‘Imperial Regent’ and ‘Knights Templar’ Angelus Domini (Alan Douglas) was upset with the recent aired Episode on SkywatchTV News hosted by Derek Gilbert with Richard Shaw, Producer/Director of ‘Torah Codes: End to Darkness’ and Presenter Derek Gilbert.

The Episode aired on the 8th March, 2016.

These comments were made in the Public Facebook Group The International Congregation of Lord RayEL – Intellectual Property of Twiggie Truth

I find that this rather rich considering that  CJ Isaac is the voice of Lord RayEl, furthermore Clark Isaac removed all reference of Raymond Lear (Lord RayEL) from the Sanctuary Interfaith website in Jan 2016 which is registered in his name.  Moreover, all videos made by The Ecumenical Order of Christ uploaded to You Tube have their comments disabled. Questions posed or posted in the Facebook International Congregation of Lord RayEL are screened or deleted if any individual show dissent. Several times we have asked the Ecumenical Order of Christ for an interview in respect of their claim that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear is the Returned Christ, Isa and Mosiach.  All requests denied.

If you skip to 8 minutes in the following video, Presenter Derek Gilbert makes an apology of sorts, which in itself is hilarious and rather to the point.


I sent  Mr Derek Gilbert a link to my blog on Purim and asked why he felt it necessary to apologise.

“The apology was only an apology of sorts. I did confuse him with another false Messiah, after all. It doesn’t change the fact that he is a false Messiah, and that was my point.   The apologist who sent me the email wanted me to give him time to prove that RayEl is the Messiah. That’s not going to happen”  Derek Gilbert, SkywatchTV.

Richard Ruff behaved true to form within the International Congregation of Lord RayEL as an  ‘Alpha Male’ .   He has fashioned a Torah code on producer/director of ‘Torah Codes: End to Darkness’ Richard Shaw  in nothing more than a shocking, demeaning and bullying manner.   This type of behaviour by Prime Cleric Richard Ruff is typical.   He will often resort to these back-handed tactic when either he or his codes are being exposed.  Not so long ago, a similar code was fabricated on Rabbi Glazerson.

These comments were posted in the public Facebook Group The International Congregation of Lord Rayel – Intellectual Property of I Love Jesus

The reason for this attack is because of an earlier broadcast.  In that episode producer/director of ‘Torah Codes: End to Darkness’ Richard Shaw highlighted Glazerson’s February 2016 Torah Code debunking what he deems to be a False Prophet named Lord RayEl and confirmed what the author has been saying about the blatant use Rabbi Glazerson’s  codes to try to legitimise the authenticity of Raymond Elwood Howard Lear being the Returned Chris, Lord RayEl, Ra-el.

“They have reworked the work of Rabbi Glazerson to prove that RayEL is really who he says he is, they did that in a round-about method, I don’t want to say that they were stretching the truth, but essentially they probably were. They actually even used a photo of Rabbi Glazerson on their own site and in their own publications as if Glazerson’s Torah Codes are proving that RayEL is who he says he is. Well, of course that did not make Rabbi Glazerson very happy at all. So he went and did a serious table on RayEL recently and sent it to me and it says Lord RayEL as that is what he calls himself, and attached to that at the bottom is the word liar, cheater and Amalekite”     Richard Shaw, SkyWatchTv, Richard Shaw Torah Codes and UFO Cults.  

Richard Ruff also continued an attack on Rabbi Glazerson.  Please refer to my earlier blog which gives an insight on how Richard Ruff created a Torah Code and attempted to shame Rabbi Glazerson’s reputation.  Here

Why ? 

Cult leadership is feared. To disagree with leadership is the same as disagreeing with God. Cult leaders claim to have direct authority from God to control almost all aspects of their Congregations life.   This behaviour is demonstrated by Richard Ruff.  He uses the Torah to legitimise his stature.   Its all pretty pathetic.  On an upside though, the Rabbis are upset with the Ecumenical Order of Christ and their blatant lies are being exposed.

At the time of writing this blog, Purim 2016 is on the doorstep, many Rabbincal scholars have highlighted that the MOSHIACH will be announced.   One sure thing, is that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear (Lord RayEl Ra-el) is not the MOSHIACH, Isa or  the Returned Christ.  Nobody has seen him since 2011 and he is still wanted in America.  It’s fair game to say, that he is one of many False Prophets.

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