LORD RAYEL EXPOSED were delighted when active member Jean Viete of the ECUMENICAL ORDER OF CHRIST agreed to an interview with David Johnson of Lord RayEL Exposed.

The transcript is as follows:-

DJ Fancy an interview or chat, are you going to Israel chap, could I ask you some questions pal, your not speaking to me Jean? 

JV Hello David sorry for the late answer … You are not in my friends list so I didn’t see your messages! Of course I will answer your questions. 

DJ First why hasn’t RayEL gone live yet ?

Oh and look at those pics answer me that is the same person? 

Have you met Angelus aka Alan Douglas as we all know that he is Raymond Lear ? No worries about the late reply.  When you all going to Mount Zion, is it Ray’s wedding to Kelly?  Why isn’t there any up-to-date photos of RayEL from the Clergy, have you taken a look at Lord RayEL Exposed, have you spoken to RayEL? Finally, have you seen the interview with Alex Lee h  and CJs racist remarks? 


JV This is a hoax.   Lord RayEL is who he says he is my brother 😊

I saw Nibiru with my own eyes.  I know what is coming and in which time we are living … Look into the world my friend.  Revelations comes true every day.  And that RayEL does not show his Dave is written down in the bible. He will do when Israel accept him 😊

DJ Well the picture you lot had up are believing it.  

JV If you look at this picture you can see it is two different people.  

DJ  Israel will not accept Rayel that have seen it all before.  They are the same.   Cjs remarks were out of order with regard to the black guy.  

JV I don’t know exactly what you mean.   

DJ The RayEL pic on the left is ages old.  It’s the same person.  He just fatter now.  

JV for me these are two different persons this already debunked as faked. We do not need to talk about this anymore bro.  Have you other points to talk about? 

DJ Debunks like what Richard and Alan aka Raymond says.    Yeah CJ and his racist remarks and also Donnie with ISIS bollocks and 9/11 saying it was for RayEL.  

JV yeah 9/11 was an inside job at the birthday of Yeshua.  Yeshua was born September 11th.  This is a kind of mockery against him.   

DJ So your saying the 9/11 was for RayEL and what about this Donnie stuff and Isis.   Do you agree with Donnie  about Isis? 

JV I say that 9/11 was an inside job and is the birthdate of Yeshua.  What about Donnie and Isis? 

DJ it was but you lot say that 9/11 was a birthday gift for RayEL.  

JV not a birthday gift… They mock him … As you know Satan rules the world.

DJ This.    

JV Ok,  this is an article and what Donnie said is irony … USA creates ISIS … When they start to attack their creator, payback is a bitch.  

DJ.  It’s sick that’s what it is. 

JV the world and its leaders that is sick, yes.   What do you think about 9/11, do you believe the official announcement.   You can debunk 9/11 simply by Donald Rumsfelde 

DJ.  9/11 was the same as JFK.  

JV Rumsfelde run out of the Pentagon to help people but he should be in the bunker defending the state.  

DJ Listen I am in 9/11 movement as you can see by my picture.  

JV I did but I would ask to be sure 

DJ And Bush in the Classroom 7 mins after the attack.  

JV What do you think about Nemesis Solar System, do you believe it’s coming ? It is known under the names of Planet X, Nibiru etc.   

DJ I really haven’t  got a clue about them, but it’s a big sky do anything could happen.  I reckon ET is out there.  What I didn’t believe is that RayEL is Jesus.  

JV Yeah this is too huge to believe right? But it is true my brother.  His spirit descendant like predicted.  

DJ Have you met Ray? 

JV Of course not I live in Germany.  

DJ You reckon a wanted man is Jesus? 

JV Yes he ran for Governor in the most criminal political area … They couldn’t control him do they attacked him; also Yeshua  was accused 2000 years ago.  Sorry for my bad grammar I’m not a native speaker.   

DJ He beat amd kidnapped his wife, you know.  

JV Do belief that really.  Then you have to believe about  9/11.  

He was a member of The Guardian Angels , a world renown and respected crime-fighting force, meritoriously recognised for their bravery and public service.

