was a place that I had found that was on the beach. It looked like Church but it was a very large residency. They wanted me to put my name on the lease. 

They walked in while Monica and I were having a conversation and expected me to jump up and give them my bank information. I wanted to think about that for a moment and went back to my conversation with Monica. They all stood hovering around me. I said why are you standing over me do you expect me to just jump when you say jump. Yes I do Kelly answered. I had to go to a phone store activate my own Mexican phone. Then call my bank to order a document. Then go to a computer shop to get it from my email. It would not translate the documents to English . I said to myself its a sign that this is not something I should do. I went home and made dinner. They applied without my bank verification and were denied. No more was said about it and I made it clear that I would not be living in Sanctuary as they had begun calling it. Selena had been saying the same thing but something changed.

That would make sense as if you look through the congregation those whom were in Baja had started to bad mouth you.  – all these comments are in the Online Congregation of Lord RayEL.   Yes Twig.  I was going to keep the condo and David was moving in with Monica and I. Kelly gave Dave an ultimatum . He also had to live in Sanctuary.  

“I guess I am just not cult material” !

The first service at the Sanctuary was held and both Monica and I attended. After service I was in the room with Kelly and Vince alone. She looked to me and asked Vince how he liked his new soul. Vince looked surprised that she was asking this in front of me. She stood with a smirk on her face and raised an eye brow in my direction. Vince said that he did not like it. The concept of soul transference is foreign to me and I still do not understand it.

One day later that week Kelly came in with Selena and asked if I wanted to go to the store. That was unusual as they had not asked me anywhere since taking Monica’s medications had been taken from her. I said yes and went with them. In the car Kelly said how much will you donate, I said $250 and then when we went through check out bill was over $300 and the basket included many personal items for Kelly.

We returned, I went for a walk. While I took a walk on the beach (this was my one place I felt near to God) Kelly emptied the refrigerator. Selena returned later. I told her and she already knew. She was angry and said it was not right. We returned to the store and she paid for the groceries. I paid for all the water. Later she went back to Sanctuary and returned again silent and angry. She packed and moved out days earlier than it was planned. She also took the food. With everyone gone I was on the computer, I helped her out with her last bags. Later when I opened the refrigerator I saw that is was empty again.

I knew we were being abandoned just as Alex, except it was different because I was a tenant as per the lease.  

Everything that belonged to Kelly and Selena was removed by their own hand. They had no reason to return, I was keeping the door locked and the security chain bolted. I was determined to protect us from any further harm. Dave’s tent was out on the balcony and I had his folding table. I walked to Dave’s motel and knocked on his door but no one answered. I wanted to let him know that he could move in as we had planned.

Monica and I discussed what was happening and she said whatever I decided to do was fine with her. I could have paid the full months’ rent and stayed in the condo. , or Monica and I could have moved out and taken a room at the motel next door. Monica was missing her little girls, my mother had passed away and we realized that nothing was going to happening in regard to building a church in Baja and we decided to go back to our homes in the USA. It was obvious the cruelty and deplorable treatment was going to continue if we stayed. There was no love of God within the high clergy of the Baja congregation, Christ in his purity and goodness would never be with these people.

Kelly and Selena returned. Selena used a key and found the door bolted. I refused to let them in without a security guard or the police. They returned with a security man and demanded Dave’s table. I said that it was not there’s and I would only give it to the person who gave it to me. There was nothing that belonged to then in the condo and the security guard made them leave. He also banned then from returning. The gate was informed that only Monica, Latisha and I were to be permitted to enter the property.

My bank card was missing and I had no access to my money. I went to the landlord and explained to him that I was breaking the lease and forfeiting my deposit. I had been told that Kelly was sitting out in the dark awaiting a chance to slip in unnoticed. It was then the security began an on the hour walk around the building by armed guard. This went on until we were gone.

We had no food and with my bank card gone we were unable to eat”.

