“The people of Illinois saw him as the only incorruptible man alive, brave enough to fight against governmental corruption, so they pushed for him to run for Governor, but those who were in power tried to silence him, by killing his father, drugging and kidnapping his fiancé, and jailing both him and his elderly mother on made-up charges.                         Ra-el Website, 2016

This blog will expose that the above claim is a lie.   Firstly, we have collected all the data available off the Internet in respect of Raymond Elwood Howard Lear’s political career., from this, you will see that the claim that he was silenced  by those in power to be a falsehood.  Raymond Lear has had a political career spanning from 1993 to 2010, where he stood as a Democrat, Republican and Libertarian Candidate.
Each campaign Raymond Howard Lear was involved in surmounted to nothing and you will see this from the editorial pieces collected which has been a painstakingly nightmare to put together for a cohesive story.   Links are also provided to all articles.
What is not crystal clear from these articles is that in 2010 he ran for Governor of Illinois.   During this time., there was an active warrant for his arrest which is on the Internet.



Congressional Candidate Filings 

December 14, 1993 

SPRINGFIELD — Here is an unofficial list of candidates for Illinois congressional seats who filed petitions by the Monday deadline for the March 15 1994 Primary for State Board of Elections. An (I) signifies an incumbent. 

1st Congressional District: D-Bobby Rush (I), Chicago; R-Richard Murphy, Chicago; William Kelly, Chicago; Allen Smith, Chicago; Aloysius Majerczyk, Chicago; Maurice Johnson, Chicago.

2nd Congressional District: D-Mel Reynolds (I), Chicago; William Shaw, Dolton; Allan Streeter, Chicago; Irvin Murrell, Chicago; R-None filed.

3rd Congressional District: D-William Lipinski (I), Chicago; R-Jim Nalepa, La Grange.

4th Congressional District: D-Luis Gutierrez (I), Chicago; Juan Soliz, Chicago; R-Steven Valtierra, Chicago.

5th Congressional District: D-Dan Rostenkowski (I), Chicago; Rod Blagojevich, Chicago; Dick Simpson, Chicago; Michael Wojcik, Chicago; John Cullerton, Chicago; Raymond Howard (Lear), Chicago; Nancy Kaszak, Chicago; John McCarthy, Chicago; Gerald Pechenuk, Chicago. R-Michael Flanagan, Chicago; James Parker, Chicago; Elias Zenkich, Norridge; Michael Bendas, Chicago; John Cleland, Chicago.

6th Congressional District: D-Keith “Jekyll” Petropoulos, Lombard; Tom Berry, Lombard. R-Henry Hyde (I), Bensenville; David Czech, Glendale Heights.

7th Congressional District: D-Cardiss Collins (I), Chicago; Clarence Clemons, Chicago; Ed Smith, Chicago; Smith Wiiams, Chicago. R-Charles “Chuck” Mobley, Chicago; Shawn Hanley, Chicago.

8th Congressional District: D-Michael Strelka, Roselle; Robert Walberg, Palatine. R-Philip Crane (I), Wauconda; Peter Fitzgerald, Inverness; Gary Skoien, Palatine; Don Huff, Grayslake; Judy McCracken Svenson, Barrington.

9th Congressional District: D-Sidney Yates (I), Chicago; Glenn Sugiyama, Chicago; Frank Gardner, Chicago; R-Lawrence Joyce, Chicago; George Larney, Evanston.

10th Congressional District: D-None filed; R-John Porter (I), Wilmette; Kathleen Sullivan, Glenview.

11th Congressional District: D-Clem Balanoff, Chicago; William “Bill” Barrett, Joliet; John “Jack” Buchanan, Chicago; Frank Giglio, Calumet City; Daniel Kennedy, Joliet; Dave Neal, Morris; Martin “Marty” Gleason, Joliet. R-Robert Herbolsheimer, New Lenox; Gerald Kinney, Joliet; James O’Connell, Joliet; Sam Panayotovich, Chicago; Gerald “Jerry” Weller, Morris; Jeffrey “Jeff” Tomczak, New Lenox; John Leininweber, Joliet.

12th Congressional District: D-Jerry Costello (I), Belleville; R-Jan Morris, Carbondale; Larry Wetzel, Belleville.

13th Congressional District: D-William Riley, Woodridge; George Laurence, Romeoville. R-Harris Fawell (I), Naperville.

14th Congressional District: D-Steve Denari, Aurora. R-J. Dennis Hastert (I), Yorkville; Steven Perry, Elgin.

15th Congressional District: D-Gerard Archibald, Urbana; Larry Frezek, Champaign; Paul Alexander, Urbana. R-Thomas Ewing (I), Pontiac.

16th Congressional District: D-Pete Sullivan, Roscoe; R-Donald Manzullo (I), Egan.

17th Congressional District: D-Lane Evans (I), Rock Island; R-Keith Vollrath, East Moline; Jim Anderson, Aledo.

18th Congressional District: D-Thomas Homer, Canton; Timothy Howard, Peoria; G. Douglas Stephens, Peoria; R-Ray LaHood, Peoria; Dennis Higgins, Jacksonville; Judy Koehler, Lacon.

19th Congressional District: D-Glenn Poshard (I), Marion; R-Brent Winters, Martinsville.

20th Congressional District: D-Richard Durbin (I), Springfield; R-Terry Campo, Springfield; Bill Owens, Springfield.

Source : Chicago Tribune http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1993-12-14/news/9312140241_1_chicago-1st-congressional-district-michael-wojcik

See also http://media.wix.com/ugd/5d3daf_d1140200c8034cb3ae6be88bc3c6845c.pdf 

 2 Rosty Challengers Withdraw From Race Chicago

Sun-Times December 21, 1993

Two candidates withdrew from the Democratic primary race against U.S. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, and another must defend a challenge to his nominating petitions, state records showed Monday. 

