By Magdalena Struska (Maria Magdalena deMerowing)

For verification of the Messiah, I asked RayEL 10 questions. All 10 questions were answered incorrectly.  He personally did not answer, because it wasn’t right that he spoke with me.
The questions were corresponded through his servant Kelly Patrick.

Dear Kelly Patrick 

Give this to the Lord Raymond Elwood.  Please fill it and then paste here on a verification Messiahs.

Verification of person who calls himself the Messiah Raymond Elwood (Rayel, RayEl,)Question for Patrick Kelly, who represents Raymond Elwood.

Question 1 . Does your Messiah met with God the Creator before he came on the Earth?

“Kelly Patrick Of course being the Son of God .. he has more than “met” him prior to arrival on planet earth –YES”;

“Kelly Patrick Currently the direct order of Christ- the Holy Apostolic Order of the Temple , the Knights Templar of Christ, Ecumenical Order of Christ, Sanctuary Interfaith , UNI research, Richard Ruff Torah code researcher, Robert Cross Torah code researcher, Emil Johasson Torah code researcher and many more represent him. He is the Spiritual Son of God and his spirit was delivered upon the earth much the same way when he first came from his celestial origins/being- people refer to heaven from over 2000 years ago. His spirit is the same and he has many many incarnations/lifetimes.”

Question 2. for Kelly Patrick who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood
Messiah who come from God is, in many prophecies,  determined (described) as the “word of God” which is bringing information from a God, such information that was never before on the Earth.   Does Mr. Raymond Elwood bring information from God that was never before on the Earth?

“Kelly Patrick Yes he has brought his teachings, clarifications and warnings. Much was brought to the earth during the times of Anu, Enki and Enlil but history covered it up”

Question 3. for Kelly Patrick, who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood
Is your Messiah able to read encrypted content of the Apocalypse of St. John of Patmos?

 “Kelly Patrick YES ,  The Lord is able to do many things. How is it encrypted ? Is it through code? Please show me the encryption and I can forward. He can decifer and explain all of Revelations.
He understands what all the true meanings are- like the Beasts /leaders and their meanings and true titles, but I need more information on what you mean. He will refer to original writings and original language to give the meaning for that time period vs modern meanings, so that there is no confusion or inaccuracy”

Question 4. for Kelly Patrick who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood.
Does your Messiah, – Mr. Raymond Elwood. have something to do with the Army of God the Creator?    Is your Messiah is the king of the Earth and the commander of the army of God Creator ?)

 “Kelly Patrick : Yes”; “Kelly Patrick The spirit that is fused with his soul – which is Yeshua going even farther than that in life times -King of the Earth does lead the Armies of God/heavens. Currently they are here. They are waiting and are not of this earth.”

Question 5. for Kelly Patrick who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood.
Does your Messiah, – Mr. Raymond Elwood,  cooperate with Archangel Michael in the Army of God the Creator?

“Kelly Patrick Yes”

Question 6. for Kelly Patrick who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood.
What tasks delegates God the Creator to his army during the operation of the Mission of the End of Times?

 “Kelly Patrick We are much farther long than that now. He arrived 2011. He carried out world chastisements for the false doctrine and corruptions. Through weather- tornadoes, flood, blood waters,volcanoes, earth quakes, freezing weather when it should not freeze. sandstorms ,drought, famine, ebola, fire that cannot be containted, and other impending disasters. Most of which also confirmed his hand through the torah codes and incident timing. He gave warning preceededing each and when the people would not turn from their ways he would carry out God’s punishment as Revelations teaches. Your questions relate to what is already written into Revelations. God’s Heavenly Army that does NOT come from this earth ,but to earth during this time of which is led by the Lord. Revelations 19:14 The Rider on the White Horse  …13 He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. 14 and the armies which are in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, were following Him on white horses. ..15 From His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He may strike down the nations, and He will rule them with a rod of iron; and He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty.…All the space agencies already know about them. They know about the impending war that man has planned to turn further upon each other. My tasks and their tasks are different.
I do know that MANY occurances in the past were prevented as a result of their interveninging, but there is a point of which if man persists they will be made to stand down in ways that they did not expect . That is something that only GOD knows, but we all know how it ends if we follow prophecy. You are also aware of the financial situation at hand -All part of it .”

Question 7. for Kelly Patrick who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood.
The Holy Grail.  What it is and what it is for? From the point of view of the needs of God the Creator.

 “Kelly Patrick That is the truth by all view points and being. Mary Magdalene was and always will be the Holy Grail” 

“Kelly Patrick One mistake man often makes … She Mary Magdalene the Holy Grail is the BRIDE of Christ .. the church is not. She is the literal Bride. He simply gathers the worthy and true flock during this time. He does not take sides. He takes over.”

Question 8. for Kelly Patrick who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood.
The program of evolution of the universe.
At which physical stage of evolution starts a special evolution of physical – spiritual human?

“Kelly Patrick With or without the Genesis reference to ” our ” image scripture that is the reality. They were created in the way that I have shared with you and God himself will confirm to the world if they do not see his emissary truth that they relay. The Messiah has confirmed this truth and reality.   It is them that surround the earth right now due to the impending war and disasters as a result.   They are the Anunannki.”

“Kelly Patrick His previous life was Enlil.- Lord of the Winds”, “Kelly Patrick God has everything to do with the Bible , creation , the scripture and the Anunnaki ..they all related to ” creation”- “Now if you want to talk to God you might have to wait for judgment, but I speak on behalf of the sovereign King of this world with all due respect.”

Question 9. for Kelly Patrick who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood.
Does a God the Creator announces the return of his son Jesus to the Earth
in the text of the Apocalypse?

 “Kelly Patrick Yes , The same spirit”

Question 10 for Kelly Patrick who represents Mr.Raymond Elwood.
What information is contained in the words of Genesis?
I quote, “The Spirit of God hovered over the waters.”
I ask for full explanation (interpretation) of this quotation.
The Son of God the Creator must know.

“Kelly Patrick Here is what is meant by the scripture in Genesis –
It’s a reference to scouting the planet during the initial Anunnaki expedition”.

All the answers to the questions are wrong.

With the command of God the Creator verifies every person who is subject to verification of the Messiah. Everyone has the right to be verified, it is the duty of society terms.

What is apparent from these questions posed is that they were never passed onto Raymond Elwood.   You can visit Magdalena Struska and make contact via her Facebook Group.

I Love Jesus, 2016