IF you believe the tale that the returned Christ is Raymond Elwood Howard Lear, then according to the Ecumenical Order of Christ he is protected by The Knights Templar, namely The Holy and Apostolic Order of the Temple.    The darkness has never liked the light. Yet, many of the secrets within secret societies are locked up tightly simply because secrecy is a way of life. These societies control the process of government, they control the process of information flow, they control the process of creating money and finally they control religion.

Long ago in the dark unwritten pages of human history, powerful kings discovered how they could control other men by torture, magical practices, wars, politics, religion and interest taking. These elite families designed strategies and tactics to perpetuate their occult practices. Layers upon layers of secrecy have hidden these families from the profane masses.

The original historic Knights Templar were a Christian military order, the Order of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon that existed from the 12th to 14th centuries to provide warriors in the Crusades and these Knights within the last ten years or have been adopted into popular culture through media and conspiracies. So, I get it why Knight Templars sell, same as the Annunaki and Nibiru myths.  Now insert a “God” and you’ve got yourself a story, a brand to sell.

So how did The Holy and Apostolic Order of the Temple get involved with Raymond Elwood Howard Lear? and who are they? This blog will examine this claim.

1. The website RA-el gives nothing away apart from a ‘Call to Service’ to those in receipt of a Holy Order and those whom are in such a receipt should make contact via email to the Apostolate.  These Knights  are the ‘protectors’ and ‘handlers’ of Raymond Lear. This is an excerpt from an interview with former Guardian Angel and David Johnson.  If you search for this “ancient order” The Holy & Apostolic Order of The Temple it only leads back to RayEL and from our investigations this ‘ancient order’ did not exist before 2011.

His name is Raymond Elwood.   He was my boss in the Guardian Angels, I started in 81 the Knights came to him after that UFO did what it did in Jerusalem.  He had no clue whats happening to him they did this to fool us.   Its the Knights Templar.   I was a member of them when I Met Raymond again, he is a HOST, no shit.   

He has a Colostomy bag he got it years ago when he was abusing drugs.  He has a big history”  

The UFO incident in Jerusalem was a HOAX, and you can read all about that here which has a plethora of documentation backing that indeed it was just that a hoax.

2. The original Lord RayEL website was created in 2011.  This website was initially registered in Illinois a ‘vein treatment and cosmetic center’  under Ruth Howard-Lear (the mother of Raymond Elwood Howard Lear ).  The contact e-mail was listed as raymondlear@ymail.com.  The website  was Not registered to The Holy and Apostolic Order of the Temple.  


The EOC state …. that after the (FAKE) UFO Incident the Templars took Raymond over the border to Mexico for safety, oh okay … so why didn’t they register the website there? 

3. In 1999 we have ascertained that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear was posing as a Rev. Dr Raymond Lear, a Senior Pastor with Good Works Ministries in Chicago and was requesting large sums of money for a Casino in the very same city.

During this time, he also had a string of websites linked to the porn industry, one such website Pastor Ray hosted this website.


We have found online, that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear signed his emails / statuses using In Hoc Signo Vinces. In Hoc Signo Vinces, is Latin and this can be found on the Grand Standard of a Commandery of Knights Templar.

Usually these words are inscribed over a ‘Blood-red Passion Cross

In 1999 The Telegraph published an interesting article by scholar Dominic Selwood, author of an academic study of the Knights Templar as well as a novel about them which pondered on why the medieval order of warrior monks had captured the modern imagination.  Insert here also …. Dan Browns fever .. Da Vinci Code.

4. From the RA-el website

“In early adulthood, RayEl was invited into the Masonic brotherhood Quite unexpectedly, he was black-balled and rejected … Later, the Masons rectified their error, and RayEl was brought into the Knights Templar, who are believed by modern esoteric researchers to be the “Guardians of the Holy Grail and the true bloodline of Christ”. http://www.Ra-el.org

According to Former Deacon and Mason Don Scott, Raymond Lear was never a 32 degree mason and he never reached Level 3.  I have investigated this claim, and the evidence all points yet again to be untrue.

The following in an excerpt taken from the Gospel of Angelus Domini, which broaches the subject of the Templars.

