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Earlier in January 2016 I reported that Sanctuary Interfaith  was not being totally honest with their only Congregation which is online, The Facebook International Congregation of Lord RayEL.   A month on and they are still posting under the guises of “Archbishops, Priests, Deacons etc when in FACT they have restructured their “non-profit” organisation.  There is little evidence, that this non-profit organisation has actually been registered.

Take a look at their updated  Sanctuary Interfaith website.   Many of the Clergy are Ministers and Administration staff.    This website has also deleted all reference to their ‘Lord’ Raymond Elwood Howard Lear, whom they call Lord RayEL, Ra-el.   So there is a conflict, because online postings on social media they are still using their fancy ecumenical titles.     In the  online Facebook Congregation they are still asking for tithes to send the ‘freeloading clergy’ in Baja to fund their trip to Israel to usher in Raymond Elwood Howard Lear the very same person who they have deleted from their website as the Messiah.

Now, a little irony, before I continue…. This week Clark Isaac posted this in the Congregation of Lord RayEL, but he is the one who has deleted the namesake lord from the Sanctuary Website that he owns.

Within the Facebook Congregation more doom and gloom is being posted and more dates have been set by the serial Sociopaths Richard Ruff and Alan Douglas.

Nibiru apparently is going to hit earth during Purim (25th March 2016) and this is all down to Raymond Lear the returned Christ known as Lord RayEL having a tad of a paddy because nobody in their right minds believes that this numpty is the Christ Returned – obviously, all of this epic bullshit is found in Torah Codes designed by no other than the Hound known as Ruff.

Remember this?

Christmas Plea (amongst others)
It is rather apparent that the tithes that are constantly requested to relocate the Sanctuary Sect are not being used for the purpose of relocating to Israel.

WHY?  “Cardinal/Supervisor Kelly Patrick, Willy Scroggins and Deacon/Fitness Instructor Adam Muema are now TV PRESENTERS.

I kid you not…. this is the latest STUNT to be pushed by these crooks Armageddon Broadcast Network.



A link to the Facebook page is here  Unfortunately, this will be yet another outlet to peddle their disinformation about Raymond Elwood Howard Lear being the Returned Christ.

I Love Jesus, 2016