The following newspaper articles have been collected together by the writer of this blog, to  demonstrate that the information that has been released by The Holy & Apostolic Order (of the Temple (HAP) and The Ecumenical Order of Christ (EOC) to be untrue.

The following information given in these articles will prove that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear who believes that he is The Returned Christ, Isa and Moshiach did in fact assault and kidnap his former girlfriend of 15 years named Joyce Haney and was not as the HAP and EOC claim…


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Furthermore, I have researched Raymond Howard Elwood Lear’s political career – and you can examine the evidence for yourself and determine whether you find Richard Ruff’s statement to be correct.

Miguel Fuentes, Commander of the Chicago Guardian Angels gave a statement about Raymond Elwood Howard Lear.

Man jailed again for kidnap try

Post-Tribune (IN)

November 11, 2003 | Bradley Cole, Post-Tribune correspondent | Copyright


Police say they hope an Illinois man will be denied bail after posing as a U.S. senator and carrying a phony CIA badge in yet another attempt to abduct a Schererville woman. Raymond Elwood Howard-Lear, 35, was charged Monday with felony stalking and conspiracy to commit confinement after he tried to hire a Kokomo-based bail bondsman to kidnap a 34-year-old Schererville woman. He told the bondsman she needed to be taken by force or the threat of force from a home in Schererville, where she was being held against her will as a drugged sex slave, and taken to a detox center in Mexico.

Howard-Lear, 531 Deborah Court, Lynwood, Ill. …

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Lynwood man jailed after allegedly attempting to abduct ex-girlfriend

  • CARMEN McCOLLUM Times Staff Writer
  • Nov 11, 2003

Raymond Howard-Lear, 35, was charged Friday with conspiracy to commit confinement and stalking by the Lake County prosecutor’s office. Howard-Lear is being held in the Lake County Jail.

Howard-Lear reportedly posed as a U.S. senator in an effort to get a Kokomo bail/recovery agent to abduct the 34-year-old Schererville woman who he reportedly claimed was his common-law wife and in the custody of drug dealers, police said.

Schererville police Cmdr. Randy Reno said the agent discovered the man was not a senator and the story was false. The Kokomo agent then contacted Schererville police.

“Mr. Howard-Lear allegedly asked the bail agent to fly the victim to Mexico where he reported that he was going to put her in a detox clinic,” Reno said. “Police have inspected the woman’s home several times as well as conducted several interviews with her. There is no evidence or signs of drug use in the house. We believe he made up the story in an attempt to justify his obsession and attempted confinement of his former girlfriend.”

When Howard-Lear, was arrested, police said his vehicle contained clothing, personal hygiene items, duct tape and a fake CIA badge and CIA photo identification with his photograph.

Reno said the police have a series of previous reports involving Howard-Lear.

On Sept. 5, Howard-Lear was charged with one count of felony confinement and one count of misdemeanor battery after the man and his mother, Ruth Lear, 67, also of 531 Deborah Lane, Lynwood, allegedly beat the Schererville woman and shocked her with a stun gun in an effort to abduct her.

According to a previous news report, they reportedly tried to pull the woman into their van, in which police found fur-covered handcuffs, a ski mask and gloves.

The victim escaped and the duo were arrested when they went to a local exercise club and claimed they were the victims in an attempt to cover up their crime, police said.

Howard-Lear and his mother were charged with felony criminal confinement, felony battery, criminal confinement and misdemeanor battery.

A motion was filed then to increase Howard-Lear’s bond to $33,000 but a month later, his bond was reduced to $5,000 and he was released, Reno said.

Authorities also served Howard-Lear with an order of protection telling him to stay away from the Schererville woman and not to harass her.

However, on Oct. 21, the woman said she got a call from her uncle who told her Howard-Lear was out of jail. Two days later, police talked to the prosecutor’s office about the recurring problems between the pair and they agreed to revoke the man’s bond.

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