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Carter, please continue.  

To the minute: December 10, 2012 is the date it all came to a head. “Alpha Base One” gathered at my place and we all sat down and decided what we were going to do, except for Austin who left for winter break. 

Alpha Base one, who was this?  

Alpha base 1 was the name given to us by Domini. It consisted of me, my wife, the Prime Cleric and her husband and Austin Self all but Austin were at my place for this.

How many active members of Clergy and approximately how many in the Facebook online congregation?

There were 600 listed “members” in 2012, mostly fraudulent and it still was ICOLR as it is now.  Clergy MAYBE a dozen or so scattered all over.

So Why did you meet? 

We strongly suspected that what we were told was a fundamental lie, the incident involving the British envoy (Matthew Lovell) was a disaster. 

Matthew Lovell, what happened in the Uk? 

His mania was already an issue, the Prime Cleric was counseling him, and then I did. He begged us for an assignment, he promised to behave so I sent him to Canterbury to meet with with the Archbishop, I actually set up an appointment with his secretary for a sit down.

Just minutes before that meeting he has a melt down in the church. He stood up and screamed at the top of his lungs “Lord RayEl is Jesus, returned” he did this several times. He cleaned out the parishioners and then the constables came and offered him accommodation in a padded room.

So did Matthew Lovell cut himself? 

I have no personal knowledge, he did somewhat more than “cut” himself though, some 2 years later.

At the time though? 

The Prime Cleric and I immediately denounced his actions to the Clergy and we would have individually told him to stand down there and then had he not been detained by the British authorities and undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. This was the straw that broke the camels back for all of us. The Prime Cleric at this point felt that she was leading a church of potential Kool Aid drinkers. She was in conflict with Angelus at this point, the private messages she had received from Ra-El (which she made me privy to) had ceased and she was in a very fragile state of mind. She determined to resign as Prime Cleric, as Angelus knew he was losing control of her, a “court martial” proceeding was established. Domini was prosecutor, I was for the defense, and the judge was the Ecumenical Director (ED).

Recap, who is the ED? 

ED, I think was another version of Domini.  

Was he on Facebook? 


Regarding Angelus Domini, now Alan Douglas has he changed?

 I see the same arrogance but have had no direct contact since 2013.

Regarding the trial? 

Circumstance did not provide for a resolution to this. Angelus came out to the congregation and publically martyred Lovell as a “Hero for Ra-El” undermining both the Prime Cleric and me. She promptly resigned, it was mutually agreed that I would not at that point. I then was appointed the acting Prime Cleric as her final act. I was finally able to locate Andre Queen which we had all been attempting to do (the Prime Cleric for 18 months) at the same time the Prime Cleric and I jointly discovered the current legal name of Joyce Haney and her whereabouts. She and Queen were about 20 miles from each other in the suburbs of Chicago. I was finally able to contact Andre Queen as he is a member of my former profession, he agreed to a sit down. It was mutually agreed that I needed to go to Chicago.

I left Ashville on the morning of the 12th and drove straight through. I am not going to say exactly where as I promised Joyce my protection. Joyce is the first person I visited, I knocked on the door and was greeted by her husband, Michael. Joyce’s reaction to my arrival was one of sheer terror. I did not pre announce my visit as I did with Andre Queen, I did not want her to leave. Her sole initial comment was “You’re from RAYMOND aren’t you!!” She then collapsed into hysterical sobbing, I explained that I was there about Raymond, but not from him. I had explained myself to her husband before entering and he wisely suggested that he provide the interface between us at that point. She was convinced that I was a Bounty Hunter, hired by Lear, to capture her and take her to him (a similar attempt had been made months earlier). Michael was a local police officer who had investigated her initial kidnapping by Lear. They fell in love and married, he taught her the art of survival and self-defense. There were numerous rifles prominently displayed in the house and several hunting trophies on the wall testifying to her skill. Michael and I both agreed that the skill to take down game was not the same skills needed to neutralize human prey. This was an area where we both had some experience. Our conversation was sufficiently open and friendly enough so that Joyce came out of the bedroom and joined in the conversation. This was about 20 minutes from my arrival.