Before the Holy Spirit descended in Jerusalem in 2011 Raymond Elwood Lear was being drafted to run for office in Chicago, to clean up the massive corruption that existed there.  His time as commander of Chicago’s Guardian Angels made him a celebrated local hero that the people trusted because hy was incorruptible.

He had no criminal or domestic  violence history at all, but when he was running for office to clean up Chicago’s corruption, those in power got a group of Indiana cops to kidnap and drug his fiancé, kill his father, and falsely arrest both him and his elderly mother on a trumped-up charge of battery against his fiancé.  There was no evidence, no witnesses, and a medical report showed no evidence of abuse.   The cops kept her drugged and in hiding in Indiana, forcing her into their prostitution ring, claiming that they didn’t kidnap her, but were just “protecting her”.

The cops story was so unbelievable that a congressional investigation was launched because of the obvious conspiracy.  The court refused to give him a jury, when a higher court ordered it, and they sent him to prison on what was by Indiana statue of first offence misdemeanour.

The border of Chicago/Indiania is the region of greatest official corruption in America.  Anybody who looks at the records sees how it was all trumped up, but of course people don’t look into the facts they hear “wife beater” and they reach an automatic conclusion that it must be true…


Which is of course what the politicians wanted, so he could never run for office.

DJ  Why is Rays ex still scared to talk about it, he is still a wanted man?   Do you reckon he and Kelly will be married in Israel?

JV Nope he won’t marry Kelly in Israel  Also Kelly isnht the reincarnation of Mary Magdalena.

DJ I wouldn’t also though.  Is it still Amber?

JV Who Mary is I do not know exactly, but this didn’t matter to me.

DJ Bit like Samantha Kennedy – the Return of John and Richard Ruff Moses.

JV  ^^Yes., sounds crazy … right? But it is the truth.

DJ So who will be next, Judas, Noah

JV xo, many have reincarnated in the last days, like Prophet Elia, this is Oprah.

DJ Yeah, does Oprah know, how does Ruff do these codes?

JV I don’t know, we tried to reach her but a celebrity is hard to reach, so I don’t know if she saw it.   There is free software.

DJ Is there, but he charges $99.  Think how many beers you could get with that?

JV ^^

DJ So question for you pal, who you got your eye on in the group?

JV What do you mean exactly?

DJ You must fancy someone in there you are still young?

JV I can send you the free software key to the bible.

DJ How old are you?

JV 27

DJ Which bible, the Torah codes?

JV The software for the Bible Codes is called “Keys to the Bible”.

DJ 27, wish I was 27 again, I am 37


DJ Have you got a girlfriend?


DJ Do you like Kelly Patrick?

JV Yes, I like Kelly but not as my girlfriend, I am more the lamb as is written in Revelation 12.

DJ Lamb what?

JV Sorry, Rev 14 ^^^ Yeah I like women.  4. These are the ones who have not been defiled with women, for they have kept themselves chaste.   These are the ones who follow the Lamb wherever he goes.   These have been purchased from among men as first fuits to God and to the Lamb  5 And no lie was found in their mouth, they are blameless.

DJ Will you be going to Baja?

JV I am not able to move there on my own.  But the Bible said that the chosen will be picked up.

DJ Why that Pal?  Do you give money to them if you don’t mind me asking?

JV I worked first by the 5th biggest provider for virtual infrastructure then the company was bought by Host Europe the third biggest Webhoster in Germany and after they bought us the biggest in Europe for virtual infrastructure.   Then I went back to my famile and I am now for two years unemployment.

DJ Nice, I am a paint-sprayer.

JV Cool

DJ But cannot work as I have blood clot in my leg.

JV ohh

DJ But I do here and there and nowt stops me.

JV Never keep calm^^

DJ Have you spoken to Alan Douglas aka RayEL because we all know that Alan is Ray?

JV Nope he isn’t RayEL, he is the Regent and he is the only ONE who is in contact with Lord RayEL.

