Newspaper articles strageically patchworked and out of focus

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Public Document Christ Returned – The International Congregation of Lord RayEL

James Ackerson from the  Lord RayEL Exposed team made contact with 28 year Veteran and Commander of the Chicago Guardian Angels Mr Miguel Fuentes and questioned the legitimacy of whether or not Raymond Howard Elwood Lear was Commander of this Chapter.   

Mr Fuentes of The Guardian Angels, Chicago.

This is a claim documented both on the website of Lord RayEL / Ra-el and within the public file section of the online Facebook International Congregation of Lord RayEL.

Record of Conversation – James Ackerson


Veteran of 28 years Mr Fuentes pictured above has clearly stated that Raymond Lear was not Commander of Chicago Guardian Angels as the Ecumenical Order of Christ claim.

Public Facebook Group International Congregaion of Lord RayEL March 2016

This link below will connect you to the archive of the Guardian Angels website.  Under the press section, you can see all the articles that have been posted.  You can trawl through these.  Not one of them MENTIONS Raymond Elwood Howard Lear.

IN CONCLUSION, The images that have been posted by The Ecumenical Order of Christ in support of their claim, are out of focus and the original sources are missing.  To prove legitimacy, these should be provided to back up their claim, without them, they are not worth the paper they are printed on.    Perhaps the Holy Apostolic Order of Christ and the Ecumenical Order of Christ can provide these so they can be verified by an independent source!

Many thanks to James Ackerson and Miguel Fuentes.  
False Prophets Exposed, 2016


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