A website was set up January 13 2012 and according to online records was active until July 8 2012   To access a copy of this website which has since been ceased, you can view a copy on The Wayback Machine.  

visit http://web.archive.org/web/*/Knightsofra-el.me.uk/

So who was the Lord Knight Marshall ? 

The website was registered to :- Christopher Saund-Singh a UK resident. 

Richard Fraser researched this website:-

The website

Too funny, not set up by the Knights Templar, as we know that is a huge lie.

See ….

Lord RayEL, Ra-EL, Raymond Lear. Holy & Apostolic Order of Temple Knight Templar

Templar Kingdom Confirm that RayEL Is a False Prophet

False Prophets Exposed contacted Mr Singh regarding this, who had commissioned the website.   It was Richard Ruff, Prime Cleric Richard Ruff.   Paypal account was also registered to Richard Ruff!.