What a load of codswallop.   Rabbi Glazerson did not say that Ray Lear was the Messiah.   In fact he stated he was Amalek.   

You can spin this, in all the ways that you so wish  Ecumenical Order of Christ , but the Fact remains that those who listen to Glazerson Video will hear him say …. That Lear is the Amalake.  

On another note ….  My latest blog on RayEL, RA-EL, Raymond Lear, you state that I am lying and that my credibility is an issue because of Alex Leach’s testimony and you also INTIMATE that I will be deleting blogs ? 

This is a desperate attempt by you NOT TO ANSWER QUESTION to redirect.  

I will not delete any of my blogs off my website.   This was a sworn testimony by Alex Leach, and I personally made contact with him October 2015.   At that time he stated that his interview with Donnon Russell was true. 

I have also posted his rebuttal, so folks can make a sense of both accounts given and It’s up to the reader to form judgement. 

Now does the story about Leach affect judgment and credibility of what I write?      YES.   

  1. It highlights the actual mindset of your followers
  2. It demonstrates what happens to people whom leave the cult.  
  3. It shows how past members are treated by both The EOC and what you deem “trolls”
  4. Demonstrates that The writer will not cover anything up, the easy option would have been TO IGNORE Leach’s meth addiction and the rebuking of his earlier testimony and to delete his earlier testimony.     But to give a balanced story I shared  his rebuttal as this is His-Story and it was obviously important to him.   
  5. Proof that I will not hide anything, unlike RAYMOND LEAR / ANGELUS DOMINI.    
  6. Alex’s Leach testimony links with testimonies given By Former Priestess Elaine Eliott.  Remember that  Ex-Deacon Don Scott has intimated that 16 Sacrifices had taken place.   

These are your ex-clergy talking not me. Their accounts and voices not mine.  

Regarding evidence in my article exposing Raymond Lear to be a fake messiah.  I would suggest you read the article, gather the evidence to refute before spouting off your regurgitated 5 year old dribble which has BEEN DEBUNKED.  

UFO, MOON, TORAH, Mason, Guardian Angel, Politician, kidnap, all built on a lie which I have exposed. 

If anybody would like to see the full listing of members of the Masonic lodge and their appointments I would be more than happy to send the PDF. YOU will see quite clearly that Ray Lear was not a 32 degree mason. In fact, EOC  – what evidence have you got to SHOW that RAYMOND LEAR was ? That he was black balled ? 

Regarding Guardian Angels.    Provide the dates when he was ‘commander and which chapter’. Regarding the strategically placed newspaper articles I have mentioned which are out of focus – Provide the dates and publications so verification can be made ! 

Whilst we are on about the past.   Provide the name of the Naval programme and contact to confirm whether or not he did spearhead a project to get kids off the street.  

Politics – The Campaign video was 2009/10 distributed from Richard Ruffs you tube channel. I found a link to the original video on a newsletter LLP, but unfortunately that YOU TUBE link is broken now, but it would be really interesting to exactly see this before the EOC put their spin on it. Raymond Lear will still have access to this – let’s see it ! 

Why would you BLANTENTLY  deceive people regarding this ? 

You state your campaign video shows evidence, okay.   What evidence ? What does this video actually give evidence of and for? Let’s be critical about this. You want dialogue, I will give you dialogue.  The Dates of newspaper articles and publications are required for verification. (Pre 2002 campaign and Oprah was 82′ ) Two separate campaigns used for spin.   Why ! 

  • In respect of political career – 2002 failed.   
  • Haney’s kidnap was 2003. Two separate dates and incidents.  
  • 2006 kidnap again 
  • 2009/10 libertarian campaign – FAIL.  
  • So explain how he was fitted up by powers that be !  When was this supposed to be ? 

So Where would you like to start 

Oh I know. Family tree would be first point. What did the EOC say ….. Related to Joseph Smith and also of Davidic Bloodline.   

Why did Ruth-Howard Lear register the websites:-

  •  LEREAL 
  • RA-EL.org
  • Rayelisreal.com

For starters …. Prove it.  Ba’ll in your court 😳
Twiggie Truth,2016