One of the more offensive duties of of investigative Journalism is sifting through the rubbish — exposing liars, the fraudsters, the con-artists and scammers for the people they truly are. Each time I investigate The International Congregation of Lord  RayEL another sociopath raises their ugly heads.  

What is incredibly sad is that this Cult appears to have  a following of spellbound worshippers who consider that both ‘Imperial Regent and Knights Templar Alan Douglas (formerly known as Angelus Domini who is Raymond Elwood Howard Lear) and Richard Ruff are some kind of ‘gurus’  or ‘prophets’. 


Sociopaths are masters at influence and deception. Very little of what they say actually checks out in terms of facts or reality, but they’re extremely skillful at making the things they say sound believable, even if they’re just making them up out of thin air. Here, we will present recent evidence of this behaviour from both   Alan Douglas Aka Angelus Domini  and Richard Ruff.

Why cover this subject? We’ve  seen a lot of people get hoodwinked, scammed and even harmed by this cult, and it bewilders Lord RayEL Exposed that people are so easily sucked into their destructive influence. First, we wish to share with you some warning signs of sociopaths and then you can reflect whether or not this particular individual falls into this category.

Much of this information has been cribbed from the fascinating book, The Sociopath Next Door, which says that 4% of the population are sociopaths. The book is a fascinating read.

10 signs for spotting a sociopath

1. Sociopaths are charming. Sociopaths have high charisma and tend to attract a following just because people want to be around them. They have a “glow” about them that attracts people who typically seek guidance or direction. They often appear to be sexy or have a strong sexual attraction. Not all sexy people are sociopaths, obviously, but watch out for over-the-top sexual appetites and weird fetishes.

It should be noted that the following images were all taken from the International Congregation of Lord RayEL , a public Facebook page and are the intellectual property of this blogger, I Love Jesus.



2. Sociopaths are more spontaneous and intense than other people. They tend to do bizarre, sometimes erratic things that most regular people wouldn’t do. They are unbound by normal social contracts.( Their behavior often seems irrational or extremely risky. )





3. Sociopaths are incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Their brains simply lack the circuitry to process such emotions. This allows them to betray people, threaten people or harm people without giving it a second thought. They pursue any action that serves their own self interest even if it seriously harms others. This is why you will find many very “successful” sociopaths in high levels of government, in any nation.

Courtesy of Donnon Russell
img_03904. Sociopaths invent outrageous lies about their experiences. They wildly exaggerate things to the point of absurdity, but when they describe it to you in a storytelling format, for some reason it sounds believable at the time.


It should be noted that * Lord RayEl announced “The Armies of Heaven are fast approaching” in his May 21, 2011 address, where he stated that “They were still about 6 months away, traveling toward Earth at high speed”.    This was four years ago.   It has to be the slowest Army of Aliens on record. 

5. Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.




Managed to get to New Zealand and celebrated his Wedding Anniversary.

6. Sociopaths tend to be highly intelligent, but they use their brainpower to deceive others rather than empower them. Their high IQs often makes them dangerous. This is why many of the best-known serial killers who successfully evaded law enforcement were sociopaths.

7. Sociopaths are incapable of love and are entirely self-serving. They may feign love or compassion in order to get what they want, but they don’t actually FEEL love in the way that you or I do.

8. Sociopaths speak poetically. They are master wordsmiths, able to deliver a running “stream of consciousness” monologue that is both intriguing and hypnotic. They are expert storytellers and even poets.

9. Sociopaths never apologise. They are never wrong. They never feel guilt. They can never apologise. Even if shown proof that they were wrong, they will refuse to apologise and instead go on the attack.

10. Sociopaths are delusional and literally believe that what they say becomes truth merely because they say it! Charles Manson, the sociopathic murderer, is famous for saying, “I’ve never killed anyone! I don’t need to kill anyone! I THINK it! I have it HERE! (Pointing to his temple.) I don’t need to live in this physical realm…”

How to dispel illusion and get to the truth

Sociopaths are masters at weaving elaborate fictional explanations to justify their actions. When caught red-handed, they respond with anger and threats, then weave new fabrications to explain away whatever they were caught doing.

Sociopaths are masters are presenting themselves as heroes with high morals and philosophy, yet underneath it they are the true criminal minds in society who steal, undermine, deceive, and often incite emotional chaos among entire communities.

The French dictator also lent his name to something less impressive — the Napoleon Complex, the syndrome where pint-sized men overcompensate for their lack of stature with blustering self-importance, jealousy and aggression which is witnessed when examining Richard Ruffs behaviour.  Small man syndrome.

They are masters at turning one group of people against another group while proclaiming themselves to be the one true savior.

Wherever they go, they create strife, argument and hatred, yet they utterly fail to see their own role in creating it. They are delusional at so many levels that their brains defy logical reasoning.

You cannot reason with a sociopath. Attempting to do so only wastes your time and annoys the sociopath.

A sociopath will usually have a small group of cult-like followers who not only believe their fictional tales, but who actually internalise those fictions to the point where they rewrite their own memories to be consistent with them.Sociopaths never answer facts; they always attack the messenger.

Another very valuable red flag to recognise when trying to spot a sociopath is to see how they deal with attacks on their own integrity. If a sociopath is presented with a collection of facts, documents and evidence showing that he lied or deceived, he will refuse to address the evidence and, instead, attack the messenger!

If you really try to nail a sociopath down to answering a documented allegation, they will quickly turn on you, denounce you, and declare that you too are secretly plotting against them.    Basically, call you a troll.   We have all witnessed this behaviour within the Congregation of Lord RayEL.   (We have seen this with x-members of the cult when questions were asked, ex-communicated, character assassinated)  Anyone who does not fall for the brainwashing of the sociopath is sooner or later kicked out of the circle and then wildly disparaged by the remaining members of the cult group
Suffice to say, those whom ask questions are deemed trolls.

People with inflated egos or narcissim often have a poor emotional intelligence.   Not necessarily because they can’t see other people’s needs and point of view, but because they simply don’t care.  Their capacity is “full” of their own needs and opinions.

I hope that the reader of this blog, can see, that this group is truly corrupt.  It also highlights that really, these who serve Lord RayEL, Ra-el are not ministers of Jesus Christ.

I Love Jesus, 2016