Top Torah Code Researcher Matityahu Glazerson has very extensive credentials including authoring more than 30 books in Hebrew, which have since been translated he is also somewhat of a Gemantra Whizz.

Glazerson is not a Christian, he is a Jewish Rabbi who believes that one day the Mashiach (or Jewish messiah) will return. RAYMOND LEAR (Lord RayEL) believes that he is, the MASHIACH. The difference is that the Christians see this, soon to return Jewish Mashiach, as the Anti-Christ. Since Jews do not believe Jesus is God, they believe this Mashiach is the official “messiah”.   Rabbi Glazerson has previously stated that RAYMOND LEAR is not the returned Moshiach and that he CHEATS with the BIBLE CODES.  

On the 27th Februray Rabbi Glazerson confirmed that yes, indeed RayEl is in the Torah.  But guess what ? 

This is a loose translation of the video.

Lord RayEl in Bible Codes

“An interesting and important table   Lord somebody, Lord RayEl, don’t know him but we look for him in the Torah   Exact letters for Lord RayEL.  Best meeting and smallest skip for (chakar) liar and cheater.  

The verses of the Ten Commandments… Don’t do any image… All these forces come from the evil powers”



In April 2014 Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson stated that Lord RayEl was cheating bible codes.   Click here to see this table. 

Richard Ruff of the Ecumenical Order of Christ has been using the Rabbis good name to validate his fake Torah codes which is a money spinner both for him and the International Congregation of Lord RayEL. 

If you are unfamiliar with the Torah Code—aka: Bible Code. It is a code found in the first five books of the Hebrew Bible. This code can be found by skipping equal numbers of letters through the original Hebrew text. This phenomenon is called ELS—Equidistant Letter Sequencing. Simply put scholars are finding messages in the Torah by skipping the same amount of spaces, and finding words in an acrostic puzzle like manner. Basically algorithms.

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Lord RayEl Exposed, 2016.