The phenomenon of cults is complex and multi-faceted. As such, the social discourse surrounding the phenomenon is not consensual, but rather gives rise to expressions of different and at times conflicting opinions.   An examination of this phenomenon and its characteristics shows that persons who are recruited into cults undergo a conversion process with the object of achieving control, loyalty and absolute commitment to the leadership of the cult. The range of harmful effects that are liable to occur is far-reaching, and includes mental, physical, sexual and social-related injuries as well as economic ones. 

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The purpose of this blog will expose, and will reiterate what is mentioned above… The conversion process and I urge the reader to examine an earlier blog, how the clergy of the Ecumenical Order of Christ arrived in Israel.   

Israel has a tight immigration policy for people with non-Jewish background. The government of Israel wants to maintain the demographic dominance of Jews in the country and gives incentives to Jews all over the world for immigrating to the country.  Not the Ecumenical Order of Christ ! 

Instructions on how to achieve entering Israel “under false pretences” were posted in the Secret Facebook page called The Clergy Room by ‘Vicar General’ Kelly Patrick and given to us by former priestess Linda Eastwood. 


if you have any problems call the guys in Israel or Skype 



XXXX XXXXXFred Deshanaias



MAKE SURE YOU COMMUNICATE WITH THESE PEOPLE WITH YOUR FLIGHT INFORMATION BEFORE YOU LEAVE.  Contact them via Phone, Facebook.   Make plans the night before to be in contact with each other.  Most everyone is travelling or on the go so we will not be able to pass information back and forth on behalf of anyone, so you have to take responsibility for this.  

And … Anyone else that is in Israel.   🙂.  Please consider posting your number in this thread so that you can help assist your brothers and sisters.  

When you get your tickets you will need a round trip ticket or something to show your next connecting information – for example “Egypt” or “London” it is a VERY close connecting origin and might be very cheap.  It is worth getting prices and getting ahead of time.  

I believe the maximum stay is 90 days – please look up to be sure.  

The airports are cracking down more.  


Situated in Old Malhal Neighbourhood in Jerusalem, Israel, 32 Patria Street  

Take the shuttle.  The shuttle to Jerusalem should take you to Old Hala which is part of the town we are in but when you specify our address to the shuttle driver mention old Malhal.  He will know where it is”  

The address given above is in the public domain, so we have no qualms in sharing this information. As it is, what it is.  Deception.  His address can be found on the NPO and the website MikDash HaMoshiach when searching the registration details. 



Richard Ruff states that if orders are not followed, that you are likely to be deported.   Travelling as a tourist, do not bring multiple suitcases of luggage.  

Kelly Patrick … No excess electronics … Household goods anything that implies that this is more than a visit.  Another give away is the new website MikDash HaMoshiach.  

Notice the dates given, 2016/2017

Joe Monte arrived in Israel October 2015.   We do not know whether he has applied for citizenship?  The Lord RayEl Exposed team believe he has outstayed his 90 day welcome and that is why he is keeping his head down.   We could say the same for Clark Isaac.  

Joe Montes advice …    “as far as they need to know you are here on vacation” 

It is rather incredible, what you are witnessing here is illegal activity / criminality in motion.  You can only stay 90 days in Israel which was relayed to the Clergy by Kelly Patrick.  

This deception runs deep, right to the core of the EOC which is fronted by Patrick, Ruff and Isaac the leaders of this cult  and as you can clearly see they have no intention of leaving exemplified by Setting up the Non Profit Organisation within days of arrival.  The clergy will not GAIN employment as they hope to  they be funded with the various online crowd funding and by tithes – hence the NPO.   

Let’s make this clear You tithe, you are aiding and abetting this venture.   

Instructions were given by the leaders of this cult for the exodus to Israel funded by the Harrs that have travelled to Baja to seek Sanctuary which closed it doors as soon as they arrived.  They are now “homeless”.   What is incredibly disgusting is that instructions are still being given for followers to vacate the US and seek Sanctuary in Baja.   

Worryingly, Kelly Patrick posted hours ago … 

As we know, the Ecumenical order of Christ are deluded and dangerous.  This could mean anything ! 

Many thanks to Linda Eastwood for the above information which had been passed onto UK officials and the Israeli authorities.  

You can find us on Facebook, our group Lord Rayel Exposed and page.  

Twiggie Truth, False Prophets Exposed.  2016.