“For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect. See, I have told you ahead of time.” Matthew 24:24-25 (NIV)

Jesus tells this small group of followers that false prophets will rise up.  I have witnessed this within The cult known as The Ecumenical Order of Christ.  Raymond Elwood Howard Lear believes he is the Returned Christ and Prime Cleric Richard Ruff 

Is the Baja Cult finally breaking away ? 

Sanctuary Interfaith (The Baja Sanctuary – the only safe haven with the Cult of Lord Rayel) have severed ties with The Ecumenical Order of Christ and The Holy Apostolic Order of The Temple on their UPDATED Sanctuary Interfaith Website.   Astonishingly though, they too have deleted Raymond Elwood Howard Lear.  It is quite clear that there has been a seismic shift in consciousness, the ‘clergy’ have recognised that the whole ‘RayEL’ business in its former format was not paying for the fruits of their tiresome labours.  This updated version hides the fact that they are affiliated with Lord RayEL.  It is unclear, from the website their actual purpose and their message as if you click in the about section it’s blank, also the Interfaith section.

What is apparent is that the website looks professionally created.  The official RA-el website looks like a poor relative in comparison.  The International Ministry locator is an interesting read.  The STAFF at Sanctuary have adopted new job roles and in every bio that is posted there is no mention of RayEL.    Lord yes, RayEL no.   The fancy titles and the Ecumenical structure that mirrored the OTO has also been whitewashed.

Rather perplexing is that the very same Sanctuary members are carrying on with the charade that Lord Rayel is their Lord online in the Facebook Congregation – The International Congregation of Lord RayEL.

The Sanctuary Interfaith website is owned by Clark Isaac, who is now a Minister and Benefactor not Apostolic Nuncio.  Clark Isaac has trimmed down his Facebook profile, omitting that he works for the EOC.

Screenshots of Sanctuary Interfaith website dated November 2015, June 2015 accessed from Waybackmachine.   

This was the website November 2015




The updated website 

The Facebook Congregation (The International Congregation of Lord RayEL) is not linked to any of the social media tags, in fact, neither are the Torah Codes.

The Christmas Tithing posts within the online congregation were an absolute disgrace.  ‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas whinging on the hour, every hour, that nobody was tithing was deemed absolutely desperate,  hopeless and pathetic.  He threatened his clergy and his congregation    Basically, if they did not tithe he would harm them.  

 The Lord RayEL Exposed team IN THE UK were blamed for the deaths caused by storms because we have been awakening the populous throughout social media of their deceit.  Therefore, their purses are light.   Alan Douglas threatened that storms would wipe out the UK Exposed team which delighted the warped and nasty minded clergy.

Lord RAYEL Exposed are incredibly saddened that so many people’s lives were damaged by El-Nino over the Christmas period, and are outraged, this jerk attempted to profit from it.

Threatening folks who didn’t and wouldn’t tithe to be struck down by bad weather is an absolute shame.  

Raymond Elwood Howard Lear has no supernatural powers, the only Storm he could possibly muster is that in a teacup.

RAYEL has never stepped up, manned up, and shown his face ever! Never a live feed, although plenty promised.   Lord RayEL is a figment, an elaborate hoax.    He is not Gods son, he has no power, because he is nothing.   The clergy know this and this is evident on their updated website as he not featured.

However, Clark Isaac, (benefactor of Sanctuary according to his website) is still posting rubbish to keep the lie alive within the congregation, as this is a source of revenue.    The online congregation is pocket money for these deceitful moronic monks.

Hypocrite and scumbag.

Lord RayEL Exposed asks Sanctuary why they have removed all reference to ‘RAYEL’ from their website.

Remember we told you that they are in the business of FOOLING YOU.
D Johnson & T Pardoe

Lord RayEL Exposed 2016