Continuous threats and derogatory remarks are being posted publically on Social Media platforms and specifically in the public Facebook Group The International Congregation of Lord RayEL aimed at Rabbi Glazerson, a world renown Torah Code Expert.

During February 2016′ Rabbi Glazerson found an astonishing and ‘important code’, this code backed up an earlier find of his in 2014 which also made reference to Lord RayEL.

Lord RayEL believes that he is the Returned Christ and the MOSHIACH.  Rabbi Glazerson revealed in his ‘important code’ that Lord RayEL was a cheat, liar and amelakite. This    revelation was shared via his You Tube channel and social media. Since February Glazerson has come under continuous attack.   You can read more via this blog, Glazerson attacked by Clergy.

Last week, this ‘important table’ was also shared by Richard Shaw, producer/director of ‘Torah Codes: End to Darkness’, on SkyWatchTv in the episode Torah Codes and UFO cults  During his interview with Presenter Derek Gilbert he said …

He is one of several guys who thinks he is the Messiah. They have evolved the work of Rabbi Glazerson to prove that RayEL is really who he says he is, they did that in a round-about method. I don’t want to say that they were stretching the truth, but essentially they probably were. They actually even used a photo of Rabbi Glazerson on their own site and in their own publications as if Glazerson’s Torah Codes are proving that RayEL is who he says he is. Well, of course that did not make Rabbi Glazerson very happy at all. So he went and did a serious table on RayEL recently and sent it to me and it says Lord RayEL as that is what he calls himself, and attached to that at the bottom is the word liar, cheater and Amalakite” 

What is worrisome is that the fanatical and delusional Clergy who were based in ‘Sanctuary’ Baja, Mexico whom as we know have committed unspeakable crimes have now arrived in Israel and intend to flood the streets of Jerusalem with their rumour of a fake Messiahs impending arrival during Purim and are continuing their threatening behaviour towards Rabbi Glazerson publicly in the International Congregation of Lord RayELs Facebook Page.



Purim has been and gone. Raymond Elwood Howard Lear’s proclaimed arrival as Messiah was in 2011.   So what are they doing there ?

 Furthermore, they are continuing to use images of Rabbi Glazerson in their ABN News broadcasts and The Apostolate have recently submitted an editorial to the whacky Before Its News Website suggesting that Raymond ELWOOD Howard Lear will be arriving in Israel shortly.

False Prophets Exposed, 2016