The clergy arrived illegally in Jerusalem from Mexico, Germany and England, lied to Israeli Customs and have set up a non-profit organisation called MikDash Hamoshiach.   Many have travelled on 90 day Visas.  Raymond Lear was supposed to arrive shortly thereafter for Purim to be welcomed as the MOSHIACH, guess what though …. It didn’t happen.  There is no surprise really…

The clergy who have no work in Israel.  They spend their time  prancing around sight-seeing and making Armageddon Broadcast News episodes have no income (jobless) and rely on tithes to sustain their ‘scrounging’ lifestyle.  To the writers knowledge  they have set up three separate Crowd Funding pledges each requesting $144,000.   Their pledge is hilarious …

“To prepare the way for Moshiach’s (the Messiah’s) arrival, by building unity through teachings of love and understanding.”

“To raise and disperse funds to worthy causes in the name of the Moshiach.”

“To build a congregation preparing the people for His arrival, to spread word about Moshiach and His teachings, to act as liaisons between the Moshiach and outside agencies.”

“We are currently in the process of establishing a sanctuary for our place of worship, teaching, and study, and we wish to provide the best possible accommodation to those who choose to praise God with us. To do this successfully, we need your assistance to make it all happen”

This is an absolute joke.  Raymond Lear was to arrive doing Purim (Torah codes stated this in 2016) due to the no-show because Israel had not repented the goalposts have yet again moved.    Now the Ecumenical Order of Christn are hoping Ray to be enthroned by Nisan using Rabbi Glazersons codes as some crazy endorsement.   

These various crowd funding requests were created by clergy member Priest Corey DeFransisco, whom is the registered owner of the newly built  MikDash Hamoshiach website. Created April 17, 2016 by Corey DeFrancesco

A further one requesting..$1,000.00 is the brain child of Samuel Grenier, also currently residing in Israel.

Twiggie Truth, False Prophets Exposed, 2016