Thousands of people who have sought help after a cult experience suggests that the core of their subjective experience is a sense of abuse and betrayal, that the group promised them something wonderful, but ultimately they received disillusionment and pain.  A cult must have a self-proclaimed Messiah or messianic leader who says that he gets his power of domination from a source outside of humanity, from a superhuman source. Besides that he must be a living person. The major religions, in contrast, do not possess living self-proclaimed messiahs.

I would like to point out that throughout the entire history of mankind, there have always been cults or sects. The times in which cults rise up have always been times in which there were breaks in the prevailing social structure. At the end of the French revolution, for instance, cults and sects shot up all over Europe like mushrooms from the soil because there had been a break in the social structure. At the time of the Industrial Revolution in England, when all the young people were streaming from the countryside into the cities, where the major networks of operations were located, just as many cults formed back then.

Interview questions.

Would you like to me to use your real name, or for the sake of this interview a false name? As most of them know me as Carter Davis, so let’s use him.

Hi Carter, was this your first experience being part of a religious group?  I didn’t get involved on that basis initially, it was the Annunaki connection. I had read and was fascinated by Stitchen’s research.

Have you a religious background? No.

How did you learn of this religious group? Looking into the Global “sounds”.

What attracted you to it?  Annunaki connection.

Are they an International Group? They think so.

Why did you join the Congregation? Curiosity.

 Who Recruited you? Angelus Domini.

Who is Angelus Domini? 

What features of the EOC and Lord RayEL stood out to you? His claim to be Enlil  my half-brother and the returned Christ. As an Annunaki and in Camelot I was Sir Kay, Arthur’s half brother and Senchal. Told you that this gets complicated here on in…

What made you think this is the real thing? Another member (who I will not identify) gained some influence over my thinking. And I began to consider it.

What was the Structure like? Technically Drew Densley was between me and Prime Cleric, but he was sort of set aside there was also the Ecumenical Director (ED) same level as Domini, but almost never heard from.

Who was ED, is he still about? I don’t know, I think he was yet another extension of Domini.

Did you do any background checks before you joined,  especially regarding the stories of Raymond Lear? Initially, no (to my shame), that came later.

Did you have any “real” friends join, if so, what was their reaction ? Not really, I offered some of it to a few, but not interested. I prefaced everything with my natural skepticism. My wife joined as a back up to me.

What did the cult offer you that your life wasn’t giving you? Purpose.

They say they are Knights Templar, Illuminati and Masons,  How so? They initiated me as a Knight as well, they also claimed to be Illuminati and that Christ was in fact Lucifer.

 Did you become Clergy? Yes, a Bishop and then Nuncio “world wide”.

 What did you have to do to become Clergy? I was actually appointed.

 When was this? June 2012

Who was your first point of contact? The Prime Cleric (Pope).

Did you speak to The Prime Cleric (Pope) by telephone or meet in person? Both, we became neighbors.

What was your role within this group,  What happens within the group online?Nuncio, ultimately.

Did you have to go through some kind of initiation? No.

What was your daily life in this community? No “community”, just Facebook, which I had to join.

What was your training?  None what so ever. That one floored me.

 Did you get along with the other members of Clergy? On the whole, yes, BUT that ultimately changed.

Whose idea was it / is it – to ordain members to Clergy? Then, the clergy itself – primarily the Prime Cleric and Domini, then myself and a few others.

Did the cult fulfill its promises? Of course not, how could it?

What is Alpha Base One? Alpha base was the name given to the enclave in Asheville, NC the same catastrophes predicted now were also predicted then. He was trying to get everyone out to Mexico then, too because of flooding. I pinned Domini down to flood level and he said 1,000 feet. So I said “this is 2,600” good enough. I found them housing, ironically 1/10th of a mile from us. That is how I stopped the first Baja Initiative.

How long were you in the cult and why did you leave? From April 2012 through December 2012. Why? Therein hangs a tale…

My “ascension” through the ranks of this “church” was rapid, far too rapid as I was trained in no theology whatsoever and was VERY agnostic. 

The tale of Ra El having been King Arthur in his previous incarnation was the next thing revealed to me by Domini. 

Oh that’s right, I was hoping that you would mention this.    It states on The International Cingregation of Lord RayEL :

 LORD RAYEL’S ACCENT – Most people have heard of “past life regression therapy”, it is a form of hypnosis that allows a person to remember past lives. Many of you have also heard stories of people having head injuries or brain damage, and suddenly speaking fluently in a language they’ve never been taught… Both of these are a manifestation of “spirit memory”.