DJ Funny that, because 2000 years ago everybody was in contact with Jesus.

JV And also in contact with the Fleet Commander of the Annunaki Fleet.

DJ Is Adam in the group still or is he playing for NFL?

JV He in Baja.  He don’t play in the NFL, but he was on the run to play there…. He is really good.

DJ RayEl messed that up for him then.  Didn’t RayEL say follow him and he play for his favoutite team.   Did they ask him?

JV x 😊

DJ Look it up, it cost Adam millions.

JV But be aware , the Nemesis solar system is coming… now visible… that’s why they spraying chemtrails. Life as you know it will not exist anymore on Earth.  There are many planets and Nibiru is four times as large as Earth.  Think about the moon and the tides then you know what happened when the flood came in the times of Noah.  Google dead NASA Scientists.  The only guys who can tell you are killed more than 75 scientsists over the last years.  Connect the dots.  The Nemesis Solar System went through the Oort Cloud.

DJ  Well pal, my pals really into that, I am really into things debunking 9/11 if you get me.

JV This isn’t fake.   I’ve seen it with my own eyes and you see more and more reports by the day.

DJ May not be, just ain’t my thing.  Yeah but that is the world we live in.


DJ Has Ray still got his spaceships.

JV Brother the governments made a slave trade.  They will never announce it and build bunkers for years.  But only for the Elite.

DJ Yeah I know all of that.

JV Good, they do it because the Nemesis come around like all ancient culture has written down it.  Nemesis will drag meteors and asteroids.   Meteors are rapidly increasing the last years.  These are first debris.

DJ Yeah but it’s a big ass sky.

JV Right… but also the Pope announce that it will rain fire from the sky.

DJ Yeah, funny how they don’t know about Ray.

JV And if you look into the Bible… it is all written down what happened now.   What do you mean?   When Christ comes back … then the time is now and he did.

DJ Well the Pope not said here is Jesus or the Rabbis in Israel.

JV  Right and he never will do that.   They are lying about many things.   If they announce the truth they will lose their power.

DJ We all know the Church lies.

JV I’m just searching some quotes from the Vatican. 

“Very soon the nations will look to Aliens or their Salvation and Jesus might be the son of a Star Child”.   Brother Guy Consolmongo, Leading Astronomer for the Vatican.

“There is an Alien presence on Earth now” Monsignor Corrado Balducci, Vatican Spokesman.

“Very soon we will not have to deny our Christian Faith … but there is Information coming from another world, and once it is confirmed it is going to require a re-reading of the Gospel as we know it” Fr. Giuseppe Tanzella-Nitti Professor, Vatican University.


DJ Did you look at the video pal?
JW Yep, but this is a scam brother… I also do not believe this is from Anonymous x 😊😊😊Be aware that Satan rules the world and he and his dominions do what they are known for “lying”.

Blood Rituals are known for the Pope and the Queen.

DJ So are the same in Religious groups.

JV ? No I haven’t anything to do with such rituals, this is satanic and has nothing to do with Christ.


DJ Jesus groups etc, if you get me?

JV ?

DJ You do know who did this interview,  Alex Leech

JV Nope I didn’t but I do know Alex 😊

DJ It’s Alex in the Interview.

JV Alex is a member of the Ecumenical Order of Christ not the Clergy.

DJ Alex was in Baja when there was a murder on the beach.  Listen to the Interview

JV I do not believe this scam and I guess I do not know him, I only know Alex Leech.

DJ Alex Leech did it the one you know in the EOC.   It’s him whose in your group.

JV Everybody can join the group

DJ Are you an Admin in the group?

JV I am no administrator, but I am a Senior Deacon and in the Clergy Room.  We have nothing to do with satanic rituals… or something they said.   When he really was there and this happened he said, why he made no pics?

DJ Leech I wouldn’t believe a word that he says, you can tell that he is on something.  How’s Joe Monte getting on in Israel? Whose there with him?

JV Everybody has a phone or camera… this are only people who claim some stupid shit… some signal word like “murder” “Satanic rituals” and many will not look into.

