At the request of Clark Isaac,  whom incidentally bumped into Rabbi Glazerson in the Old Town in Jerusalem earlier in April, the renown Torah Code Expert has yet again posted a YOU TUBE video explaining yet again, to the infidels at the Ecumenical Order of Christ that RayEL is found in the Torah Code.   However, it will not be the news that the Clergy and Congregation of Lord RayEl  Order will want to hear.     Earlier in March most of the Sanctuary Interfaith Clergy relocated from Baja, Mexico to Israel at the request of Prime Cleric Richard Ruff and Imperial Regent Angelus Domini (known on Facebook as Alan Douglas) to usher in Raymond Lear known as Lord RayEL, RA-EL as the MOSHIACH for Purim.  It should be mentioned here, that this failed to materialise.

Shortly after the Clergy arrived in Israel a non-profit Organisation, namely MikDash HaMoshiach (The Temple of the Messiah) was registered at their place of residency.   A fancy new website owned by Corey DeFransisco (Clergy) has also been created and is live.  What is interesting, and slightly misleading as this website does not feature their ‘Messiah’ Raymond Lear. The clergy from Mexico, United Kingdom and Germany have travelled to Israel on 90 day visitor passports and lied to immigration.

Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson has been hounded by The Ecumenical Order of Christ, whom continue to use his Torah Codes without his permission.   Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson has not made any attempt to confirm Lord RayEl as the Messiah.  Even their new published website mentioned above, features Rabbi Glazerson codes.

In this You Tube video Rabbi Glazerson has confirmed that RAYEL is not the Moshiach.

Rabbi Glazerson explains, quite clearly, that Torah Codes are completely different to Bible Codes.

“Torah Codes are in the Torah only because its the movement of creation and everything happening is in the Torah not the Bible.   Now the numbers of letters in the Torah is 300,000 and in the Bible, the New Testament it can be millions”  

Rabbi Glazerson goes on to say…

“The cheating of these people, is very very obvious, is very very clear and somebody looking  for the truth should properly learn what are Torah Codes and what are those peoples Bible Codes”.
Like many things relating to Raymond Elwood Howard Lear, this business of him being the Moshiach is just farcical and trying to teach a Rabbi Hebrew is just pretty hilarious.

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