Provided below are links and evidence that highlight Raymond Elwood Howard Lear’s who goes by the name of Lord RayEL, Ra-el previous online scams:-

  • 1995 Cyberspace Gambling Requires $5 Million Funding Raymond Lear (Click here to be directed to our blog)
  • 1996 I need a High Stakes Bookie Raymond Lear 1996 (Click here to be directed to our blog)
  • 1999 He posted as a Senior Pastor working for the Good Works Ministries as Rev. Dr. Raymond E H Lear.  During this time he was trying to raise capital to open a Casino to fund a Church.  (Click here to be directed to our blog)
  • 2007 – 2011  Another internet scam, this time in the form of a Fake Messiah, A God has come namely Leraël  

This is another posted in Google Groups 31st July 1999

Masonic Business Partner Needed.

I’ve been a MM for about 4 years now, also 32°, KT & Shriner (haven’t
tried the Grotto yet).

I’ve greatly enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie, but I’ve often felt
it inappropriate to mix my business life with my Masonic life. I am now
at a point where I believe this view must change.

After being continuously “screwed” out in the profane world (my derriere
looks like the Lincoln Tunnel), I’ve decided that I wish only to do
business with those that will be “square and level” by honor and by

I and an associate (we were raised at the same time, but I’ve known him
much longer), were the first ones to develop the Internet Casino
concept, we were the first to begin negotiating offshore licensing
agreements with small sovereign countries, and we were going to be the
first one “on-line”.

We spent a s— load of money on R&D and off-shore schmoozing, and 5
years later we’re high and dry, while others we paved the way for are
making “billions” (real figure, check out MSNBC).

I’m looking for a financier to help us get this puppy on-line, it won’t
cost much, the entry bar has lowered substantially (about $250,000, when
we started the cost was about 10x this).

At this point I am willing to entertain almost any debt/equity ROI
formula that meets your needs (I’m not a greedy man).

Presently we have the programing, licensing, and marketing ready to go,
all we need is our start-up funding.

It’s been reported that our competitors became profitable in under 6
months, with present monthly profits around 2mm (this stuff is hard to
document because these companies are extremely private, I received this
info from an inside source). I know these numbers sound wild, but just
look at the profits of a land based casino, and imagine that location
wasn’t a restriction for their customer base (incidentally, ABC reported
that U.S. wagering profits last year were over 1/2 trillion, Europe was
substantially higher).

If you would be interested in investing, or helping broker an
investment, please email me at

If anyone finds this message inappropriate, I sincerely apologize.
Raymond Lear
Chicago Lodge #437

Link to Google Page!search/Raymond$20Lear$20Chicago/alt.masonic.members/XLuOYjYxLak/QXwJlNokbvgJ

The email address used above I have traced back to his 2002 Political Campaign Website Ray ‘The Angel’ all these details can be found on my blog here.

Not only have we received information from Former Deacon Don Scott of the Ecumenical Order of Christ, but also the Wayfarers Lodge #1001 and Chicago Lodge mentioned above.  All state that Raymond Lear was not a master Mason as claimed. You can access this evidence on my blog here.

I hope you find this blog to be informative especially if you consider the claim that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear believes that he is the The Returned Christ.



False Prophets Exposed,  2016