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Investigating the online gambling scams that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear who believes he is the Returned Christ, Moshiach and Isa, I have uncovered that he was also involved in the Porn Industry.   I ask you! does this behaviour befit the image of Christ? Is this the Son of God ? 

No it certainly isn’t.   Raymond Lear is a conman, a charlatan and just incredibly awful.  

10th December 1996

Photography Wanted
Raunch Magazine (a full scale Internet based adult magazine) will be
going online in February.

We are presently searching for Photographers and Models to submit pieces
for monthly publication.

Submissions should be of a sexually graphic nature, and should be of
photographic quality suitable for publication. Photographs should also
be sequential in nature (layout).

Raunch Magazine is looking for photography that is “racier” than most
newsstand publications, and we do allow and encourage “penetration” and
“wet” shots.

All submissions will be judged individually, and we will only purchase
those we intend to publish.

All submissions should include standard releases and age verification.

Forward submissions (preferably compressed) to Raunch Magazine’s Media
Department at me…

Include contact information.
Raymond Lear
Media Director
Raunch Magazine

This was posted in the following google groups .. All Sex Magazines / Alt. magazines pornographic / All sex brothels /  All sex. swingers / All Sex Escorts Ads / Alt Models / All Sex Prostitution / All Sex Stories.

TO THINK THAT DURING THIS TIME 95/96  Raymond Howard Lear was also running for congressional candidacy in Chicago.   It’s no wonder really that during this time hehad to leave the campaign race as an objection was filed.  K

Google Link –!activity/alt.magazines.pornographic/kQ9i3Z0peDgJ/alt.magazines.pornographic/f0Xa0sV-WMU/_NxZKytE6GQJ

Checking the Originator of the post revealed that :-

Subject: Models/Photography Wanted
Date: 1996/12/10
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The rise of the Internet has made porn more ubiquitous than ever, Raymond Lear, tapped into this as well as gambling and then later fed his insane fetishes as becoming an ‘internet god’, in 2007 as LEREAL  and again in 2011 as RAYEL 

Draw upon the evidence that I have presented.   Lear had a colourful portfolio of porn businesses.  

  • (Escort)
  • (Escorts)
  • Raunch Magazine 
  • Club Spade (Gentlemans club) 
  • The Macerick Club 
  • Preacher and Prostitute 

Read the Gospel of Angelus Domini.  Angelus’ Gospel  has several sections regarding sex; it explains how an adult giving sexual pleasure to a child — of any age — is loving that child and is okay in the eyes of Christ. Again, this goes for any child of any age.

So ask yourself, when did it feel good to have my genitals stimulated? When was an orgasm pleasurable? If you answer honestly, you will say “always”. Now, taking your laws off of the table for a moment, and just looking at it from that perspective, why is it that bringing pleasure to a person at any age, considered bad? I know this is hard, but we are only talking about pleasure, and you have to tell a non-human why pleasure is bad at 8, but beautiful at 18. (Gospel of Angelus Domini) 

This is just one example of Angelus Domini’s gospel that depicts child molestation in a ‘justified’ way. The gospel goes on about sexual relations with children for quite a long time — it seems to be a central theme in their teaching regarding sex and how Christ views it.

A child has had a “feel good” experience, and you want to tell them that they were molested and raped… Do you not see who is bringing that child more harm? Were you spanked as a child? Did you forget it and move on, or did you let someone tell you were a victim of domestic abuse, and must seek lifelong therapy?… Please sister, look at where the actual damage begins.  (Gospel of Angelus Domini) 

It is little wonder, they continue to threaten to ‘Shut me Down’, after already hacking and taking down one website.   The more I dig, the more I just uncover.  

Twiggie Truth,
False Prophets Exposed, 2016