Latisha (the sweet lady that Kelly did not want in Sanctuary) brought us crackers and chips that was our only meal that first night. After that the locals invited us to dinner every night till we were gone. These were the people that Kelly Patrick had forbid all of us to associate with. The locals and Americans who live in Rosarita.  Severe storms were coming as the weather reported and we were so fortunate to have avoided them. God protected us and we were gone when the full furry of the storm did damage to Rosarita.  

Alex Leach states in an You Tube Interview that he witnessed a sacrifice carried out by the Cult on the Blood Moon.  You were in Baja for this occasion, did you go? There was no practice of peadophilia, animal sacrifice or ritual murder in my presence. However there were occasions that I was excluded. For example, watching the blood moon on the beach. They all went first to visit a mystic shop first. I waited with David for them to return for us. Monica was sleeping and she was also excluded. They never returned for us as they said they would as per David.  

Was that David  Daniels? Yes. 

Kelly Patrick later left an old dagger under a pillow on my bed. She had been sleeping there the night before. I was making the bed when I found it . I then told Monica Call to be careful not to cut herself while napping.  

Who attended this alleged ritual then? It was Kelly Patrick, Selena, CJ, his girlfriend, and the guys. Chris, Eric, Joe, Alex and Shawn. I am not sure what they had to buy in a spirit shop but CJ bought Peyote lotion.  They all returned very late. They were fighting outside the gate. C.J on his knees crying.  I watched the moon from the balcony with David.

Who was fighting? C.J. and Rob Wade. Rob Wade had smuggled Marijuana plants into Mexico. He was providing the guys with pot to smoke. I told Angelus.

Who is Rob Wade? Rob Wade, his wife and Ivy were staying away from the group in a Motel.  Lorraine had already left for home after Kelly was really hateful to her.

What did Angelus say? There was to be no use of drugs or alcohol. He told Rob that he could not be the group and do that.  Thereafter, Rob came after me. Said it was none of my fucking business.  It was my business I am was an addictions counselor and a priestess. It had always been known that Rayel wanted no drugs among his congregation in Baja or anywhere else.

How did you feel after witnessing this fight? I was told about it, I was upstairs in bed. They all sounded high or drunk. I could hear but not see. It was very disturbing.

No drugs or drink – but you have stated that Kelly partied with CJ and also Vincent Love got very drunk on more than one occasion.  These were high ranking clergy. What did Angekus say about this? Yes they were all breaking that rule .  More like did it behind everone else’s back. Did it secretly. Even Selena with her six pack every night. Big cans not even normal size cans.  Angelus said they all had to stop

So basically the ‘Imperial Regent’ Angelus Domini known as Raymond Lear posing as Lord RayEL had no control over his clergy in Baja (Sanctuary) ? Actually no! He has no control.  

Did Richard Ruff  do your Torah Code ? Yes

Joseph Woolcot did his own and my name was beside his. If you know Joseph then you are aware he claimed to be Moses and wanted to make things right in Baja.  So, if he would be Moses then I guess that may make me the donkey that he rode through the desert. About Joseph Woolcot , he is a strange man. Scared of people . Distrust is more the word. He asked me to do his tarot cards. The question being , is he the one. To my astonishment of very positive in favor of yes.

Is this being Moses? Yes 

But Richard Ruff prophesies to be Moses? It would be so like Richard to banish a true prophet and take the name himself. I know that I said this before, they are scared to death of real prophets and visions. Why? Because there fakery is obvious.

When did you realise that something was rather amiss?  A major wake up to me was when Kelly Patrick asked Vince Love in my presence, if he liked his new soul. It dawned on me that this had been his punishment and it frightened me.  Later when Kelly and Selena were trying to bi-pass security and gain entrance to the Condo in the wee hours of the morning I expected they had the same in store for me. Thank God security keep them out.  

Where you asked to take your life for RayEL ? That was one question put to me in Baja. 

Who by? Kelly and Selena . I do understand the reason we were asked this question though. We were always told that some of us would die in the battle.

Mass suicide? Soon after Kelly arrived she told us the USA would be gone after the week end. Told us to inform families and say good bye. Then nothing happened as usual.