The withdrawals still left Rostenkowski facing at least five challengers in the sprawling 5th Congressional District as he confronts additional inquiries into his congressional spending practices.

One challenger, former Ald. Dick Simpson, called on Rostenkowski Monday to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars Simpson said was misspent on what he called “ghost employees.”

Simpson said Rostenkowski’s payroll practices were “not penny-ante stuff” and were “harmful to the constituents that Rostenkowski is supposed to serve. …

The Simpson Campaign has challenged the nominating petitions of Raymond (Lear) Howard, saying that Howard failed to collect 660 signatures necessary for a place in the ballot. 

Source: Chicago Sun Times https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-4205800.html 

 2 Of Rostenkowski’s Challengers Bow Out Of Democratic Primary 

December 22, 1993|By Rick Pearson, Tribune Staff Writer.

SPRINGFIELD — The eight-way Democratic primary involving beleaguered U.S. Rep. Dan Rostenkowski’s Northwest Side congressional seat has been reduced by two candidates and a successful petition challenge could reduce the race to five. 

Democratic state Reps. Rod Blagojevich and Nancy Kaszak of Chicago notified the State Board of Elections on Monday that they were withdrawing their congressional candidacies and instead seeking re-election to the legislature.

In addition, a campaign volunteer for former Chicago Ald. Dick Simpson, another Democratic challenger to Rostenkowski, filed an objection to the candidacy petitions filed by Raymond Howard (Lear) in the Northwest Side 5th Congressional District. 

If the objection is upheld by the elections board, that would leave Simpson, state Sen. John Cullerton, Michael Wojcik and John McCarthy, a supporter of jailed political extremist Lyndon LaRouche, as challengers to Rostenkowski in the March 15 Democratic primary.

The powerful Rostenkowski, 65, is considered vulnerable by some because of a federal investigation of his possible role in a cash-for-stamps scheme at the House Post Office.

In addition, the investigation of Rostenkowski, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, has expanded to include his possible employment of “ghost payrollers,” people who collect paychecks without showing up for work.

Michael Bendas and John Cleland are competing for the Republican nomination in Rostenkowski’s district.

Among other primary challenges filed Monday, the last day for objections to be recorded by the State Board of Elections:

– U.S. Rep. J. Dennis Hastert, a Yorkville Republican, had his re-election petitions challenged by Steven Perry of Elgin, his primary opponent in the west suburban 14th Congressional District, and two others.

– Freshman state Sen. Rickey Hendon of Chicago filed objections to petitions filed by his two Democratic primary opponents, Anthony Bass and Wallace Davis Jr. in the West Side 1st Senate District.

– In Du Page County’s 20th Senate District, a petition challenge was filed against Timothy Whelan of Wheaton, who, along with Michael Formento, is trying to unseat veteran Sen. Beverly Fawell of Glen Ellyn in the Republican primary.

Source: Chicago Tribune http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1993-12-22/news/9312240006_1_sen-john-cullerton-rostenkowski-ghost-payrollers 

Opponents Don’t Dwell On Rosty’s Problems

Chicago Sun-Times January 12, 1994 | Jim Merriner | Copyright 

Three opponents of Rep. Dan Rostenkowski took the stage together for the first time Tuesday but only one made an issue of Rostenkowski’s legal problems. 

At a candidates’ forum in Lake View, former Ald. Dick Simpson called the 18-term congressman “a national symbol of congressional corruption.”

Ald. Mike Wojcik (35th) and state Sen. John Cullerton (D-Chicago), in their opening remarks, did not address federal investigations into Rostenkowski’s finances and the House Post Office scandal.

The audience of about 50 at Sheil Park, 3505 N. Southport, did not show up to discuss Rostenkowski.

They asked questions about trade with Mexico, health insurance, drug control and – the issue that seemed to provoke murmurs and nods of recognition in the entire audience – poor service by the local post office. …

The Simpson Campaign has challenged the ballot petitions of another candidate, listed on petitions as Raymond Howard (Lear), saying that he lacks the 660 voters signatures required by law. 

Source: Chicago Sun Times https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-4209034.html 

Candidates for Three Offices, Alderman Listed

Chicago Sun-Times December 20, 1994 | Copyright 

Following are candidates who filed for Chicago offices in Feb. 28 elections, listed in the order of filing. Some candidates might be disqualified under ballot challenges ( denotes incumbent): 

Mayor Democrat: Richard M. Daley , Joseph E. Gardner, Sheila A. Jones. Republican: Raymond Wardingley, Nino Noriega, William J. Grutzmacher, Leon Beard, Larry P. Horist, Themis Anagnost, Raymond Lear, Kimball Ladien. Harold Washington Party: Ilene Smith, Philip Morris, Lawrence C. Redmond.

City Clerk Democrat: Rickey R. Hendon, T. Ron Jasinski-Herbert, James J. Laski Jr., Anthony P. Harper, Joseph M. Lyons, Allen Smith. Republican: Edward G. Howlett, Tony Cisneros. Harold Washington Party: Aracely Munoz. …

Source: Chicago Sun Times https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-4262424.html 


Daley proves tough act to follow  

Copley News Service 

Dec 22, 1994 

CHICAGO – The backers of outgoing Illinois Attorney General Roland W. Burris have a two-pronged strategy to beat Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley in next year’s election.

“We’re counting on two things,” explained Lu Palmer, a political activist who headed the successful effort to draft Burris to oppose Daley.

“Roland has a clean record, no scandal, and he has an exemplary record as a political official,” according to Palmer. “Number two, we’re counting on widespread anti-Daley sentiment throughout the city.”

Even Palmer admits it will be an uphill battle to unseat the mayor, who is seeking a third term.

Another win would extend the Midwest’s most famous political dynasty. Daley’s father, Richard J. Daley, served a record six terms as mayor until his death in 1976.