DJ Alex believed it was.

JV Yeah, and Angela Merkel said she do everything right and everybody what state something else is a Nazi.

DJ True

JV Brother there are no evidences… and I know the people in Baja.

DJ So what is the difference between the EOC and Clergy?

JV They are really lovely souls … they wouldn’t hurt anybody.  The EOC is a group where everybody can be like a Church.   There we share world events and explain them … put them in the timeline of Revellations etc.


DJ I also know a person who was in Baja.

JV Kimberley? But anyway

DJ Elaine

JV Ok, I never meet her.  Be aware Nemesis is really coming and this is to prove with your own eyes.

DJ How is Kimberley, little worried about her, do you know where she is now pal?

JV Kimberley?

DJ Yeah

JV Yeah she went from Baja back to her famile … got some issues I don’t wanna talk about because it is personal but I spoke to her sometimes after she was leaving.   But let’s talk about facts.

DJ Do you follow sport?

JV Yep.   I am a soccer fan.   But in case of Nemesis … the guy that could telling you this are:


Do you know the telescope of the Vatican is named?

DJ Rugby League me pal.

JV ^^ I don’t play Rugby

DJ LOL hard sport I was semi-pro in my younger days.  I really don’t like plants

JV Wow N1

DJ Know about Nemesis etc.

JV For Sure, so now you know the Vaticn who are twisted Yeshuas teachings is looking into the space with an infra red camera who is able to capute nemesis called Lucifer because they are looking when he comes back.
DJ I believe we are not alone, there is life somewhere out there and don’t believe Armstrong landed on the moon.

JV ^^ for sure we are not alone.

DJ I don’t believe them anyway because of past Popes and files etc.

JV What would they fear?

DJ Depends

JV They fear Yeshua and when he comes he comes with truth and break down their Empire


JV Be aware that the Vatican is the richest state in the world ^^ So Yeshua is bad to them so they call him Lucifer.

NOTE Again that Jean refers to the Vatican searching for Lucifer, also known as the Bright Morning Star by Angelus Domini’s own admittance and his Gospel.   So how can Lord RayEL be Yeshua? Jean is obviously conflicted with his beliefs.

DJ Yeah own laws.

JV This all makes sense pal.   Connect the dots, now Yeshua comes in Truth.

DJ Yeah, but I do not believe that Ray is the Returned Christ.

JV State is name was never Jesus, he is Lucifer, he is an Annunaki, his brother ENKI creates humankind from the Apes etc.  Do you believeany Government would allow to talk about the truth?  What they are very well hiding for centuries.

DJ I do not believe Governments full stop, like 9/11 and JFK.

JV Yeah JFK talked about the NOW and wanted to stop the FED   He was taken out.   MK Ultra was used for some people, I guess…

DJ Why hasn’t your Rayel Group helped the homeless and needy, all you says, is just doom and gloom?

JV What should we do? We are all not rich, we are gods people in Satans Land.

DJ Help them, talk with them, pray with them?

JV We do but w4e don’t think in classes…. Human is human, we preach to LOVE GOD, LOVE EACH OTHER.

DJ My nan was a Church goer she never missed she give communion to the old etc., she seen the Pope etc.

JV  Be aware Lord RayEL gave two commandments, LOVE GOD, LOVE EACH OTHER.  He removed the laws of Moses through this one rule.  

DJ I thought Richard Ruff was Moses?

JV Yes he is the reincarnation but I am talking about Moses laws, the Ten Commandments.  Please let me explain the reason for that.

DJ So he removed what Ruff did in a past life?

JV What had been given by god himself to made is very simple. You can all unite all ten laws with this one.   Simply LOVE EACH OTHER.  But the government and Satan want to class and divide us.

DJ So Sammy the returned John, Ruff is Moses and Ray is Jesus.

JV Divide and Rule, right.

DJ So what’s Kelly Patrick?

JV Anyway

DJ Is Kelly still with Monte, or is she with Ray now?

JV It is personal and they have to decide when she will reveal it.  Kelly is in Baja.  Lord RayEL is on his way to Jerusalem.

