I was going to give the Clergy of Lord RayEL the benefit of doubt when I saw on their MikDash HaMoshiach (Temple of the Messiah) new website that they have set up a charity page.

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As a Charity worker myself, money gifted to charities is given on the assumption that the money is going to good causes, and to help make a better life for the world’s neediest.  Charities rely on the charitable nature of others and for the majority of charities; their work is genuine, commendable and indispensable.

Unfortunately charity fraud, while uncommon, does exist. This runs side by side with False testimonials.

As we know, there have been reports of ‘fabricated’ healings and financial miracles which have been broadcasted in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL in order to induce donors to give money by way of ‘tithes’.   The Congregation should sit up and Resist threats of divine retaliation. Many times, The Clergy  will feature a cautionary tale of someone who fared poorly because they did not give to them, highlighted by the Christmas tithing Scandal where for near on a month ‘Alan Douglas (Angelus Domini – Raymond Lear) whinged constantly and damned all those who did not tithe.

So, having looked at the finer details on the MikDash Hamoshiach website alarm bells started to ring.  The lack of information in respect of the charities listed is appalling, okay, given, there are a few press articles but to be honest with you that means didly-squat when you have already a reputation for lying and scamming people.  I am also taking into consideration the plethora of ‘Go Fund Me’ requests from the email address connected with this Charity.

This ‘Charity Page’ for all intent and purposes in my opinion, is to fund the clergy residing in Israel.  

A close source has revealed that not only are the clergy jobless but living on borrowed time before they all get kicked out.  One young member, who travelled out on a 90 day stay … has stated that they will have to kick him out before he leaves.

So, you may ask yourself why all the fuss,? so what if they have a charity page?

Well looking at the Charity Page it revealed :-


Food boxes, clothing donations, furniture, bed, bedding, heat relief (fans), Autism Carers, Feed a baby Fund, Emergency Fund and Widows Fund.

Art by James Gray
Reacquaint yourself, Remember the instructions Kelly Patrick gave to fellow Clergy who were travelling to Israel.

“No excess electronics … Household goods anything that implies that this is more than a visit” 

Furthermore the property leased as the ‘Temple of the Messiah’ and registered as a NPO in the old town in Jerusalem was unfurnished. With respect to this NPO. The Clergy may of thought that they were all above board when registering, but again, it’s the finer details.  These reveal that the Designation  as a non-profit does not mean that the organisation does not intend to make a profit, but rather that the organisation has no ‘owners’ and that the funds realised in the operation of the organisation  will not be used to benefit any owners.

So who do they exactly benefit? Ask yourself and then look at the list again!


The writer called MikDash HaMoshiach via the number supplied on their new website in respect of these Charities listed, specifically of interest is their charitable contacts within Israel.

The number given on their new website is dead … However, the donate button works !


What Emergency Situations , could this be when the Annunaki Evade or when Nibiru Crashes into Earth?

What Fan Cooling Cause ?

Art by James Gray

Of particular interest is the mention of Charity work for Autism, Feed a baby and Widows.

Art by James Gray

I made contact with  Yad Eliezer which is Israel’s Largest Poverty Relief Agency and asked whether anybody from MikDash HaMoshiach had made contact as they specialise in helping families cope with financial difficulties and to empower them to break through the cycle of poverty and achieve self-sufficiency and guess what., they have not heard anything from this ‘NPO’.

I have made contact with them and they have not heard anything from MikDash HaMoshiach.



This is a new low for the clergy if they are scamming for their own benefit it is deceitful, unlawful and immoral.

TwiggieTruth, 2016
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