Though conventional wisdom favors Daley, 52, recent polls identify Burris as his most threatening challenger. Burris, 57, announced he will run as an independent in the April 4 election, but he has promised to drop out if Joseph E. Gardner, a commissioner for the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago, manages to win the Feb. 28 Democratic primary. While the mayor’s election

most affects city residents, it also has a statewide impact. With more than 2.7 million people, Chicago is the nation’s third largest city and a center of international finance and industry. The city is home to almost one-fourth of the state’s population and gives Illinois a character and position of which a state such as Iowa, for example, can only dream. “A major city is a kind of economic dynamo that acts as a kind of gauge of a state’s economic health,” said Chicago expert Melvin Holli, a professor at the

University of Illinois-Chicago. “A Chicago that is losing business and has a bad business climate and is losing jobs is not good for the state.” Businesses generally have looked favorably on Daley’s push for economic and job growth through predictable policies that entrepreneurs appreciate.

Fourteen people filed to run for mayor by the Dec. 19 deadline, but most are political novices or perennial candidates. Along with Daley and Gardner, they include Sheila A. Jones, a follower of extremist Lyndon LaRouche, who is running as a Democrat; Raymond Wardingley, Nino Noriega, William J. Grutzmacher, Leon Beard, Larry P. Horist, Themis Anagnost, Raymond Lear and Kimball Ladien, who are Republicans; and Ilene Smith, Philip Morris and Lawrence C. Redmond of the Harold Washington Party. 

The GOP and the Washington Party are expected to exert little impact on the results in the overwhelmingly Democratic city. Of those who have filed against Daley, Gardner, 48, a lieutenant to the late Harold Washington, is the most serious candidate, but he is also a relatively unknown, untested politician who is given little chance of beating the mayor. Burris, who is collecting the 53,000 signatures necessary to file as an independent is popular in Chicago but is expected to lose support from not running as a Democrat. Black Democrats who ran as independents in the last two elections – former alderman Timothy Evans in 1989 and former Judge R. Eugene Pincham in 1991 – lost to Daley.

The mayor has the advantage not only because of his formidable organization and fund-raising ability, but also because he has minimized his own mistakes while his opponents are divided, according to analysts. “Daley has not made himself as much of a target as other mayors have,” said political strategist Don Rose. “He has been relatively benign racially for a Chicago mayor. He’s done none of the egregious things that (former mayor Jane) Byrne or Old Man Daley or (former mayor Michael) Bilandic in his brief tenure did to arouse black passions.” Rose added that Daley has “co-opted a good deal of the white reform movement part of the base that used to vote against the organization.” Both Gardner and Burris look to the black vote as their base, but by pressing forward with separate campaigns, they run the risk of fracturing a united front. Though Palmer disputes there is a split, he admits the two candidacies pose a problem. “The dilemma is what Roland can do up until March 1,” he said. “We need to be raising money. We need to be organizing a campaign. At the same time we don’t want to become an obstacle to Joe Gardner.” Holli, who has authored books on the Chicago mayors, contends that the drive to elect a black mayor in the model of Washington has become a “kamikaze mission.” “The biggest mistake made by the opposition is they turned the race into a race issue, looking for the black candidate who can defeat the white guy,” Holli said. “If you appeal to only one of those constituencies and your campaign becomes exclusionary you exclude most of the voters.” The black and white votes each approach 40 percent of the total in Chicago, while Hispanics account for about 20 percent of the vote. Even if Burris defeated Daley, the overall governance of Chicago might change little. Both men are veteran politicians with longtime ties to the state’s regular Democratic organization. Daley formerly served as Cook County state’s attorney and in the Illinois Senate, while Burris logged three terms as comptroller before running for attorney general.

Ideologically, they are perceived as moderate to conservative. Some observers believe Burris, who has served in statewide office for 15 years, has the perspective to be a more effective advocate for Chicago’s interests than the more parochial Daley. On the other hand, while Daley has proven his ability to handle the pressing demands of the job, Burris’ skill has never been tested in a comparable position.

Source: http://www.nwitimes.com/uncategorized/daley-proves-tough-act-to-follow—-or/article_e238ea93-3564-51e8-bc37-bacd2c50ca09.html 

Barring Miracle, 8 Gop Hopefuls Will Be Also-rans In Mayoral Race 

January 01, 1995|By Dorothy Collin, Tribune Staff Writer. 

Republicans are savoring the taste of power in Washington and Springfield after their sweeping election victories, but in Chicago the party continues on a diet of political gruel. 

Despite historic wins by Gov. Jim Edgar and the entire Republican ticket in Illinois, the takeover of the state House and the GOP wave that wiped out Democratic majorities in Congress, Republicans in the city have an early 1995 mayoral field of eight who give new meaning to “unknown.”

It’s not that the party didn’t toy with the idea of a serious challenge to the re-election of Mayor Richard Daley. In the wake of their November victories, Edgar and other Republican leaders tried to persuade Cook County State’s Atty. Jack O’Malley, who has run well in Chicago, to make the race. But after looking at a GOP-commissioned poll of the mayoral race, O’Malley said, “No, thanks.”

“It was a reality issue,” he said. “The chances for a Republican are very slim.”

Despite the 1994 GOP victories on the state and national levels, “people think the mayor’s office is a Democratic office,” O’Malley said. Indeed, the last Republican mayor was William Hale Thompson, who lost to Anton Cermak in 1931 when Herbert Hoover was president.

The other big problem for any Republican candidate is the incumbent.

“Daley’s a very popular guy,” O’Malley said.

The mayor has positioned himself as a conservative on some of the GOP’s favorite issues, such as crime. Even as Republicans were doing their poll, Daley was pushing his crime bill in Springfield.

“I agree with him on 90 percent of the issues,” said Ald. Brian Doherty (41st), the only Republican in the City Council.

Republicans also note that the mayor works well with the business community, which supports him with plenty of money. These same business barons are usually contributors to GOP campaigns.

“Since the business community is backing Daley, it may well be in the best interests of Jim Edgar and other Republicans to keep Rich Daley as mayor,” said a GOP strategist.

