The ‘mighty’ Facebook God Lord RayEL remains silent and obviously still in hiding. His generals Alan Douglas and Richard Ruff are scrabbling about in their “Facebook Power House” losing credibility and desperately looking more pathetic by the hour.

Art by James Gray

According to tweets by Richard Ruff on Thursday Evening.   (16/06/16)  The Sanctuary Israel Clergy were “Arrested” then “Detained” There was a Facebook blackout regarding this alleged incident Friday 17th.

The Exposed Team contacted close family members as disgracefully Prime Cleric Richard Ruff and Imperial Regent Alan Douglas failed to inform them and as you can imagine they were incredibly worried and concerned. 19 year old Samuel Greniers family had no idea that Samuel had been “arrested” then “detained”.  Furthermore, Samuels parents have been blocked by senior Clergy.

Imperial Regent Alan Douglas released the following statement Saturday 18th (Two days) after the Clergy’s detainment in Facebook International Congregation of Lord RayEL :-


“You may have already heard the rumours, or watched the anti-RayEl trolls wet themselves with glee, but the real story is that the members of Sanctuary in Israel were all arrested WITHOUT CHARGES, in a late-night raid… And though the trolls see it as a victory for them, it is the exact opposite…. 

Just as it was 2000 years ago, Our Lord and his Apostles are fighting the power structure of the Pharisees (today’s Orthodox Rabbis); the most troubling of the Pharisees is Caiaphas (the Bible Code has identified Orthodox Rabbi Glazerson as Caiaphas), who was/is raging against Our Lord.

This led to a late-night armed raid upon the Apostles on Thursday evening 2000 years ago… JUST THE SAME WAY IT HAPPENED THURSDAY EVENING OF THIS WEEK, both times to prevent justice from being served over the weekend, and just like then, the Apostles were offered freedom if they abandoned their mission and ran away… This time, the Apostles stood firm… And because of their bravery, they were arrested….

Let me make this crystal clear to everyone reading this… THE SANCTUARY WAS NOT ENGAGED IN ANY ILLEGAL ACTIVITY, that is why NONE of the team were charged with any crime, and there was NO WARRANT to raid the facility, this was a religious persecution attack, and they were told at gunpoint ‘LEAVE THE COUNTRY OR BE ARRESTED!’… You are watching a point by point repeat of history”.

‘Free the 15’Meme was created by Ruff with lack of Identification.

The lack of identification is astounding.

A picture of the clergy “detained” was circulated in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL and twitter.

MikDash Hamoshiach was the NPO. Sanctuary Israel.

Then … wait for it … A crowd funding page was set up and Ruffs email address was given for donations.

Astonishingly, the Crowd Funding Page didn’t work!

Prime Cleric Richard Ruff otherwise known as Moses is totally implicit in their “arrest and detainment”.    He ordered the Clergy to go to Israel in the first instance, not only by his inane fake fortune telling Bible Codes but also reiterated to those who went, that if they didn’t follow Kelly Patrick’s instructions they would be deported.  Hilarity …. according to a source, Deacon Mikey Harr gave the Baja Clergy Baja $30000 to get to Israel for Purim to usher Lord RayEL in as the Messiah – but as we know, Raymond Lear welched out of the deal, making a no-show. This is because, Raymond Elwood Howard Lear cannot leave the United States as he has a several warrants for his arrest! Furthermore, Prime Cleric Richard Ruff, Torah Code Extraordinaire, informed his clergy that he could not go after months of raising money by way of tithes… “because the Lord had a Diplomatic Mission for him”.  Consequently, Richard Ruff last week posed and posted on his public Facebook page that he had changed jobs now working nights instead of days.   It was quite apparent that he had no intention of travelling to Israel.

As previously exposed in an earlier blog instructions on how to achieve entering Israel “under false pretences” were posted in the Secret Facebook Page called ‘The Clergy Room’ by Vicar General Kelly Patrick and were given to us by a former priestess. This information was passed onto Israeli Authorities. You can read about this via :-

Following the statement made The Clergy have insisted that the “detained” have done nothing wrong.   If you have been carefully following the Cults actions since arriving in Israel, you will know that this statement is inaccurate. There has been a plethora of veiled threats.

Since their arrival :-

1. Publically threatened Rabbi Glazerson via Facebook and then continued hounding him via various social media outlets.

Lord RayELS Clergy Decieve Rabbi Glazerson


Public Videos posted by Samantha Kennedy threatening Rabbi Glazerson


Video taken taken By Clark Issac and posted in Secret Facebook Clergy Group Exposed showing Anti-Semetic attitudes towards Rabbis and Rabbi Glazerson


2. Stalked Rabbi Glazerson.
3. Photographed Rabbis in Synagogues

4. Call to Arms for all Knights to Report to Israel.  This via posts and tweets and reiterated by Bible Codes.

5. CJ Isaac made a post called Consent or Conquest and posed for a photie with Cult members outside the Synagogue.   Shared by Alan Douglas in the Congregation.

Threats were made to Israel, to the state of Israel, support for Isis and anybody who will conqueror Israel.

Basically, the Clergy have been ‘hung out to dry’ abandoned by Richard Ruff, Alan Douglas  aka Ray Lear who are now attempting a crowd fund me, mentioned above that doesn’t work.

Former Priestess Elaine Elliot states

They are being thrown out of Israel if they have violated the 90 day rule or gained entry illegally. Kelly illegally brought animals in and that usually involves a healthy fine . This was all done intentionally and it is documented in comments by Kelly Patrick telling others how to illegally stay beyond the 90 days. She is in big trouble . so is Joe Monte and anyone else beyond or nearing 90 days. I am not forgetting Angelus Domini

call for a hostile takeover of an existing church in TJ . If that is not the word of a dangerous leader and cult then I do not know what is ! These people are a danger to the security of Israel. They should be escorted out of the country if not imprisoned”

According to Deacon Mikey Harr who funded this delusional trip …

This is a horrendous abuse of TRUTH.  In another post he stated that they will be in court on Monday.  How does he know this, if there had been a ‘blackout’ on communication?

He went further on to say ..

“donations will be used for any legal expenses that might be incurred to help get Sanctuary Team released. This is your chance to shine brightly for Lord RayEl and his Chosen Apostles”

Powerless and useless, no guidance given.   This was a foolish crusade and will end in tears.  However, Ruff is just thinking about himself … MR me me me Moses! 

A baseless bible code

Then poisonous Alan Douglas issued …

How utterly ridiculous, inflammatory rhetoric, there is no remorse shown for the plight of the clergy who are detained in Israel.

Shockingly, the status quo has now changed …

Now Lord RayEL needs YOUR HELP, are you surprised that there was No contingency plan? 

This is tragically amusing, he asks for people to contact their embassies / politicians / news agencies but fails to INFORM FAMILY MEMBERS in first instance and waits 2 DAYS before informing Congregation.

I have an idea for the ‘Raytards‘ Shape a campaign and post on BEFORE ITS NEWS.

Where is the Annunaki  Fleet ? They should get RayEL to channel them  and ask them to arrive and save his  Apostles!

Sadly, I doubt many folks will tithe to help them and honestly who could blame folks.   The clergy are rude, self-serving, liars, cocky, frauds and generally nasty.

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Twiggie Truth, 2016