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Did you fund the Clergy’s arrival to the Holy Land? Did you pay towards their Sanctuary in Patria  Street?  Are you happy with the outcome, lots of beautiful sightseeing photographs, two new websites built (MikDash HaMoshiach and ABN), videos of clergy slagging off Rabbis whilst using their very work to pimp Raymond Lear, Claims of Ufo fleets arriving in Israel and ABN broadcasts, Or do you feel conned, let down that Raymond Lear and Richard Ruff did not arrive as was prophesied.      

We will now expose this sham for what it is.  The Sanctuary clergy were assembled, all in Israel except of course the two protagonists (Richard Ruff and Raymond Lear (Alan Douglas)) Alan Douglas was on some ludicrous crusade with Alex Leech to discredit “trolls” by firstly congratulating Leech for welching on his previous testimony that a blood sacrifice had not taken place in Baja as at the time Leech was on Meth and this apparently impaired his judgment (you can read the blogs below) and then Alex being bitten by a rabid dog who was sent by Satan to stop him from reaching Baja.   Indeed, it was that pathetic.   This drama and distraction was timed perfectly.    

video updates from Alex on a nebuliser in hospital
Richard, however, cannot go to Israel as he’s on a diplomatic mission

Currently in Bendigo making a ramp.  

The newly appointed Deacons Mikey and Victoria Harr paid for the clergy to relocate from Baja, Mexico and England, a round trip including return tickets.  

How do we know ? The following was posted in The Secret Clergy page and has been leaked by former Priestess Linda Eastwood. Linda Eastwood was booted out of the Clergy for accidentally sharing the ‘for clergy eyes only’ video of Clark Isaac Mimicking and bereating Rabbi Glazerson in a Video which the exposed team captured and shared.   This video highlights the deceptive and calculator mindset of the Sanctuary Clergy.   We have since spoken to Linda, she was in the cult for a long time and to be cut off was strange, but nevertheless liberating.   She sees it for what it is and has agreed to help with further exposes which are explosive.  

Both the Harrs were not privy to the secret online conversation.  

Word is that the Harrs inheritance was $30,000.

Sammy Kennedy whom is in receipt of benefits and frequents food banks here in the UK was wired payment.   Payment is also being sent to Tommy Cavinin the UK.  

Those whom travelled from Baja Mexico were Kelly Patrick, Adam Muema, Eric Logan, Corey DeFrancesco, Selena Roberts Scott, Fred Desharnais.  Shocking amounts of moneys for return flights including Cats.  (Kelly’s) 

Harr and Scroggins
The Harrs travelled down to Sanctuary, Mexico and were quickly left  Homeless. The Baja Sanctuary was closed and the Harrs are now staying with Scroggins girlfriend and begging for money via Tumblr.  

Victoria Harr’s Blog on Tumblr requesting money as they are in financial difficulties.
Mikey Harr, bullied one lady recently in the congregation who was going to donate 5k.  

Thankfully, David Johnson from the Exposed team spoke to her and her husband, after this altercation in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL.

  David Johnson said …

Mikey was trolling women and trying to bully them.   I don’t like that shit, so plenty of times I’ve called him out for an Interview and he will not speak and he puts out a daddy video”

The exposed team

Urge people NOT TO LEAVE THE USA for sanctuary in Baja.   

There is no SANCTUARY IN BAJA.  

The following has also been  leaked by former Priestess, Linda Eastwood.   This was posted in the Diaconate Page.   For Clergy eyes only.    

Little support given.  

The NOP is the Non Profit Organisation that was quickly registered, thus being The Temple of the Moshiach, registered to their residence in Patria Street.  

If they think that having a registered non profit company is going to save them from deportation, they need to think on.  

Realistically there is hope that the Harrs will make it to Israel …

What a sad, sad state of affairs, the Harrs homeless, their inheritance gobbled up to fund a bunch of freeloading time wasters whom are sightseeing, making enemies and You Tube videos in Israel under illegal pretences.  Raymond Lear is still the invisible man, and didn’t arrive for Purim and as Raymond Said …

Another fail … 

What angers the Lord RayEL Exposed team is the blatant lies, the deception, and the use of “good people”.  The Harrs are victims here (all be it, willing) and they are too blinded to see the deception.  

posted 8 May 2016 by Raymond Lear

Wonder if those smiles grate on the ‘Harrs’? 

Remember $16000 was raised in addition during March to secure the property they are residing in.  

Raymond Lear is a conman and the clergy in Israel are equally implicit.   So too are all those who peddle their lies.   

Art by James Gray


Twiggie Truth, Linda Eastwood and David Johnson, False Prophets Exposed, 2016 

Blood Sacrifice didn’t happen because I was on Meth, Alex Leach.