So who are the eight who filed to buck the big odds as Republican candidates?

1. Themis Anagnost is an 81-year-old attorney who decided to run for public office after his wife, Catherine Cook Anagnost, and his daughter, Maria, died. Both of them ran for alderman years ago, and his wife ran for the state Supreme Court in 1980. Themis Anagnost was a candidate for the Supreme Court in 1992, and last March he received 10,403 votes in the GOP primary for attorney general.

“I’m Greek; I’m a political animal,” Anagnost said. He’s fond of quoting Aristotle, which makes him a bit different from most Chicago politicians.

2. Leon Beard lists his address in the Ida B. Wells public housing development, but the Tribune was unable to contact him for this article.

3. William Grutzmacher bills himself as a radio personality whose specialty is talking about “America Under Siege.” He ran for mayor in 1989 after suing to allow a creche to be displayed in Daley Plaza.

Grutzmacher has acknowledged writing “America, a Sleeping Tiger Rises,” which claimed in one section that the Holocaust didn’t happen. Last week, he said such a claim is “absurd.” But he called it the “Hollywood Holocaust.”

Grutzmacher’s platform, called “Contract With Chicago,” includes pledges to put prayer in the schools, uniforms on schoolchildren and a 500-bed prison ship in Lake Michigan.

4. Political operative Larry Horist is head of the United Republican Fund. He’s worked with candidates as varied as former Mayor Eugene Sawyer and soon-to-be U.S. Rep. Michael Flanagan. But perhaps his most important recent effort was helping Edgar kill conservative Steve Baer’s third-party challenge to the governor.

5. Kimball Ladien is a psychiatrist who wants to push his Bipartisan Safe Haven Contract for Chicago, which includes a proposal for Community Service Corps as an alternative to welfare. The plan comes complete with a flowchart.

6. Raymond Howard Lear, who said he is former commander of the Guardian Angels, is running because the city needs “a crime-fighter.” 

“The fear of not being able to walk the steets is greater than the fear of a Republican mayor,” Lear said. 

7. Nino Noriego is a management consultant who is a former journalist and has a way with words. Talking about Chicago and its problems, he said: “Paving over another cornfield does not prevent crime.” Describing the city, he said: “I look at the skyline and say, `Paris, eat your heart out.’ ”

Among his ideas: Using the old central post office for a high-speed rail terminal and promoting the city with ads during televised sports events.

8. Raymond Wardingley is running for mayor for the fourth time. So far, his greatest fame has come from his days as Spanky the Clown, when he entertained hospitalized children.

Currently “self-employed,” Wardingley said he keeps running for mayor “to prove the little guy can get on the ballot with the big guys.”

His assessment of the mayor’s race: “It would take an act of God for a Republican to win.”

Source: Chicago Tribune http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1995-01-01/news/9501010265_1_gop-campaigns-republican-leaders-mayor-richard-daley 


List Of Gop Mayoral Hopefuls Shrinks, But 6 Still In Race 

January 24, 1995|By Susan Kuczka and Robert Davis, Tribune Staff Writers. 

The list of Republican candidates running for mayor has been pared to six after challenges to the nominating petitions of former Guardian Angel Raymond H. Lear and 81-year-old attorney Themis Anagnost, were upheld by the Chicago Board of Elections.

Board spokesman Tom Leach said that Lear, 26, was tossed off the ballot based on a complaint that his campaign failed to file an economic interest statement, and Anagnost was removed because the board found his campaign filed faulty nominating petitions. 

Rulings on challenges to two other GOP mayoral candidacies-four-time GOP mayoral candidate Ray Wardingly, known for his role as “Spanky the Clown” on visits to hospitalized children, and public-housing resident Leon Beard-are still pending, Leach said.

Signed, sealed, delivered Ald. Burton Natarus (42nd) was less than impressed Monday when one of his two aldermanic challengers, Kevin Flood, a Near North Side residential property manager, delivered to his City Hall office a notarized pledge not to vote for new property tax increases or aldermanic pay raises if he is elected.

“That’s easy for him to say because he’s not going to get elected,” said Natarus, who quickly rejected Flood’s challenge to sign a similar anti-tax, anti-pay raise pledge.

“I can’t sign anything like that. How do we know if there is not going to be some kind of emergency in the next four years that might require a property tax increase?” said Natarus.

As far as pledging not to raise aldermanic salaries, which is being contemplated by sitting aldermen for approval after the elections, Natarus said he can’t do that, either.

“I don’t care for myself, because I am a self-employed lawyer. But a lot of these guys and women-this is their full-time job-and I’m not going to stand in the way of a raise for them. The

trouble with my challengers is that they don’t realize that you need a little goodwill on the City Council to get your own things passed,” said Natarus.

Source: Chicago Tribune http://articles.chicagotribune.com/1995-01-24/news/9501240159_1_list-of-republican-candidates-property-tax-mayoral 


Dozens Booted Out of City Elections

Chicago Sun-Times January 25, 1995 | Mary A. Johnson | Copyright 

Three Republican mayoral hopefuls and 48 aldermanic candidates were tossed out of the coming citywide elections by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners on Tuesday. 

The biggest benefactor of the shake-out was Ald. Terry Gabinski (32nd). Two candidates withdrew, and one was tossed off the ballot for “invalid nomination papers,” the board said. Gabinski, a high-profile City Council veteran, is now unopposed in a ward that has gone from heavily Polish to heavily Hispanic.