“Do you not recognize our Grand Master? Why do you think he came back through the Templar line (York Commandery, Wayfarers Lodge #1001)? But keep in mind that the Enoch prophecy was symbolic (obviously, since Enoch came long before JBM), signifying that ‘the last Grand Master will be the King’. Because RayEl is a Templar, and he is Christ, he is therefore the last Grand Master, thereby fulfilling the Enoch/JBM prophecy”.  

                                                 Gospel of Angelus Domini

False Prophets Exposed / Lord RayEL Exposed made contact with the Wayfarers Lodge #1001 mentioned above in the Gospel of Angelus Domini.  They too have confirmed that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear was never a member.

Structure of York Rite

Raymond Elwoood Howard Lear also claims to be illuminati, but there again, he claims that he is Jesus, so go figure!.  Freemasonry gives its 33rd degree the honourary title of ‘Knights Templar’, in tribute to the surviving Templars who inspired creation of the fraternity ca. 1446 AD. The word ‘Templar’ is simply an adjective, meaning ‘related or pertaining to’ the traditions of the Knights Templar.

6.  The Lord RayEl Exposed team made contact with many orders within the ‘Umbrella’ of the Knights Templar and not one order will acknowledge :-

A) Raymond Lear being the Returned Christ

B) That The Holy and Apostolic Order of the Temple AS BEING legitimate in its association.

 The Templar Kingdom have published on their website, an article on Raymond Lear

“On various sites in youtube and posted announcement of publicity, on many templar sites, promoted by a group of fake templars, have declared, the return of Jesvs Christ has taken place. Saying that in 2011 Christ under the name rayel has returned. For this the group has shown a youtube video as proof of his return … we believe that when the Christ does arrive, he will not need internet or twitter or facebook or skype or any other medium, not even trolls like joe monte, angelus domini and joe johansson to procaliam this return!” 

Source: http://templar-kingdom.jimdo.com/home-templar-church/true-false-prophets/



I made contact with The Grand Master of the Ancient Gnostic of the Knights of Soloman, requesting whether they are related or connected to the Holy Order of Apostolic Temple:-

“No, we are the Ancient Gnostic Order of Knights of the Temple of Solomon. The AGOKT admits women as full Knights and we believe not only in God but the Goddess as well.   We are hereditary with lineage to the original 9 Knights from the Champagne area of France.

So you are not Associated with The Holy and Apostolic Order of the Temple and ‘Lord RayEl’ ? 

“No and in fact the GM of the Order you mentioned is a narrow minded idiot that really sorely lacks real historical knowledge and he’s a 41 year member of the Freemasons as well. His mistake”.😎

The writer made contact was also made with The Templar Kingdom and their Grand Master and asked the same question.

“We see this False Prophet as a deceiver, we do not know him and he is not part of our Order”

Former Senior Deacon Jermey Cheesewright has stated in Respect of a Templar Reformation video which has been uploaded to you tube by a The Apostolate (Raymond Lear)

“This video was released almost 2 years ago all senior clergy was told to contact all local masonic lodges and templar groups and pass this along ….basically got laughed down by all groups ….Angelus Domini (Alan Douglas) claims he is a templar but no organization recognized his authority just like the Oprah Torah codes claiming that she was another Ray elite …the profit Elishia”

So what is The Holy and Apostolic Order of the Temple? 

Well it’s pretty obvious that this too is another fabrication and a money making scheme.   There was a ‘website’ in the early years called ‘Knights of Ra-el” According to the Internet Archive The Wayback Machine, this website was active from January 13 2012 until July 8 2012.  To access a this website you can find it on The Wayback Machine Internet Archive.    Visit http://web.archive.org/web/*/Knightsofra-el.me.uk/ What is rather interesting about this site is that Lord RayEL is called Lord Ra-EL.

The website

The writer made contact with the designer of the website and asked who commissioned it back in 2012, thinking that he would answer The Templars, no., it was commissioned by Richard Ruff, Prime Cleric. So., not only has one, Templar Order acknowledged that Raymond Lear is legitimate, that also goes for their order, the original website ra-el.org was registered to Raymond’s mummy in Illinois and the Knights of Ra-el website was commissioned by no other than Prime Cleric and Torah Code Fudger ‘Moses’ Richard Ruff. Wonder if the Paypal account was connected?
More evidence that just highlights that Raymond Lear is FAKE!

Twiggie, False Prophets Exposed.

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