DJ Yeah Ray is in the USA

JV And Joe is still in Jerusalem, don’t believe that Bro.

DJ How can he get to Jerusalem, if he is still a wanted man.  No., I don’t believe anyone will go to Jerusalem pal, I really don’t.

JV He isn’t in the USA and only wanted there… also he is the Son of GOD and here are a massive fleet of Annunaki Ships.  UFO sightings have rapidly increased.  But be aware USA and Russia also have UFOs.

DJ Yeah, UFO sightings have always been there.   So did Hitler.

JV The USA have triangular ships called TR-38, yeah hanebu/die glocke (the bell)

DJ But the topic here pal, have you seen ‘Hunting Hitler’?

Jv You know the Philadelphia Experiment?

DJ Watch it really good, think so, not sure.

JV Okay, UFOs man made working with electromagnetic fields.

DJ Yeah, Area 51

JV The US first tried to implement it from outside so the ship was gone and some say it travelled through time.  They only later get it to make this field from inside but it costs many energy.   You can surf on the magnetic field of Earth.

DJ I’ve seen stuff on time travel.

JV But time travel is hoax, it didn’t exist.

DJ Yeah I reckon that also.

JV But Russia used its atomic submarines for UFOs.

DJ Is it

JV Because the atomic reactor produce enough energy for their first UFO tests. So the submarines are able to move under water with the speed of sound.

DJ And that was before WW2?

JV After

DJ But Germans didn’t sumthing before and during WW2.

JV By the way TR means tactical reconnaissance

DJ Right

JV Yes hanby/die glocke.  But they were not able to implement weapons on this   So they used it only as a TR  Hanebu was useless for Hitler

DJ Yeah and spying

JV But Hitler was fighting against the NOW

DJ Watch ‘Hunting Hitler’ Pal.

JV He stated several times and made more than 13 peace offers to Great Britain.

DJ Hitler was man made by the NWO

JV But Churchill refused.   Yea,  first.  But he was against them, he did several speeches.

DJ Doesn’t matter Hitler was there to make money and he did.

JV I am a native German speaker so I can understand what he said… he was against the NWO and Capitalism.  He was also a Jew, and didn’t  hate Jews.  Germany won the WW1 but some Jews came to France and Great Britain and said, we can help you win the war.

DJ War is good for business

JV But if we do so and help you we want our own state, so Germany was betrayed by some Jews in Germany. Germany only known about this in Versaille.  Hitler fought in WW1 personally.

DJ Hitler was a puppet that’s all.

JV So he wouldn’t allow to let it happened twice.

DJ Friends in high places, like Bush.

JV Yeah I think so, but this was the reason for him to round up all the Jews.

DJ It was to keep and make war means bankers more money.

JV Yeah   Hitler always wanted to be allied with Great Britain.   Great Britain were brothers and sisters to him.

DJ Hitler was at the place, Hitler didn’t die in the bunker also.

JV Yep, this I also think… this was a double, he went to Argentina or to New Schwabenland In Antartica.

DJ Never found his body.  Watch ‘Hunting Hitler’.

JV Here everyday, we have 5-6 documentaries about Hitler ^^

DJ Yeah

JV But I don’t feel responsible for that.

DJ You shouldn’t

JV But that’s the way the USA want to tell us and my generation till today ^^

DJ Who was the last nation to burn the White House.  Storm even, England.

JV Don’t know what you mean by this question.

DJ USA are so called powerful it was England, one time we ruled.

JV Yep

DJ Do you think RayEL will?

JV Until the tea event.

DJ Tea?

JV Boston Tea Party, I mean by that.

DJ Right, will RayEL marry in Israel and who will have his child?

JV No., I don’t think so ^^   Marry is a man made thing.  The Annunaki don’t thing is such limitations.

DJ Yeah by the Church

JV For them to love is good and to share love also.

DJ Orgies?

JV Yeah right, they have no problems with that.

DJ I bet they don’t.

JV ^^ they do but only the ones who like and want it J

DJ Best they had a few in Baja?