The field also was narrowed on the Republican side of the mayoral race. The board found that Raymond Lear failed to file a statement of economic interests; Thernis Anagnost filed invalid nomination papers; and Leon Beard failed to file a statement of candidacy and economic interests. …

Source Chicago Sun Times https://www.highbeam.com/doc/1P2-4266340.html

2002 Ray ‘The Angel’ Campaign Democrat

2002 Illinois Congressional & Stateside Primary Results 19 March 2002

Using Wayback Machine you can still access Ray ‘The Angel’ Campaign website. http://web.archive.org/web/20030615000000*/http://www.raylear.com

United States House of Representatives (Congress)
Political Campaign Contributions
Campaign Finance Information
’02 Election Cycle



Source: Chicago Readers http://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago/the-guy-nobody-sent/Content?oid=907853


Source: The Dallas Tea Party http://dallasteaparty.org/people/31616/


U.S. Congress From Illinois 

March 21, 2002 

Key to using these election tables

The following are the unofficial results of the March 19, 2002 statewide primary elections in the metropolitan area. A (x) indicates an apparent winner. In some uncontested races there are no results.

2nd District


Y.Christian-Williams 11,871

Jesse L. Jackson Jr. (x) 99,111

Anthony Williams 5,548

4th District


John Holowinski 5,800

Martin Castro 11,944

Luis Gutierrez (x) 38,159


Maggie Kohls 18

Martin Pankau 7

5th District


Stanley Niziolek 1,669

Rahm Emanuel (x) 45,908

Paul Rauner 1,034

Nancy Kaszak 35,111

Peter Dagher 4,096

Mark Fredrickson 1,193

Joseph Slovinec 938

Ray Lear 1,079 


Mark Augusti 5,689

William Hurley 5,585

Gene Urbaszewski 2,609

7th District


Byron Reed 2,033

Robert Dallas 1,806

Mark Tunney (x) 5,427

12th District


David Sadler (x) 15,011

Patricia Beard 7,684

17th District


Peter Calderone (x) 22,275

Tony Rees 15,979

19th District


David Phelps (x) 48,154

Vic Roberts 9,607

Source: Chicago Tribune http://articles.chicagotribune.com/2002-03-21/news/0203210280_1_7th-district-5th-district-12th-district



Source: DC Political Report http://www.dcpoliticalreport.com/members/2002/ILResults.htm#N_1_




There is a seven-page opinion by the Indiana Court of Appeals which says that in 2003 Howard-Lear was arrested for attacking his ex-girlfriend. He was then sentenced to six years in prison, but was released after only 18 months. A little more than a month after being released, in 2005 he accosted his ex-girlfriend again, this time in Illinois, and tried to convince police called to the scene that he had papers that would allow him to have his ex-girlfriend“committed.” When she showed that in fact she had a restraining order against him, police arrested Raymond Howard-Lear. He was ordered to serve 166 days in Cook County jail, and then was resentenced in Indiana on his original charge to five years in prison. He appealed the sentence, and lost.


Lynwood man jailed after allegedly attempting to abduct ex-girlfriend

Man gets three years for attempted abduction 

CRIME: Ex-boyfriend tried to pull S’ville woman into van, shocked her with stun gun





There is a currently a warrant for Raymond Lear Number Warrant # P 06-2382  which was issued by Indiana Department of Corrections and this can be found online.

SO… considering this is the case

Why run for Governor in 2010?

2010 Ray Lear Libertarian Governor Elections

Government Website Link for Campaign – http://www.ourcampaigns.com/CandidateDetail.html?CandidateID=223573

IL Governor – LBT Convention


Elections Info






Libertarian Party of Illinois News

August 1, 2009

Illinois State Convention

The LP Illinois will host our annual State Convention in Collinsville the weekend of October 23-25. Come and enjoy the companionship of your fellow Libertarians from across Illinois. There will be workshops for activists, a candidate forum, Libertarian Jeopardy, and much more. We are pleased to announce that Sharon Harris, President of the Advocates for Self Government, will be the Saturday night banquet speaker.

Three convention packages are available to choose from and early bird registration is open. Visit our website, LPIllinois.org, for all the details. You can also download the Convention flyer. Redistribution of the flyer is appreciated.

Election Campaigns

At the Convention business meeting, the LP Illinois members will be electing state- wide candidates for the 2010 elections. Ray Lear has announced his candidacy for the Libertarian nomination for Governor. He joins Julie Fox, who is running for State Comptroller. We have heard rumors of others interested in the Lt. Governor and Secretary of State spots, as well as US Senate, and will post them as they are announced. We will also need Treasurer and Attorney General candidates to fill a state slate, as required by election law.

Contact Lupe Diaz, our new Campaigns Chair (Campaigns@LPIllinois.org), if you are, would like to, or are considering a run for office at the local, state, or federal level. We have 7 Libertarians elected right now around Illinois and hundreds nationwide. You can help us build a free country by running for office. For additional insight, read the Why Run for Public Office page on our website.

Libertarian Chapters and Student Organizations

As the volunteers who have been staffing summertime Libertarian booths at county fairs attest, interest in the Libertarian Party is growing. The LP Illinois currently has chapters developing in Kankakee, Lake, Metro East, Peoria, Stephenson, and Will counties. Most recently, Kankakee had their introductory meeting on July 23 and Metro East will have their re-introductory meeting on August 24. For information about our chapters, check the Local Chapters page in the About section of our website or contact Damon Dillon, our Membership Chair (Membership@LPIllinois.org).

Now is the time for students to get Libertarian organizations started up on college campuses. Check our list of existing student groups on the Students page in the Join section of our website. For more information about starting a campus organization, contact Karin Vermillion, our Campus Coordinator (Campus@LPIllinois.org). Please also let Karin know if you know about a campus organization that is not on our list, so it can be added.

Source: http://www.lpillinois.org/news/newsletters/lp_illinois_news_090801.pdf


Libertarian Party of Illinois News 

August 17, 2009 

Filling the State Slate 

Illinois election law requires us to fill a “state slate” for these 6 offices: Governor, Lt. Governor, Treasurer, Comptroller, Attorney General, and Secretary of State to run candidates for any of them. Our thanks to Ray Lear (Governor) and Julie Fox (Comptroller) who have announced their candidacies to date. 

