I have been investigating Raymond Elwood Howards Lear’s claim that he is ‘The Returned Christ, Isa and Moshiach who goes by the name of Lord RayEL, Ra-el.   He is protected by The Holy and Apostolic Order of the Templars and this is by no shadow of a doubt, the most intriguing tale of this Century.

In 1998, failed politician Raymond Lear  was involved in Super High Stake Tournaments in Mexico.

I must give credit to Donnon Russell  and Richard Fraser former members of The Ecumenical Order of Christ for uncovering the following information that highlights the depths of depravity and criminal dealings which are shackled to Raymond Elwood Howard Lear.

The following is a post taken from Google Groups.


Super-High Stakes Tournament

Ladies and Gentlemen,

You are all invited to participate in the fourth annual Maverick One
Million which will be held in beautiful Cancun Mexico on Memorial Day
weekend (May 22-25).

For those unfamiliar with The Maverick, it works like this:

You play against a maximum of nine (9) other players, giving you a
virtual 1 in 10 chance of winning the Jackpot.

The games are ?Player?s Choice?, meaning the players tell the dealer
what Poker variant will be played at each hand (all ?Hoyle? recognized
games will be accepted).

The winner at the end of three (3) timed rounds will win the Jackpot of
One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00).

There will be some satellite games, but we are presently only allotting
for a maximum of fifty (50) players, so lock in your seat.

If you remember in past years, the price for a first time player was
$50,000, but since we are no longer providing 1st class round trip
airfare for two, executive suites, and a list of other posh luxuries, we
have been able to significantly drop our price (we also got rid of the
commission salesmen).

The flat ante for participation in The Maverick One Million is now just
(not bad for a 1 in 10 chance at a million bucks.)

If you have any questions, you can email the Director of The Maverick
Group at Ray…@usa.net .

If you would like to sign up you may call (773) 777-2962 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

And remember as always…

?All information regarding Maverick players, events, and winnings are
held in the strictest of confidence!!!? -Code of The Maverick

We look forward to seeing you there.

The above email address used has been connected with another online scam which I had previously uncovered and reported in my blog Masonic Business Partner Needed 1999 Furthermore, I have now ascertained that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear was NOT a Mason during this time period.

It also should be noted that in 1999 Raymond Lear was posing as Rev Dr Raymond Lear of Good Works Ministries in Chicago.

A copy of the Google online Page is below.


The same email address used a little earlier.



Is anybody selling stock pornography on CD, that is usable for
publication ?
If so, I’m interested in purchase.


Of all the places, where a High Stakes Tournament could take place, why Mexico?

We could also ask why the Exodus to Baja to set up the one and only ‘Sanctuary’ for followers of this False Christ was to be founded in Baja Mexico.

Another link to Mexico, can be found in all the editorials and court documentation relating to when Joyce Haney (Former girlfriend of Raymond Elwood Howard Lear) was abducted.   Why was he proposing to take her to Mexico?

Could it be that he had already established a connection with the Mexican Drug Cartels otherwise known as ‘Knights Templar Cartel’ who coincidently changed their name in 2011?  2011 was when it was announced that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear was the Returned Christ, Isa and Moshiach.

Much of the gun violence in the city  of Lear in Chicago can be traced to drugs and arms that come from Mexico where a global network of smugglers, dealers, assassins, corrupt politicians and police are paid-off.

There appears to be another connection here between Mexican Cartels and al Queda / ISIS.   Both, whom the Ecumenical Order of Christ show support for.



False Prophets Exposed, I Love Jesus, 2016