Would you like to me to use your real name, or for the sake of this interview a false name? A false name please as I am still part of the clergy

Is this your first experience being part of a religious group? Yes.

Have you a religious background? Yes

How did you learn of this religious group? You tube

What attracted you to it? Their passion for seeking the truth

Are they an international group? Yes

Why did you join the congregation? To help others in need and to seek the lord 

Who Recruited you? I think it was Richard Ruff

When was this? 3 years ago

Do you think Richard Ruff is ‘Moses’? No way, that made some of us laugh.

How did you feel about Richard Ruff’s recent excursion to New Zealand?  I had no part in Richard Ruffs meeting, we knew it was for his Wedding Anniversary and he will not go to Israel so I do not believe he will other too know he wont too. 

Recently, Samantha Kennedy announced that she is the reincarnation of John The Apostle, how do you feel about this, what is the mood within the Clergy? I now believe you can come back as anyone after believing that RayEL is the Returned Christ, Oprah Winfrey is Elijah and Richard is Moses. 

Okay, have you given them any money? Yes

What features of the group stood out to you about the EOC and Lord RayEL. What has made you think this is the real thing? The personal videos were so passionate that it made me want to be a part of it.

In September, the Clergy announced that RayEL would do a live address, can you elaborate why this has not happened? The live address, after seeing your pictures no.

Joe Monte  Archbishop of the USA is in Israel? where you surprised about this? Yes.  I like Monte.   He is trying really hard, but it would seem that the people that he is in touch with don’t want to know.

So he’s not making any progress then?   No.  There will only be a few who will be going, I will not go.   CJ won’t either.

Oh why is that? I can’t say anything about that now.

Oh okay, well, did you do any background before you joined, did you check the stories of Raymond Lear? No

Have any of  your “real” friends joined? No.  They think it is just a con. 

What did the cult offer you that your life wasn’t giving you? A meaning and being a apart of Gods family 

 What are their beliefs? They believe that God has returned

False Prophet Lord RayEL wearing plastic body armour

God, you mean The Returned Christ surely? Most believe RayEL the Returned Christ has come, Alan Douglas is the only one who has seen him, maybe Richard Ruff, no sure about Kelly, but she has phone sex with RayEL.  We have heard this as its common knowledge and a few of us have laughed.


Regarding leadership, who leads? Richard Ruff, Kelly Patrick, CJ  Isaac and Alan Douglas.

They say they are Knights Templar, Illuminati and Masons.   How so? Only proclaim to be.

Why do you say that? We believe RayEL has had dealings with them but we just told what to say about Knights etc.

What did you have to do to become Clergy? I had to change my profile to be a Follower of Lord Rayel, I had t0 fast no stimulants and then initially Pass a Deacon test. 

Who is this set  by? The deacons test is set by Jaymian Franks

Who was your first point of contact? Facebook

Have you spoken to Richard Ruff ? We have spoken over the phone, and on Skype

What is your role within this group and what happens within the group online? My role is to recruit new members and spread the Word of RayEL.

Did you have to go through some kind of initiation? Yes, sort of.

What was this?   I don’t want to answer that as it may reveal my identity.

Do you get along with the other members of Clergy? Yes

Has the cult fulfilled its promises ? No, it hasn’t. 

Do you still feel that certain things are missing in your life that the cult claimed it would have given you? Yes.  We still haven’t seen our Lord RayEL or Angelus Domini (Alan Douglas) but I’ve seen the picture of him you have put up that made one or two off us laugh we see him and Raymond Lear look the same He’s just fatter.

But you are told in the congregation this doesn’t matter, his picture and earthly presence – why does this matter to you?

 How many people are in this cult?  Only a few

Does the cult have a particular leader?  Yes, Richard Ruff 

Does the cult have weird doctrines and teachings? If you look there all weird 

Have you been asked to end your life? I was asked to give my life in the name of RayEL.

Would you really do this? No

 Do you think that the people who began the cult did so out of conviction or to manipulate others? Both

Did you have to pay to be in the cult or give up anything like contact with friends and family? Yes I’ve payed alot of money to be in the group.  I am still in contact with my family but I have been told to cut ties with all those who do not believe, this also past members.

 Are you a religious person,  How so? Yes I believe in God 

How is Morale within the group? Mixed now.

Are there any consequences for leaving the group? Yes, ex-communication.  I have notice that our clergy is severely restricting information from “disgruntled” ex-members (trolls) and any critical information from reaching the “sheep.” 

On the subject of defectors and those who leave, have you kept in touch, how are they? Yes with some of the ones I’ve been in touch with are doing ok and said its a bad group to be in.

What do you believe is their goal? I really do not know now

How do you feel now? I feel the work you and your team are doing is far better than what we are but I am very good.

Do you believe that you are in a Cult, and what advice would you offer others about this? Stay well away

I know this is rather personal, but have you ever, or do you take drugs? No

Do you want to help others? I hope this will help others who are thinking of joining or perhaps my brothers and sisters will wake up to and want to leave.

Are you going to leave, why? YesI’m biding my time, I’d like to see what will happen within the group, there are some really good people and I will miss a few but others I will not miss.

Thank you for contacting me and agreeing to answer these questions.

False Prophets Exposed, 2015