I was also asked my Kelly and Selena if I would be carry a baby implanted artificially. ( It seems I had the only womb in the room. ).  I believe it was to be someone else’s egg and the sperm of RayEL. 

That is rather bizarre, why? Richard Ruff, The Prime Cleric did all of our Torah Codes as part of the Baja Exodus.  He did mine my ( without my permission ) and posted it, they all had a field day because of the mention of the word Pregnancy. All kinds of comments and mocking. The word pregnancy or pregnant is not always exclude to birthing a baby. it can also mean being filled with great expectations.   

In Baja all they were concerned about was who they were. Kelly said that she, Monica and I were in her bloodline.   I have no idea where this was coming from.  

I am not sure if the child would have been sacrificed but i can think of no other reason for Kelly Patrick and Selena Roberts to have asked me . You can rest assure that if I carried this baby in my body for nine months and it were born healthy, I would protect it as if it were my own.

Regarding these reincarnations, can you elaborate on this? Yes. The tension between Kelly and Amber was obvious even on Facebook . 

Amber? Yes Amber Hood. Kelly felt threatened by all woman but Amber had been declared The Mary Magdalene. From the very beginning Kellys actions were detrimental to Angelus/ Rayel due to her petty jealousy and boasting about an online sexual relationship with Angelus.

Oh really, this has been mentioned before in an other interview where Carter Davis has stated the same type of scenario with another Wiccan High Priestess who was known as the Prime Cleric.  She later escaped the clutches of this Cult. Elaine was this online sexual relationship public knowledge? Yes. 

Did Amber Hood have a Torah Code done with her being Mary Magdalene? Probably, but we know how those are created.  

Kelly Patrick has a Torah code with Queen attributed to her ? Yes, The Queen would be Mary Mother of Jesus Christ. Have you thought about that ? perhaps she resents the Magdalene and her being favored by Christ. I am not saying Kelly is the virgin Mary ! I am telling you what she believes. 


I know who I am, I am Elaine Elliott.  I have this theory about recognizing our own blood type when we meet them. My parents both had RH negative blood. They met and they fell in love. There must be a study on that somewhere. We were all Rh Negative blood type there or so they claimed.

Did they ask you if you practice in the arts, as in magick? No, but were interested in my knowing. That is what I call my premonitions, visions and dreams. 

Can you tell me more about these please? I wear jewelry. I kept it hidden in a locked suitcase. It came from my mother . My mother was living when I went to Baja. If she became sick or passed I would have been going home. I had no phone and very limited computer access. You had to be near the bedroom window in Selena’s room to get the signal. Kelly was planted in that spot . 

Why was Kelly rooted to that spot? She was on her computer all the time. It’s was a spot just big enough for one device. Like one foot from the corner of that window.  Selena went to bed very early.  Like seven pm. 

My family had been trying to contact me and could not, they resorted to desperate attempts to get me through the Facebook Congregation page. I know they saw these messages but refused to tell me.  

Meanwhile,  my knowing was telling me that something was wrong at home. I was mourning my mothers death before I actually knew. I mentioned this to Angelus in a text. I think they withheld this information in order to keep me there. I had a nice inheritance coming. Discovering my mother had passed and having all our food and water stolen by Kelly came in the same week to ten days time.

I should explain this knowing. Since the age of thirteen beginning with my fathers sudden death I have these knowings. They usually involved death or births in the beginning. I cannot tell you how many times I have been called a witch. I am not by any means. I think it is what enables me to interpret horoscopes since age 15 and also understand the Tarot cards.  Questions are always to God the creator.

I think this is why Kelly did not like me and others . She wants a prophet or a psychic she can control. In other words she wants her secrets forever hidden.  That would Selena but from what I saw Selena was making up her messages as a Schizophrenic does.

Regarding Elaine’s dreams and Premonitions, I came across this testimony of posted in a Facebook Group.  