JV They have a high moral and not laws like we hereon earth to limitate us.  Anyway pal, did you read the Sumerian Story?

DJ You know I couldn’t have an orgy I would know who to thank on way out.  Which was that again, think I had a little listen to the pope thingy you sent before with the UFOs.

JV Arh, don’t know.  I got sometimes problems to understand you.

DJ The dead scientists is good.

JV Please talk to me like a kid J Arh yes, I don’t know all words, only the basic words.

DJ Bit like JFK people being killed off.

JV Yes

DJ Same thing just different topic.

JV The only ones who can tell you about Nemesis.  So what is coming now is that some will go to heaven and some to hell.   To understand the Sumerian Story is important.  2 site to read.

DJ Bit like NASA blowing up again, forgot his name, he was going to expose them before Armstrong.  You know JFK’s son was killed and on him they reckon he was about to expose who killed his father.

JV Wow, nope I don’t knew. (Sent the Sumerian Story.pdf)

DJ True that.

JV This is important to understand our Creation and Satan.

DJ Yeah, I have a look at the file you sent me in the morning pal.   Is that from Angelus’ book?

JV So if you be aware that out in the universe are millions of species, humankind is a thread to many because we would conquer instead of living together if they were not stronger than humans…

So paradise is for people who are able to accept individuals like they are… for people with an open mind and an noble heart.  Only they are able to be a own race in the Annunaki  Empire.

DJ Well Alan’s.

JV Nope this is an other part but maybe putting in the book. I don’t buy the book.  I only have the word docs under the file section

DJ Right has RayEL had his DNA took and who protects him, his Knights?

JV haha, nope.

DJ How come he’s not gone live?

JV The Annunaki have a responsibility for us to they wouldn’t allow a human bestie without moral to life on… so they give us time to mature our souls about time.

DJ Right, so what’s on the moon, I saw something saying there a base on the moon.

JV Till the time has come to clear the bad from the good to teach the good one as one human famile under the Anunakki in their empire.

DJ That’s why you really haven’t been back.

JV Yes.   Did you know the death star from Star Wars?


JV Moon is a deathstar of the Repzoit  or Alpha Draconians., but im not for 100% sure.

DJ You know I always wondered who made god.

JV Okay, god creates earth and humans but not the Universe.  God is the leader of the Annunaki.

DJ Who created God?

JV God is a person.  Who creates God, I don’t know exactly, but Lord RayEL will explain it all.

DJ Its like that questions, what came first, chicken or egg.

JV In heaven … he will be with us there for 1000 years and educate the chosen.

DJ My nan is in heaven

JV No.   She is on a waiting planet created by Yeshua.   Normally, souls reincarnate.  The body is only a kind of tool and normally we can remember our past lives.   But Satan creates this circle.   Christ said this is a kind of torture for an Annunaki  soul because we are part Annunaki.

DJ You know when I meet my make he get a slap in his face.

JV So he created a planet and opened a portal when he died on the cross.  For the souls to rest… the life is there written down and recorded.

DJ I have my own reason for that.

JV we will all face GOD and would be judged by him.   Every entire person.

DJ Ill judge him with a slap, I have my reason.

JV For every life, brother, every pain in this life is an experience and we are here on earth to gain this experience because in Heaven we will be immortal and don’t have any pain anymore.  At this point pain is a very great experience you wouldn’t miss.

DJ Maybe, but I’ve my reason why he get a slap if I go to Heaven.

JV Wouldn’t want to miss.   You can try but everything you would do or say GOD already knows^^

DJ True this pal, I knew before I was told my Grandad had died and same with my nan I knew, just don’t ask why, I just did.   Yeah who knows what I will do, GOD not be a shock.

JV Have you seen some videos from Lord RayEL?

DJ Yes, I have seen them all.


DJ So what would happen, if RayEL is found to be fake?

JV I was before, I knew Rayel an atheist.  I am a believer and get into it.   Koran, Kolbrin, Bible, Torah.

