This video was posted on a public Facebook Profile and was removed quickly.  You will see why !   This is in response to a video uploaded by ABN which are connected to a False Prophet named Lord RayEL.  In their recent video they state that top Torah Code Rabbi Glazerson is caught  hiding “Christ Codes” from the public.  This statement, is a lie.   The clergy of Ecumenical Order of Christ have been hounding Rabbi Glazerson for months.   They have been using his work to legitimise Raymond Lear as the Moshiach.  It should be said, that nobody, is accepting Raymond Lear as the Moshiach and Jesus Christ.

What you will witness is a dispicable show.   The belief that all Israel must be punished forms an anti-semetic belief within this group or as I call it a dangerous cult.   This display from Clark Isaac is totally Anti-Semetic, cringe worthy and very upsetting. Clark Isaac has no respect for Rabbi Glazerson or in fact for Jews in general.  His constant ‘mimicking and deceitfulness really does display the malicious intent of his group to become nefarious in their actions

It truly is ugly and this is what Lord RayEL is all about.   LIES … DEMONS …

What is rather amusing, is that the Apostolic Nuncio of The Ecumenical Order of Christ who believes Raymond Lear is the Messiah Jesus Christ  (who is an Annunaki half-breed) is reading from a script mentions RayEL’s name on numerous occasions and still cannot get the pronunciation correct.  According to Isaac in this video, the pronunication of RayEL/Ra-EL was given to him by Raymond Lear.  Nobody has seen or spoken to Raymond Lear for 5 years except of course Alan Douglas / Angelus Domini who doesnt speak either, but just chit chats on Facebook and Twitter.  This criminal could be anywhere in the world hurting people. This is both disconcerting and personally distressing. I have sources that have given testimony to what they know this man to have done and what he intends to do and it is not nice.

So what is it Clark, RayEL or Ra-EL?.

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