Dream March 26th 2014 


I was restless last night as I could not get comfortable on the futon so I was wide awake and thinking for hours. For much of this time, I prayed asking God and the Lord Rayel to show me a sign or let me know what I should do. I have been feeling totally detached from the congregation. No internet and for the past few days no phone either. Bored, restless and worried because nothing is happening here I am having serious doubts about this mission. I did not come to Baja for a vacation, I came to work. My housemates are content with watching game shows and eating and drinking the day long. I am not. The other day I went to the motel next door and booked a room at a monthly rate. I will be moving the first of the month. As the lease is in both my name and Selina’s I will provide a tenant to replace me for my half of rent. I have talked to the realtor and this is acceptable. At this time, there are at least two single woman, Lorraine and Latisha who could share the second bedroom and delegate Vince back to the living room Futon.

I would be going home to Maryland if I lost my faith in Lord Rayel. It is my faith in what my Arch Bishop and Bishop are doing here that is giving me doubts, and it is about the future success of this Church of Lord Rayel, not the Lord himself. As a priestess I cannot suggest and or disregard the bishop and Arch Bishop. I cannot ask, why you are so secretive about why we are here. I see things that are wrong but I cannot say, you need to revisit the Lord Rayel purification module. Even though I can see clearly the need for the Bishop, who consumes six to eight very large cans of beer a day. And I know that my Archbishop needs to get off his haunches and share in the rent and the house work.

If any new arriving members are coming with problems of addictions, I would be a hypocrite to counsel them while it appears that I am enabling those with whom I live in their alcohol addictions . Drinking is an addiction when it becomes more important than anything else in life. The Lord Rayel does not condone addictions and if it is important for the qualifying new clergy, it is equally important for all existing clergy and clergy being promoted.


Last night I dreamed of the church completely finished. I was standing in the door way looking in and waiting for some people to arrive. It was all clean and sparkling under four chandeliers that ran along the center beam. There were simple benches placed at a thirty degree on the left and right sides. At the front surrounding the podium there were luscious green plants. Against the back wall was a stone topped table above it hung an oil painting of the Lord RayEL. The same picture we have on the internet, except it was a beautiful larger than life framed oil painting.

I was admiring the serene and simple look of it all when I heard a dog barking behind me. I turned in the open doorway to see a dog as big as a horse running toward two beautiful little girls. The children were excitedly making their way up the path oblivious to the two approaching dogs. The girls were in Swiss peasant costumes and were coming to the church for a celebration. The older girl had dark curls and was about seven. The other running behind her was about 4 or 5 and had golden blonde curls. The older girl was heading up the steps and the younger was running as she approached the steps. In one bite from the large St Bernard dog the little one was gone.

Then I woke up! I lay there for hours before dawn thinking about the dream. I wondered if the little girls Swiss peasant costumes and St Bernard dogs were a message. The St Bernard breed of dog is used for rescue and it is not there nature to attack. Switzerland is a neutral country. Sometimes a dream is simply just a dream but when you have spent half the night praying for a sign to tell you what you need to do your looking for answers. The Lord Rayel always gave me answers when I was home in Maryland. I can only believe that somewhere in this decision or this dream the answer lies. I am not leaving the Lord, I am leaving this living arrangement. When the time is right I will be leaving Mexico. I will be going home, if not the one that I know in Maryland, to one of a past life. Somewhere where language is not a barrier to me. I feel so alone, isolated and lost in Mexico.


How much money did you give them? I tithed when I was home. After I was in Baja I was paying half of everything. We were three people and only two paying. After the others arrived there were many to feed. I was going to the store every day . I was doing all cooking and buying groceries on my bank card. I contributed to the group fund for food for $350.00 in 32 days.

I had my name on the lease for the condo with Selena. Kelly wanted me to put the sanctuary lease in my name, I refused.  I am glad that I refused. They walk out on leases.   If your name is on the lease your liable.   I was seeing how Kelly had no respect for the property of others.

Jesus Chavez our landlord had been good to us . He even offered me a job in his Real Estate office. He was also living on the Penthouse  level of the same building. I forfeited my portion of the deposit to cover damages and clean up. Actually because we were breaking the lease, he could have sued Selena and Me both .