DJ I think Ruff fakes the Torah.   Don’t know exactly, how he does it though.

JV Haha, then he could look into the future. ^^   Early 2015 it was I guess he published a code for Sep “Alien Invasion” Everybody thought of ETs ^^ but look what really happened.   He also darkened the sun.

DJ Yeah and also USA be not here it still is.

JV No that we never said.

DJ And the world will end?

JV We said that the USA get chastisements from the Lord.

DJ We are still here.  What bad weather?

JV Yeah it will it is also in the bible written down, look in the USA, biggest storms ever.

DJ Yeah, but Ray didn’t do that.  Haarp, that is.

JV Biggest droughts, dams are down etc. Haarp, good cover up eh?

DJ Been said, that they use that for weather change.  That’s the one.

JV High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

DJ Yep

JV Yeah they can produce earthquakes and tsunamis.

DJ Yeah

JV IMF waves or something like that.

DJ So you in RayEL’s group all doom and gloom

JV Look what happened in the world.

DJ Yep its changing.

JV The kings are gathering near the place Megiddo, known as Armageddon.

DJ Maybe

JV Everything come true day by day.  New Jerusalem was seen in the UK, China and Africa.

DJ Yeah, but any one can say this and that, and one day things start happening

JV Prophecies are fulfilled from the Bible, Koran and the Torah.

DJ Maybe, but to me its like a guideline.  Rules.

JV Yes some will produce such events to bring Christ back.


DJ Could say that about RayEL?

JV No.   But also see what Rabbi Kaduri said.

Rabbi YITZHAK KADUR – Before his death in 2006 Kaduri gave a revelation about the coming Messiah.  In the last Yom Kippur message he gave in his synagogue , Kaduri taught how to recognise the Messiah.   He said “the messiah would appear to Israel after Ariel Sharon’s death, then he added: “It is hard for many good people in society to understand the person of the Messiah.  The leadership ad order of a Messiah of flesh and blood is hard to accept for many in the nation,  As leader, the Messiah will not hold any office, but will be among the people and use the media to communicate.  His reign will be pure and without personal or political desire.  During his dominion, only righteousness and truth will reign”.     Will all believe in the Messiah right away? No, in the beginning soe of us will believe in him and some not.  It will be easier for non-religious people to follow the Messiah than for Orthodox people.  The revelation of the Messiah will be fulfilled in two stages: First, he will actively confirm his position as Messiah without knowing himself that he is the Messiah.  The he will revel himself to some Jews, not necessarily to wise Torah scholars.  It can be even simple people.  Only then he will reveal himself to the whole nation.  The people will wonder sand say: ‘What, that’s the Messiah?’  Many have know his name but have not believed that he is the Messiah.

DJ Ray still need to show himself, fact times are different.

JV Yes and he will, no some Rabbis begin to believe in him.  Now.   And then he will be in Israel on Mount Zion… the only safe place when all starts to getting worse.

DJ Maybe, but reckon he not other month was said Ray go live.  He never.  Plus, feel sorry for Monte, he is there trying to get Rabbis to believe that Ray is Christ.  Rabbis have seen it all before.

JV Right, but he comes with wisdom, truth and proof.

DJ And we all know RayEL is Alan Douglas nee Angelus.

JV You think he is but you are wrong.  AD is in England, Ray us state in the USA.

DJ I don’t believe that pal sorry, just don’t.  Is AD at an Army base.

JV Okay, it is up to you but not right J I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter to me.  I love humans.

DJ So what will happen on Mount Zion?  Is it a death pack?

JV Lord RayEL will build there a safe place when the asteroids and debris are falling… the debris Nemesis drags in.  There he will also reveal who we were in the past because many in the Clergy are souls from the past that incarnated for the last days.   Apostles like John, Moses, Myriam, Abraham etc.

DJ Listen pal, I’m off to be up early in the morning.  Catch up with you later.

JV Okay, I like to talk to you 😊Even if you think in different ways.  Have a blessed sleep.


Fake Prophets Exposed, 2015

Special thanks to David Johnson.