Masters of Back-Peddling.

You may recall that in January, 2016 Sanctuary Interfaith (The Baja Sanctuary – the only safe haven with the Cult of Lord Rayel) had severed ties with The Ecumenical Order of Christ and The Holy Apostolic Order of The Temple on their UPDATED Sanctuary Interfaith Website.    All associations to Raymond Elwood Howard Lear and ‘Lord RayEL’ had been removed.  Also deleted was Moses (Richard Ruff), his tables and reference to him being Lord RayEL’s ‘henchman’ Prime Cleric Moses.  Consequently, he was mentioned, but just as a ‘Torah Code Researcher’

The Sanctuary Interfaith website owned by Clark Isaac, who is named as Minister and Benefactor not Apostolic Nuncio or as recently referred to in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL on Facebook (April 2016) since his arrival in the Holy Land Cardinal.


(April 2016)  they have reverted back to an older version of the website THAT REFERS TO RAYMOND HOWARD ELWOOD LEAR BEING LORD RAYEL and the nonsense that Richard Ruff is MOSES. Although, they have retrained their ministry titles and dropped the silly and egotistical titles they use in the Online Congregation.

Did the Baja Cult, suddenly believe that Raymond Elwood Howard Lear was going to beam back into Israel to make an appearance for Purim?   Did they really think that the Rabbis would ‘Repent’ and acknowledge a con-man as the Messiah?

It would sadly appear so.

Lord RayEL Exposed  Sanctuary Website Omits Lord RayEL January 2016

Click on the above link, you will see that they have back peddled again.


Twiggie, False Prophets Exposed, 2016