Elaine, what happened on the 14th May? I am trying to remember all that was happening May 14 , it was the day after Kelly took food and water and Selena moved out before the 15th as was her intention

Monica was out all night long and that scared the hell out of me. Selena and Kelly were around the property watching. I was told this by several people. My fear was that they would do to me whatever they did to Vince. I was not sleeping well. Even with the security people doing hourly walk through I was cold and scared they would return again and force their way onto the condo. 

 All Monica wanted to do was socialize . The last two night I did go out with her to say Good Bye . The locals had a pool party cook out next door. The following night we went out again . A second farewell party. That time to a private party in a beach night club called Poppas. Monica and I got separated coming home. We were in different cars. I went home alone and waited for her because the chain was on . That was another night she did not come home. 

The day I left she did not come home till afternoon. I actually had to pack her things into a suitcase Letisha gave her.   Kelly’s  demonic cats had peed in Monicas suitcase full of her clothes a few weeks earlier.  Other than that I was just messaging on my computer and cleaning up .

Elaine’ I saw your plea when researching in the Congregation about the Baja Exodus, that you were asking for protection.  


“I cannot explain to you how scared I was there. My mind was busy trying to come up with a way of getting to my bank. I keep wondering if there is something I forgot. Is there some reason you asked about the 14th ? Do you think they possibly made David reaffirm his loyalty on that night in a ritual like they did on Vince. ? David never did actually tell me his plans had changed and he was not moving in with us”.

It was the 15th May 2014 when I left the condo. I had no cash and no bank card. I told Monica I had to be in San Diego during banking hours. I was there even after I should have left. I sat in the spot by the window as the maid cleaned. I gave her some things that were too nice to throw away. Some closet accessories and clothes. I was concerned about having too many bags to carry across the border.  

Monica was enjoying her freedom. She wanted to party. I told her I had to be San Diego before the bank closed to pay the cab drivers.
It was getting later and latter. Letisha came and helped me get my luggage down the elevator and out to the gate. She had tha cab waiting for me already and I said good bye to my guardian angels those wonderful security men . They clearly understood my fear and had protected me. If they understood nothing else that I said they understood the word Angels. Letisha literally pushed me into the cab and I was off.

The cab driver spoke English and agreed to take my one and only check. At the border he found me a porter to take my bags on a cart as I walked across the border . I knew that I was dehydrating because my lips were dry and peeling. I had no water and no money to buy anything till I got to my bank.  
On the other side the a cab driver agreed to take to the motel by way of wells Fargo bank. There at the bank I was able to with cash for the cab, the cart porter who was waiting to be paid also. The rest was for motel, meals and airfare home.  

I checked into the motel and slept for hours. Then took a cab to a motel at the airport and slept through an entire day missing my flight. I was in another cab headed for the airport. I had many texts to answer from Facebook friends who were following my progress in getting home. I am forever grateful to each and every one of them.
The police in Baja do not help people. That I had seen to be the case with homeless people I had met.  I was afraid the police would put me in a cell and make me pay them as they did the homeless.  On the US you can go to the police and get help. It is not what I saw happening in Baja.


That must of been rather frightening Elaine? Twig, it was a desperate mess.  

To your knowledge did anybody sell their homes and give them money? If they had homes and possessions , they would have needed the money. Many came with nothing.  It cost me 7000 but I did not sell anything. I jut closed the condo and went. The real estate was only partly mine. Thank God.  

I knew I would be returning if my mother got sick. She was in an assisted living facility. Believe it not, I considered taking her. Looking back I think that I was probably in some kind of temporary insanity. My doubts began soon after I arrived .

You know what Twig, I think that there is something subliminal in the Lord RayEL videos.  Brainwashing /mind control.  

Elaine, What was the overall plan when you arrived in Baja and were you given specific orders to start a sanctuary?  We were to find a place to live. Then also a place that would be suitable for a church and living. There was never a set allocation as for cost of this property for the church. What we were finding for church and dormatory style living in the same building all required a great deal of work. I expected that the person with authority to make the final decision and sign the lease agreement to be there or arriving at the same time . That did not happen. When I said something to Kelly about her needing to get down there, she told me that Angelus told her to take all the time she needed. that struck me as odd because the March 1 date had been the official dead line given. Two others were on the way and both suddenly changed plans in route. Meanwhile kept stressing the need to house many people who would need shelter. Both America and locals.  