Your personality is not in your brain, it is in your soul, and the soul has full recall of previous lives.

The last incarnation of Our Lord was as King Arthur (a fact confirmed by the Torah Code, and long suspected by historians). When Our Lord’s Holy Spirit descended over Jerusalem in 2011, and joined with Raymond Elwood, the fusion resulted in a combination of traits of both. One of the most outwardly noticeable traits, was the sudden change from a Midwest Chicago accent, to an Old English accent, though as time has progressed, the accents have blended much more.

Christian theology states a hypostasis belief that “Christ is fully God and fully Man”, but almost no Christian can accurately explain what it means. Lord RayEl is the fusion of a Human Soul, and a Divine Spirit; two complete entities, thus making him fully God and fully Man… The exact same way it happened 2000 years ago at his baptism.


Yes.  ThereforeRa-El/Yeshua in truth was Enlil was previously revealed to me. Angelus had me fishing through Arthurian tales and legends. Naturally Angelus revealed himself as Merlin, Arthur’s wizard and chief advisor. He told me that the New Kingdom would be the restored Camelot with many old characters playing out familiar roles. 

The Prime Cleric for example had been Morgan La Fey, Arthur’s half-sister and Merlin’s protégé in the world of wizarding. Pervious to being caught up in all this, the Prime Cleric had been a Wiccan High Priestess. Angelus/Merlin then told me that he was trying to engage the Prime Cleric (PC) as his “consort”. I mentioned that this had turned out badly for him the first time, but by this time Angelus and I had become “friends” and he confided in me that this was working out just fine. The PC, by this time was my neighbor and confirmed this with me. He also pointed out that I had a very important role in the “New Kingdom”, I was in fact the reincarnation of Sir Kay (Cai), Arthurs half-brother, and Seneschal (essentially head of security and Arthurs bodyguard) in Camelot and First Knight (of the Round Table). He really began to stretch things though when he implied that I was also one of the 12 original Apostles (James) of Yeshua’s (Jesus) first ministry on earth. He then told me that both the PC and I were also children of Anu and the brother and sister of Enlil. I then asked Domini if that made me Enki and he said no, but I was another “brother” who would play a critical role in the establishment of the new kingdom. 

This got me hatching a plan of my own, as my bullshit meter was going off the scale. By this time, the PC and Angelus announced my “promotion” to planetary Nuncio, with full oversight and authority (under Domini, the PC and Ra-El) over such matters. I was absolutely unqualified for such a position (in fact I didn’t even know what a “Nuncio” was, LOL) this was October 2012. My job (and the PC’s) was to contact the church leaders of all faiths and denominations Christians, Jews, Muslim’s, Buddhist’s, of the “good news” of Christs return as Lord Ra-El. Yep, easy peazy…starting in the neighborhoods of Asheville, North Carolina. This would leave Ra El free to complete his own mission. 

 The bride of Christ was, in his incarnation as Jesus, Mary Magdalene. As Arthur, Guinevere and as Raymond Howard Elwood Lear, Jr., Joyce Haney. 

This is where I became absolutely convinced that Lear was mad. Christ has returned to Earth to find a woman, yep very plausible. The PC was had also developed suspicions of this, but was enraptured of Angelus and the story. I then hatched my plan. I sent an email to Ra-El revealing to him that through a recent clearing of my memory, that I suddenly remembered that I was the member of the Anunnaki on the board of the Galactic Federation (a lot of Star Trek nonsense in all this, Lear was a BIG Trekkie, I actually had a picture of Lear and Joyce at a Star Trek convention, LOL) as I was neither Enlil nor Enki, but the moderate “sane” brother; the Council appointed “me” as the deciding vote as to the lifting of the planetary quarantine which would allow the Anunnaki to return to the earth, reclaiming its planet in order to establish the New Kingdom. The Federation barred them from this planet because of their internecine warfare and genocide in destroying the indigenous population with the flood (of Noah). 

Well to Ra-El and Angelus this pretty much put me in the cat bird seat. You see, the Federation was SO powerful that they were able to keep the orbit of Nibiru in check as it was originally due to arrive in 2012. 

Joyce Haney left Lear and this (in reality) was what created Ra- El, he was Chicago’s golden boy in the 80’s as a charter member of the Guardian Angels with his old friend Andre Queen. 

And then…to be continued!

Thank you Carter.