Clergy Arrive in Israel and run a 12 month advert in FREE ADS Israel FREE ADS Jerusalem placed 17 April until 17 April 2017.  

Art by James Gray

This advert is highly amusing as you can see from its contents.  Welcome to Mainstream … We better not mention Raymond Lear is the Messiah ! 

THE KEY WORDS The coming of Messiah ! 

Now hold on a sec … The same Ecumenical Order of Christ have been pushing since 2011 that he’s here, that the messiah is Raymond Lear.  

More deception exposed ! The reason why orders for the whole world and clergy were to arrive in Israel for Purim 2016 was to see Lord RayEL acknowledged as the Moshiach.   Well we know how that turned out ! Epic fail.  

So why 

1. Does the advert omit that the messiah is here already !  

2. That the messiah is Raymond Lear.  

3. and The advert being run for a year ! 

I will tell you why !  This advert demonstrates that The clergy fully well know that Raymond Lear is a charlatan otherwise they would be shouting from the roof tops and not placing end times sermons lectures in FREE ADS ! And forgetting to mention his name.  The add was placed by 

And here is the link …

Twiggie Truth, 2016