Elaine, from what you have told me, this certainly sounds like a complete nightmare, you were very lucky to leave when you did.   In the New Year I had sent for a horoscope, This was at the beginning of 2014, just before I embarked to go to Baja.   It was from a woman named Barbara and the report came while I was packing . I saved it and went on with my packing without even opening it. When I returned home,  I read it and to my surprise it made my whole experience crystal clear. It said that I was protected by a powerful force and I that I would be  surrounded by a white light from March 3rd or 4th running for seventy two days. It also said the number 7 was important to me and would become even more important in the future, It said that I am a good judge of men.  

The rest I have forgotten but it was March 4th that I went into Mexico with Selena and Vince and exactly 72 days later I was making my way home with no bank card and no cash.  I get chills each time I think about that and I wonder what my fate would have been without the surrounding white light.  

I did what I had to do and Raymond Lear is not the Returned Christ.  

How do you feel now? There is nothing missing in my life since returning. I am just not the same person . I am constantly checking windows and doors in the house. I never go out after dark alone any more. That’s not just me being paranoid .

There have been threats that keep me cautious. They spied on me even when I was in the group and it continues even today.    


Posted in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL – Disgraceful bullying tactics

Elaine, do you want to help others? I will help anyone , all they need to do is ask.

Elaine, How did you feel when you left  and how were you treated by the Congregation of Lord RayEL, did you have any support?  When I left Baja and made my way back home I expected some consideration for how I had been treated. I asked Richard Ruff if I could continue as a member. To my surprise he said no I could not. There were so many indications that things were drastically gone wrong in Baja from the very beginning and I expected that he would wish to correct the situation for the sake of the mission. I was wrong.

I had not abandoned the belief that Raymond Lear was the returned Christ. That came later . All members in Baja were told to unfriend me. All members of Facebook were told to do the same.

As I was invited into the hate groups. (Just a term meaning they opposed RayEL ). I was BEING  attacked and punished by both sides. I think it must have been obvious that I had this idea that surely God would set things right. The things that I saw in Baja were just so wrong to be done in the name of Christ returned.  

I kept answering their questions and telling my story anyway.

Elaine, what advice would you offer others about being in a cult? A cult will ruin your life. Your family and friends see you differently. You trust your own decisions less because you doubt your own ability to make choices. 
I made a drastic mistake, Raymond Lear is not the returned Christ. The name RayEL may be the right name but this is not the one. This one is a false Christ. He is a fraud who should be arrested! God the father has forgiven me and it is my self-imposed penance to warn others not to make my mistake of following this false Christ Rayel / Raymond Lear.  


Dream … “In my dream I was sitting on a bench and slightly to my right in front of me was this beautiful Angel surrounded by light. To the left beyond his winged shoulder I could see the night sky with mysterious light that I knew were also Angels. I was trying to listen closely to what the Angel was telling me . The alarm went off and I pressed the snooze alarm. Then I was able to return to my dream. The Angel was once again telling me something I needed to hear. Again the alarm went off and I immediately pressed snooze . Back to my dream again almost immediately , the Angel was telling something I failed to get before. I listened intently but could not comprehend what I was hearing. Suddenly in the real world my phone rang and I abandoned my dream to take an important call. Later that morning I was returning from an errand . I felt the weight of the worlds sadness pulling me down as I walked . I could hardly think of anything but this overwhelming sadness. I had had this once before. Easter Sunday and the day after Easter. That was a week before my mother passed. I knew that was personal , just as I know that this was not personal.. My question is, what is going to happen that will be so dreaded”  

I must say Elaine, that I very much admire you for agreeing to help expose Lord RayEL aka Raymond Lear and The Ecumenical Order of Christ which are based in Sanctuary, Baja, Mexico.

False Prophets Exposed, 2015.

Lord RayEL Exposed