Source: Libertarian Party News http://www.lpillinois.org/news/newsletters/lp_illinois_news_090817.pdf 

Libertarian Party of Illinois News 

September 20, 2009

Libertarian for US Senate 

We have an amazing opportunity for US Senate in 2010. The seat up for election is currently held by Roland Burris, who has announced he will not run, providing us with a race that has no incumbent advantage. In addition, the corruption scandal surrounding his nomination continues to smell, with former Governor Blagojevich’s continuing publicity.

Michael Labno has announced that he will seek the Libertarian nomination for US Senator from Illinois. Issues he is looking to target include the restoration of state and individual rights as well as the end of corporatism, including the Federal Reserve. Thank you Michael!

Filling the State Slate

Of the 6 “state slate” positions we now have candidates for Governor (Ray Lear), Lt. Governor (Jason Dodson), and Comptroller (Julie Fox). We are still looking for Libertarians to step forward for the Attorney General, Secretary of State, and Treasurer positions. We are required by election law to fill the slate in order to get any of these candidates on the ballot in Illinois. Competition is good and we also welcome additional candidates for any of the offices. Illinois is ripe for Libertarian change. Please email Campaigns Chair Lupe Diaz if you are interested in running for any upcoming election, whether local, state, or federal.

More Campaign News

The Julie Fox for Comptroller campaign is kicking off with a fundraiser on Saturday, September 26 from 7-11 p.m. at the Carpentersville VFW, 301 Lake Marion Road in Carpentersville. Enjoy appetizers & soft drinks, a cash bar, live music, and raffles. $25 per person. RSVP to Francine Brady via email or call 815-403-3301.

Ray Lear is looking for volunteers to staff his campaign for governor: a campaign manager, finance manager, fundraiser, marketing director, and volunteer coordinator. He is also seeking the assistance of artistic talent to create campaign materials and all others who have time and energy to contribute. Contact Ray at RaymondLear@gmail.com. 

Annual Business Meeting

LP Illinois members will be selecting our candidates for all state-wide offices during the business meeting portion of the Illinois Convention, October 23-25 in Collinsville.

We will also elect Illinois delegates to the 2010 national Libertarian Party convention at the Business Meeting. If you want to participate in national issues, such as the LP platform, you want to be a delegate. All Illinoisans are also encouraged to join the national Party. The number of delegates Illinois gets is based partly on the number of national Party members (sustaining level and up) we have.

Source: Libertarian Party News http://www.lpillinois.org/news/newsletters/lp_illinois_news_090920.pdf 


Libertarian Party of Illinois News

September 5, 2009


Jason Dodson has announced his candidacy for Lt. Governor. He intends to focus on economic growth through free market principles, ending the income tax, and government transparency. Thank you Jason!

The Julie Fox for Comptroller campaign is kicking off with a fundraiser on Saturday, September 26 from 7-11 p.m. at the Carpentersville VFW, 301 Lake Marion Road. Enjoy appetizers & soft drinks, a cash bar, live music, and raffles. $25 per person. RSVP to Francine Brady (francine.brady@gmail.com, 815-403-3301) by September 23. Whether you can attend or not, raffle donations gratefully accepted.

The Ray Lear for Governor campaign has a video in development on YouTube that attacks our current state of corruption and sounds the alarm on our eroding freedoms. It’s still a little rough, but check it out and learn more about Ray Lear.

Election law requires us to fill the entire “state slate” (Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Treasurer, Comptroller, and Attorney General) to allow any Libertarians to run for these positions. Please contact Lupe Diaz (Campaigns@LPIllinois.org) if you are interested in running for any upcoming election, whether local, state, or federal.

Our American Majority friends are providing Candidate and Activist Training (2 tracks) in Chicago on Saturday, September 12 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This training was specifically designed for Illinois politics and we encourage all candidates or future candidates to attend. More information | To register

LP Illinois members will be selecting our candidates for all state-wide offices during the business meeting portion of the Illinois Convention, October 23-25 in Collinsville. You will want to be there and meet all our candidates in person.

Convention Workshops

In addition to great speakers, our candidates, and all the other activities planned for this year’s Convention, there will be six workshops for libertarian activists to choose from: Chapter Building, Raising an Informed Citizenry and Educated Electorate, Austrian Economics, Advancing Liberty with Responsibility by Promoting Market Solutions, Living the Principles of Freedom, and Public Speaking.

Visit our website (LPIllinois.org/convention) for all the Convention details and to register. Early bird registration ends on September 18, so sign up today.

Bylaw Changes

During the Convention business meeting, members will vote on proposed changes to our current bylaws. Any member can propose changes by emailing them to Secretary@LPIllinois.org by September 10. All proposed changes will be posted on our website, published via an upcoming LP Illinois News, and available in hard-copy by request.


Source: http://lpillinois.org/news/newsletters/lp_illinois_news_090905.pdf

National Convention for the Libertarian Party of Illinois Posted on september 30, 2009 por alvarezgalloso 

The Libertarian Party of Illinois will be holding their Annual Convention in the month of October 2009. They will be presenting their candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller, and US Senate. In an era where serious discussions of issues are needed, I had the honor and pleasure of being able to interview Kent Mc Millen who is the Public Relations Chair of the Libertarian Party of Illinois. The following interview was conducted via E Mail.

4. Ray Lear is running for Governor, and Jason Dodson is running for Lieutenant Governor after Illinois suffered through an agonizing year of the two party system and the drama of a Senate Seat for sale as well as a Governor who would have been great as a Comic Relief in poor taste. What can Ray Lear and Jason Dodson offer as an alternative to the politics as usual in Illinois? First of all, Ray and Jason can claim that they are not the party of George Ryan nor the party of Rod Blagojevich, and they are not in the race for personal profit or to award their family and friends. They will bring a new, fresh approach to governing and will provide the citizens of Illinois with a government that they can be proud of. They will be able to tune into people’s disgust with the political power structure of this state, because, unlike most people running for state office, they have not been a part of the enabling of the corruption of Illinois’ past.

