Provided below are links and evidence that shines a light on Raymond Elwood Howard Lear who believes he is The Returned Christ, Isa, Moshiach and goes by the name Lord RayEL, Ra-el) previous online scams:-

  • 1995 Cyberspace Gambling Requires $5 Million Funding Raymond Lear (Click here to be directed to my blog)
  • 1999 He posted as a Senior Pastor working for the Good Works Ministries as Rev. Dr. Raymond E H Lear.  During this time he was trying to raise capital to open a Casino to fund a Church.  (Click here to be directed to our blog)
  • 2007 – 2011  Another internet scam, this time in the form of a Fake Messiah, A God has come namely Leraël 

This was posted in Google Groups

5 June 1996

If you are a Bookie (or if you know one) that handles high stakes players,
I need your assistance.

I own a company that is undertaking a rather lucrative project, but we
need someone with your expertise and contacts.

The project involves some work outside of the United States that is
totally legal.

For your help, we would be willing to share the profits on this project
50/50, which may be worth several million dollars to you this fiscal year.

Again, this is a completely legal proposition. I, nor my company are in
any way affiliated with any law enforcement or regulatory organization.

If you are interested, please email at or call me at (312)
777-2962  U.S.

Thank You,
Raymond Lear


Note. (312) is a Chicago telephone dialing code.


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