She brought with her a file folder containing the criminal and arrest history of Raymond Elwood Howard Lear, Jr. Joyce told me that she and Lear had been involved for many years and had lived together for several of those years.

The file, what did it contain? 

His criminal record is public record.  I will tell you though what is not public as I proceed.

Joyce,  did she know of RayEL? 

Joyce didn’t even KNOW about Ra-El until I showed her the info.

What was her reaction to him proclaiming to be a God? 

Gales of laughter, then incredulity that anyone would believe it.

Did she mention anything about a religious upbringing / background? 

Never mentioned it, to be fair though, I never asked her.

Did she say anything about Lear have mental issues ? 

She certainly did, she was kidnapped, imprisoned and tortured by this crud.

What about Queen? 

Queen was offered the PC job initially and ran like Hell, LOL, several years earlier, when it was in the embryonic stages. 

So Queen knew and kept it from Joyce? 

 Yes, Joyce was traumatized by all this. Lear and his family TORTURED her!  Because she rejected him. How sick is that? This comes down to a guy, with a MASSIVE ego, unable to handle rejection.

When the Prime Cleric left – how did Angelus Domini take this?

Almost relieved, I turned it down after a few days (I will get into the why I delayed – you will LOVE that). Densley resigned with her and then Ruff was the appointee. He was SO terrified of it he begged me to have her come back. I told him that he had a choice.

Remember, my exposure was 3 years ago, Densley is less of a scoundrel than he is a coward, Ruff got corrupted by the “position”.  A goldfish in a large bowl if you like.

Did Richard Ruff to your knowledge fudge codes? 

You can’t fudge what is a pan of fudge to begin with.

What Was Richard Ruffs position whilst you were top dog and what was his relationship like with Angelus Domini ? 

Code guy, I don’t remember that title, also head of the Knights of RayEl. If they even had a relationship, I am unaware of it.

How did you dismantle the ICOLR? 

The Prime Cleric sat at my computer, logged in under administrator, which I restored her as, clicked on the membership roster and clicked “Delete” 650 times.  An hour later, “Domini” IM’d me in utter panic.   He had been untethered from his “church”.  His church as of December 14, 2012 had been destroyed.

Then what happened?

He was Begging to fix it, to restore it, I was offered the PC position if I wanted it. I then REALLY told Lear what we thought of him and told him to go to Hell. He went CRAZY, his Facebook church was gone. A couple of days later we were notified by the “Ecumenical Director” that we had been cast out and excommunicated.

How were you contacted

by Email 

The Ecumenical Director is Angelus Domini right, or could it be Ruth Lear? 

He is Lear 

Did you receive any threats from anybody ? 

Received? I INVITED them, I actually gave him my longitude and latitude along with my street address and an invitation to try something.

What can you tell me about Baja, why was it and is so important? 

That’s where he is, the border between the US and Mexico is very tenuous there. It was and is a Jonestown in the making. All this Raleigh bullshit, is just that…disinformation.

Where you ever asked to invest in any property, gold stocks etc? In your days were tithes as important as they seem to be today? 

No. I didn’t tithe either 


What was the goal ? Was it to get to Baja or Israel back in 2013

Baja, Nibiru was going to create another planetary flood and an ark would be prepared as with Noah.  

Who was supplying the ark, or Where you going to build it ?

ME??? LOL, it was to be a group effort.

That’s ridiculous, you are kidding ? 

Nope, that was the fantasy, for me it was the first crack in the wall. It was absurd on so many levels.   Powered of course by the Prometheus Device…  I actually tried to build that thing…  UTTER failure.

What’s this Prometheus Device?  

A perpetual energy device based on magnetism. Neat in theory, but short in practicality. It didn’t work as advertised.

And the mission, where you going to save two of every species ? 

Never got anywhere near that far…we pulled the plug on it. .

Who did ?

We as in the 5 of us at “Alpha Base 1”.

Whose brain child was this ?

The Brain Child was Lear of course.  As all these wild hare schemes were.

Was Richard a Ruff in on this, did he have a Torah code alluding to such? 

Hell, he probably had a “code” on when to use the bathroom.

Why Israel ?

Has to do with the third temple I think.  

Thank you Carter.  

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