Source: El Noticiero de Alvarez Galloso http://alvarezgalloso.com/2009/09/30/national-convention-for-the-libertarian-party-of-illinois/ 


The Libertarian Party of Illinois (“LP Illinois”) will hold its annual convention the weekend of October 23-25, 2009. 

The convention will take place at the Doubletree Collinsville, 1000 Eastport Plaza Drive,

Collinsville, IL 62234. The theme of this year’s convention is: “Don’t Tread On Me.”

This year’s keynote speaker will be Sharon Harris, President of the Advocates for Self

Government. a libertarian educational organization best known for distribution of the

World’s Smallest Political Quiz, which has enabled countless people to discover liberty.

Harris is an accomplished Libertarian candidate, receiving over 300,000 votes for

Georgia Commissioner of Agriculture.

Also on the speaker’s list is Ken Krawchuck, previous candidate for public office who is

currently the State Chair of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party..He has run for U.S.

Congress and for Governor He founded the now 15-year-old Ken Krawchuk &

Associates, Ltd, an information technology consulting firm. He also owns and operates

“Amendment 16”, an invoicing service for independent consultants.

“I am pleased with the lineup of speakers and activities for this year’s convention,” said

Val Vetter, State Chair of LP Illinois. “This will be a great opportunity for those who

value freedom, as well as for those who are just curious about libertarianism, to exchange

thoughts and increase their knowledge of the party and the movement,” he added. “I also

look forward to the 2010 campaign and offering voters a true alternative to the major

parties, who have not served the citizens of Illinois well,” said Vetter.

In addition to Harris and Krawchuck, LP Illinois will be providing workshops on:

Austrian Economics, Chapter Building, Raising an Informed Citizenry and Educated

Electorate, Living the Principles of Freedom, and Promoting Market Solutions. There

will be a Friday night Halloween themed social event and Libertarian Jeopardy on

Saturday. There will also be a candidates forum including the following libertarian 

hopefuls for 2010: Mike Labno (U.S Senate). Ray Lear (Governor), Jason Dodson (Lt. 

Governor) and Julie Fox (Comptroller). LP Illinois’ annual business meeting, where

certain party officers are elected and state-wide candidates will be nominated, is slated

for Sunday.

For further information on and to register for the convention, visit LPIllinois.org. To

reserve a room at the Doubletree Collinsville, call 800-551-5133. Be sure to mention

that you are with the LP Illinois state convention. Reduced pricing for rooms ends on

October 2nd .

Source: Libertarian Party of Illinois http://www.lpillinois.org/media/press_releases/convention2009_announce.pdf 

Weston/Myers Illinois Governor Election Tele-Poll, September 29th, 2009 

Weston/Myers Illinois Tele-Poll 

Conducted Tuesday, September 29th, 2009 

5,000 calls made to random registered voters statewide. 

We asked: “Who will you vote for in the 2010 Illinois General Election?”, and provided our list of candidates that we sourced from Wikipedia.org, uselections.com, and Google.

Poll: Illinois Governor, 2010

Generic Democrat: 31%

Generic Republican: 34%

Ray Lear- Libertarian 21% 

Randall Stufflebeam- Constitution 4%

Michael White- Independent 2%

Rich Whitney- Green 4%

Other/Undecided: 4%

Poll: Illinois Lieutenant Governor, 2010

Generic Democrat: 20%

Generic Republican: 25%

Jason Dodson- Libertarian 17%

Generic Constitution: 5%

Generic Independent: 2%

Don Crawford- Green 10%

Other/Undecided: 21%

We then asked, “Why did you choose this candidate?”

The most common response given was that they “always voted this way”. The second most common response was that “we need a new direction”. Of the 5,000 registered voters, approximately 2000 were registered Democrats, 2000 were registered Republicans, and 1000 were either Independent or non-affiliated. Of the 2000 in each major party surveyed, 500 were age 18-25, 500 were age 26-35, 500 were age 36-50, and 500 were over 50. Of each group of 500, we evenly surveyed 250 women and 250 men. Based on the tabulations, more Democrats than Republicans in Illinois seem to be breaking party ranks and moving toward third party candidates- in this particular case, the Libertarian Party. This result is a completely different shift than what has been observed in recent years. More women than men, by about a 55-45 margin, broke from their respective parties, but men also broke party lines. There are a few possibilities for this shift. One, the Illinois Democrats south of Chicago tend to be more rural, and in many cases, more conservative, but want to hang on to some of their core Democratic principles. Secondly, with the fallout from the Rod Blagojevich scandal, many Democrats are running from their own party. The current Democratic Governor, Pat Quinn, has many Democrats in rural Illinois in an uproar over a recent large tax increase and cuts in needed rural programs. Thirdly, with all of the media coverage of tax protests, bailout protests, and other protests such as outrage at town-hall meetings, “tea parties” and the like, the need for fiscal responsibility is resonating with voters in rural and middle-class Illinois, regardless of party affiliation. The idea of a return to principles of liberty seemed to be a factor in this poll. And, the numbers did not look well for the Republicans either. Many registered Republicans in this poll (albeit not as many as Democrats) broke party rank and chose third party as well, specifically in the Governor’s race. The data is still rather insufficient in the Lieutenant Governor’s race because all party candidates have not reported as of yet. This resulted in a high response number for “Other and Undecided”. If we are to look at this as any kind of bellwether, I would say that this might be the year for a third party to challenge the big two, and it looks as if the Libertarians have the biggest chance to make this a three-way race.

Paul Weston is an Independent AP-Affiliated Journalist from Normal, Illinois

Steven Myers is a Political Consultant from Evanston, Illinois

Weston and Myers are both politically Independent.

