Artwork by M Nibson, Comet H
This  wannabe messiah is an outright charlatan, the clergy psychotic who really are so self-deluded as to believe their claims are genuine. These range from stars that twinkle (UFO’s) and Lens flares (Nibiru) and ultimately that Raymond Lear is the Returned Christ.  It’s a sad state of affairs,  whatever their emotional needs demand as a sacrifice, they’re most often willing to risk humiliation for their satisfaction. But the most serious downside is that the gullible are led down a false dead-end path they’ve constructed, whether unknowingly or not, shattering their hopes, wasting their time and money. The upside is that the sour experience can serve as a good defense against any more of these outlandish claims. And with that, a bit of refreshing and useful hard reality about Raymond Lear’s darkside that supersedes the fantasy worlds the Ecumenical Order of Christs concoction.   

Ray Lear / Raymond Elwood Howard-Lear / Angelus Domini 

  • Failed politician (four times) 93′ 94/95′ 2002′ 2009/10′
  • Convicted for battery and kidnap twice  2003′ 2006′ 
  • Online Casinos 
  • Casinos in Chicago / Gentleman’s Clubs Maverick / Club Spade 
  • Blacklist Chicago
  • Pimp 
  • Escort Agency – / / Sisters of Joy
  • Rev Dr Raymond Howard-Lear for Good Works Ministries, Chicago 
  • PreacherandProstitute website 
  • Editor of Raunch Magazine 
  • Director of Mondomillion,, State Cash 
  • Guardian Angel

Another notch to be added to Raymond Lear’s ‘Porn Portfolio’ part of The Lear Group is

The site was active from 2000 to 2001.  These are screenshots from the Wayback Machine and the link to this page is :-*/

Bachelor Parties are a speciality of Raymond Lears,  his ‘exclusive Elite Gentleman’s club’ Club Spade, formerly The Maverick Club offered the same entertainment.      

 Could this be one of Ray’s aliases ? 

AnalEscort featured Ashley, whom Raymond Lear hosted sites for, she also featured on his Preacher and Prostitute website and 

Twiggie Truth, 2016 

Facebook Group Lord RayEl Exposed