Since 2011 Raymond Elwood Howard Lear has believed that he is an Internet Messiah namely, Lord RayEL and has both an online cult following and Facebook Congregation, The International Congregation of Lord RayEL. The Cult headquarters is Sanctuary Interfaith located in Baja, Mexico ( Just over the United States border) and is run by CJ Isaac and Selena Scott whom are both benefactors of this (non-profit) ‘religious’organisation as stated on their website.

This blogs aim is to shine a light on a previous online scam associated with this ‘Returned Christ’.   It is up to the reader, to ascertain whether this title befits the man.

Dated 2 November 1995


Dated 5 December 1995

Source link.!search/Raymond$20E.H.lear/misc.invest.funds/tw9aAtR0gRs

312 – is a Chicago dialling code Raymond Elwood Howard Lear by his own admission is from Chicago.

CyberSpace Communications Inc was registered in Nevis, West Indies and were also the  sponsors of an Event in 1996 – which was a High Stakes Poker game.

In a public post on google groups, Raymond E H Lear stated…

‘CyberSpace Communications will be actively seeking potential investors at 
this event, to participate in the completion and opening (scheduled for 
Feb 97ą) of the first fully interactive global casino on the Internet.

Link to post!search/CyberSpace$20Communications$20Inc.$20Nevis$2C$20West$20Indies./misc.invest.technical/wAgS_oILd3I/VEHuJHrb9cEJ

Link to Raymond E H Lear other ‘online gambling’ requests.!activity/misc.invest.technical/VEHuJHrb9cEJ

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