Club Spades was  formerly known as The Maverick Club, a ‘Gentleman’s Club’ and Raymond E Howard-Lear was the owner of this website and director.   It was part of a portfolio of companies named :- 

By using this website was cross-referenced and as of the 28 May 2016 it was still owned by The Lear Group, however,  it had been registered under a different name and email address :-

The website is still part of The Lear Group and registered online since 2000.

Admin Name : Henry Key.   Email address:

The Lear Group ‘Club Spade’ website was live from April 1 2001.   The following gleaned from the Waybackmachine.  

What is interesting about this website is that the language used, the questions and answers section mirrors that of the and the Lerael websites.  

Could this be Raymond Lear using a pseudonym ? Nobody has seen Raymond Lear since 2011, the Lear Group of businesses dried up in Indiana.    This is just a pearl.   Tracing the email address:- revealed on Spokeo.

This has obviously got legs… so this will be a continuous blog.