Uploaded April 2016 on You Tube Alex Leach retracts his testimony that the blood sacrifice that he witnessed on April 15 2014 didn’t happen, but then he says “But then it did happen, if you know what I mean, I saw it, it was real to me”.

Really Alex Leach ?

Auguste Levêque, La Parque (The Fates).

What we are dealing here is a ‘Doomsday Cult’.  Historically, an Exodus was called for in 2014, the population of the USA were to relocate to Rosarita, Baja, Mexico as an’End of the World’ scenario was to play out, Baja according to RayEL was the safest place to be.      You may recall from a previous blog specifically an interview with Former Nuncio, Carter Davis that instructions were given to the Congregation in 2012/13 by Angelus Domini ‘Imperial Regent and Knights Templar’ Guardian of Raymond Elwood Howard Lear to relocate to Baja, Mexico and build an Ark.

“Baja, Nibiru was going to create another planetary flood and an ark would be prepared as with Noah” Carter Davis, 2016

In 2013/14 Angelus Domini gave further orders to members of the Congregation to relocate, many believed that the End of Days Scenario was going to occur so they left the US and sold their homes and material acquisitions.   A Sanctuary was to be founded, the first Church of RayEL.  Some experiences didn’t go to plan and lots of members returned, frightened and traumatised by the whole experience.

One who freely gave his testimony was Alex Leach.

Alex Leech was interviewed by Donnon Russell, also a former member of the International Congregation of RayEl as soon as he returned, as he was totally traumatised.  During this interview Alex Leach made some damning and rather startling accusations.  He claimed that a homeless guy was sacrificed on the First Blood Moon.   A similar testimony was given by former X-priestess Elaine Elliott.  I would reiterate, with respect, that David Daniels who was with Elaine Elliot on that evening, body was found on a beach in Rosarita March 2015, under suspicious circumstances.   Now, I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I did not report a balanced argument.   Back in October I made contact with Alex Leach and asked for an Interview, I asked him if he was happy for me to publish his story.   During that time, I specifically asked Alex Leach about his experience.   These are screenshots of the conversation.   He was more than happy to cooperate.


The reader may wonder why I have now decided to publish the above exchange.   Alex Leach recently uploaded a video on You Tube.   In this video, Alex refutes what he said in the earlier interview with Donnon Russell.   His excuse being that he was addicted to Meth.   Sadly, he shows no remorse whatsoever for the gentleman he stated was murdered on the beach or apologises for lying to Donnon Russell.  Instead, he is now complaining that The Lord RayEL Team are trolls and being rather unpleasant in doing so.

Changing his mind is his prerogative, and I have no ills about that, however, as you can see from the above conversation, Alex Leach in October 2015 stated that he was not going to retract what he said during his interview with Donnon and continued to share that ..

He is referring to David Daniels, the gentleman whose body was found on the beach in March 2015.  I therefore published a Blog and it went viral over the Internet.

You may recall also, that Don Scott, former Deacon recently gave an interview and he claims that he knew of 16 members of the cult being sacrificed.

During Alex Leach’s recent online ‘confession’ he refers to endangering the clergy with the drug cartels ?   What was he doing with the Drug Cartels in Mexico in the first instance? It is pretty obvious that these are the cartels that we have made reference to before. The Los Caballeros Templar Cartel.

“I didn’t know if I was going to show up to a shotgun at his door when I arrived. All I know is that I was contacted by others telling me that Alex had fled Baja and was back in Houston. They said he was in fear for his life and needed help. I got his address and drove across town to meet him. I took a huge risk to try to help this man who is as I learned after I got there drug addicted and unstable. I gave him the chance to remain somewhat credible as his story seemed very traumatic, drug addict or not. He has since changed his story so many times that I have no urge to even humor this new version. He thinks he is a psychic but it’s pretty clear that he’s suffering from drug induced paranoia and psychosis” Donnon Russell, 2016 

I would ask Alex Leach therefore to make contact the authorities (Police and FBI) and retract the statement he made.


Interview questions were sent, as requested. Alex Leach perfectly happy to cooperate

I would also urge, folks to listen to the original interview again, the testimony of Elaine Elliot and that of Don Scott, also look into the timeline that was put together for David Daniels death.  Obviously, it is up to the reader to ascertain any truth to these interviews.   I just present the facts that are given.

But truth of the matter is …

Raymond Lear and Richard Ruff are False Prophets and the people associated with this Cult are extremely dangerous.

Twiggie Truth 2016


Lord RayEL, Former Nuncio Finishes Interview