Contact us at: weston.myers@live.com

Source: http://weston-myers.blogspot.co.uk/2009/09/westonmyers-illinois-governor-election.html

Libertarians gathering in Collinsville

First Posted: 23/10/2009

The Libertarian Party of Illinois is holding its annual convention this weekend at the Doubletree Collinsville, 1000 Eastport Plaza Drive.The theme of this year’s convention is: “Don’t Tread On Me.” This year’s keynote speaker will be Sharon Harris, president of the Advocates for Self Government. a libertarian educational organization best known for distribution of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz. Harris is an accomplished Libertarian candidate, receiving more than 300,000 votes for Georgia commissioner of agriculture.Also on the speaker’s list is Ken Krawchuck, previous candidate for public office who is currently the state chair of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party. He has run for U.S. Congress and for governor and founded the now 15-year-old Ken Krawchuk & Associates, Ltd, an information technology consulting firm.

In addition to Harris and Krawchuck, LP Illinois will be providing workshops on: Austrian Economics, Chapter Building, Raising an Informed Citizenry and Educated Electorate, Living the Principles of Freedom, and Promoting Market Solutions. There will be a Friday night Halloween-themed social event and Libertarian Jeopardy on Saturday. There will also be a candidates forum including the following libertarian hopefuls for 2010: Mike Labno (U.S Senate). Ray Lear (governor), Jason Dodson (lieutenant governor) and Julie Fox (comptroller). LP Illinois’ annual business meeting, where certain party officers are elected and state-wide candidates will be nominated, is slated for Sunday.For further information visit LPIllinois.org. or call the Doubletree at (800) 551-5133.

Source: The Telegraph http://thetelegraph.com/archive/51868/news-local-article_875f8647-9e49-5700-8f50-2950a5c01e3e-html


Friday: An inclusive Illinois Governor debate 

from a Free and Equal Press release: 

Illinois Gubernatorial Debate for 2010 Candidates to be Held Friday Event to be Streamed LIVE @ FreeAndEqual.org 

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation will hold a Gubernatorial Debate for 2010 Candidates in Du Quoin, IL this FRIDAY,October 9th, 2009 at the Du Quoin State Fairgrounds. Beginning at 6 PM on Friday, the Gubernatorial Debate will be streamed LIVE on the foundation’s website: http://www.FreeAndEqual.org. The debate will be held as part of the Midwest Liberty Fest. Free & Equal Founder and Chair Christina Tobin will serve as the moderator for the debate.

“This debate will be unique in that ALL the candidates are invited to participate, not just the Democrats and Republicans.” said Tobin.”We are excited that voters all across Illinois will have the opportunity to hear the candidates speak in person, or online via web stream.” 

The debate will include members of the Democratic and Republican parties as well as the Constitution and Green Parties, and one Independent.

As of Wednesday October 7th, the following SIX candidates have confirmed: Adam Andrzejewski Republican Party Candidate Dan Proft Republican Party Candidate Randall Stufflebeam Constitution Party Candidate Bill “Dock” Walls, III Democratic Party Candidate Michael White Independent Candidate Rich Whitney Green Party Candidate

ALL 13 candidates who have announced their intentions of running in the race are invited to participate.

Two candidates, Republicans Bill Brady and Frank Edwards, did not reply despite repeated attempts to contact them.

Other candidates expressed interested, but could not accommodate the debate schedule.

“Free & Equal is committed to giving all candidates a forum, regardless of political ideology or partisan affiliation,” said Tobin. “It is imperative that the voters have a chance to hear all the candidates, not just those who may appear in the headlines regularly.”

The Free & Equal Elections Foundation is a non partisan, non-profit 501 (c)4 public policy advocacy organization dedicated to eliminating restrictive ballot access laws that target Independent and Third-Party Candidates.

Free & Equal is committed to reforming restrictive ballot access laws across the nation, so that all candidates have a chance to be heard, regardless of political affiliation.

During the 2008 election, Free & Equal held an independent Presidential Debate in Washington, DC. The Free & Equal debate was the ONLY Presidential debate featuring Independent and Third-Party candidates held during the 2008 election to be broadcast to a national audience. The debate was broadcast Live by C-SPAN. 1.

Christina Tobin October 11, 2009 at 10:32

Unfortunately, the LP candidate Ray Lear was out of the county during this time. Check out this article that was written up in the Southern Illinois (which has over 70,000 readers) http://thesouthern.com/news/article_9bb08140-b557-11de-a160-001cc4c03286.html. 

Channel 3 (ABC) aired a short segment on the 10 o’clock news two days in a row. The Free & Equal Elections Foundation will hold another IL Governor debate next year.

Source: Independent Political Report http://www.independentpoliticalreport.com/2009/10/friday-an-inclusive-illinois-governor-debate/

2011 Raymond Lear reinvented himself and became Lord RayEL infused by Annunaki Spirit.

What is clear from the above newspaper articles is that the claim that the Ecumenical Order of Christ’s made regarding Raymond Lear having been silenced and his character smeared by the powers that be is not only a joke but clearly a lie.

Remember the timeline.  Acquaint yourself.

1993/94 – Ran for Congress – Democrat Candidate

1995 – Ran for Mayor – Republic Candidate

1995 – Cyberspace Gambling Requires $5 Million Funding Raymond Lear 1995

1996 – I Need a High Stakes Bookie  and wanting stock pornography on CD

1998 – Super High Stakes Tournament in Mexico

1999 – Rev Dr Raymond Lear, Senior Pastor at Good Works Ministries

1999 – Posed as a 32 degree Mason looking for Masonic Business Partner

2001 – Suspended from Masonic Lodge

2002 – Ran for Governor Democrat Party Ray ‘The Angel’ Lear

2003 – Arrested / Convicted for Kidnap and Battery

2006 – Re-convicted for kidnap of Joyce Haney

2007-2011 A God has come – LeRael

2009-10 Ran for Governor of Illinois Libertarian Party

2011 – Present Invisible Lord RayEL

False Prophets Exposed, 2016