During 1996 Raymond Howard Elwood Lear was not only the Director of CyberSpace Communications Inc but also the Media Director of Raunch Magazine which was a (a full scale Internet based adult magazine).

Investigating the online gambling scams that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear who believes he is the Returned Christ, Moshiach and Isa, I have uncovered that he was also involved in the Porn Industry.   I ask you! does this behaviour befit the image of Christ?

Dated 10th December 1996

Writers wanted.

Raunch Magazine (a full scale Internet based adult magazine) will be
going online in February.

We are presently searching for writers to submit pieces for monthly

Submissions should be of a sexual nature, and should be limited in

All submissions will be judged individually, and we will only purchase
those we intend to publish.

Forward work (preferably compressed) to Raunch Magazine’s Media
Department at me…@megsinet.net

Include contact information.
Raymond Lear
Media Director
Raunch Magazine

Coincidently, As mentioned above, Raymond Lear was Director of CyberSpace Communications Inc within days of this post he was requesting for capital to Invest in a Casino hoping to open in 1997.   Link to page on Google requesting this. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!activity/misc.invest.real-estate/ZoUn9Xwxd8YJ/misc.invest.real-estate/aG2kxV0ByXA/ZoUn9Xwxd8YJ

You can read my blog in respect of the Gambling Scams here.

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