The Story goes …

“Do you not recognize our Grand Master? Why do you think he came back through the Templar line (York Commandery, Wayfarers Lodge #1001)? But keep in mind that the Enoch prophecy was symbolic (obviously, since Enoch came long before JBM), signifying that ‘the last Grand Master will be the King’. Because RayEl is a Templar, and he is Christ, he is therefore the last Grand Master, thereby fulfilling the Enoch/JBM prophecy”.  

                                                 Gospel of Angelus Domini

img_9134 You can access Wayfarers Lodge #1001 online., the link is Wayfarers Lodge #1001 AF&AM and they also have a Facebook page  Wayfarers1001 Facebook Page   According to their Lodge history, this order was established in February 1916, where a number of Masons got together to start a new Lodge in Evanston.  According to their website, they are not Knight Templars.

Consequently, I have made contact with the Wayfarers Lodge #1001 and asked them whether Raymond Elwood Howard Lear was a member and if they are a Templar faction as mentioned in the Gospel of Angelus Domini. The Grand Lodge of Illinois

Whilst researching  Raymond Elwood Howard Lear I stumbled on that  He was looking for a Masonic Partner back in 1999.   I made contact with the Secretary of Chicago Lodge #437 that Raymond Lear referred to.  Specifically, I asked them if he was a member and whether he was black balled as claimed by the Ecumenical Order of Christ

Snippet from ra-el website regarding Raymond Lears Masonic Associations


Copy of email received from Chicago Lodge #437

Email received from Lodge

I have a document dated 6 July 2001 that happens to be the Lodges Annual Return and it lists all members at a Chicago Lodge.

Within the this document, specifically on page 6 Raymond Elwood Howard-Lear is listed.  However you can see that he was suspended for non payment of dues. NOT BLACK BALLED

To protect the identities of fellow lodge members we have respectfully erased their names and I will not publish this document in its entirety, however, here is a copy and this documentation was found in the public domain.  2001-2-chicago-lodge-members.

REASON – non payment of Dues.

 “Okay, see this proves he was never even a Level  1 Lodge Man.   To be a member you would start at 3 level.   Level one is that he signed up and asked”. Don Scott, 2016

There are public records online regarding the Annual Returns for this lodge.    The directory is here From these records, which are public, it would appear that Lear was initiated in 1996  and his occupation is listed as a publisher.  This document also confirms his date of birth being 09 June 1968.   1996-chicago-annual However, NO where in the documentation does it state that he was a 32 degree mason as claimed.  The EOC could easily have offered up this information as evidence for their cause, but they didn’t why? Because, they are Lazy! and he was kicked out because he did not pay his dues.

The Ecumenical Order of Christ states that Raymond Lear fulfills prophecy because they claim he was black-balled by the masons. We have a clear indication from The Secretary of the Masonic Lodge 437 that this does not make sense.   The reason that Raymond Lear was removed, was due to non-payment of annual dues.

‘the stone that was rejected has become the chief corner-stone.   This was the Lords doing, and it is marvellous in our eyes … (Matthew 21.42) Ra-el website

The above evidence clearly demonstrates beyond all doubt, that the EOC have yet again, embellished the truth.  We have discovered, without exception, that this claimed prophecy to be null, void.  This exposes another lie, the very foundation that Raymond Lears ‘messianic’ tale is based upon.

Thanks to Donnon Russell, Marzena Baker and Don Scott.

False Prophets Exposed, 2016.

Sources and further reading

The History of the Chicago Lodge 437

There is a really useful article regarding blackballing on MasonicWorld, which explains brilliantly what black balling is.

Chicago Lodge Annual Returns