If you have been following the latest antics in the International Congregation of Lord RayEL, it was reported by Prime Cleric, Richard Ruff and Imperial Regent Alan Douglas (Angelus Domini / Angelo Domini / Raymond Lear) that a branch of the Cult who were residing in Israel were arrested by Gunpoint on the 16th June 2016 and this was all in accordance with ‘Prophecy and Torah Codes’.

Details of these arrests were sketchy at best.

Now that the prophecy mumbo-jumbo has been identified, cast your minds back to why the Cult was actually in Israel.  It all boiled down to a ‘Prophecy’ revealed in Torah Codes produced by their Prime Cleric Richard Ruff (who believes himself to be the reincarnated Moses) categorically stating that The Messiah would be revealed in Israel during Purim – this being Raymond Lear.

Did he turn up ? NO! This too was utter nonsense! 

Art by James Gray

Why? Because he is NOT JESUS CHRIST RETURNED in addition he’s actually been missing since 2011! And if we are to believe what the Ecumenical Order of Christ states he was fitted up by corrupt police officers in the City of Chicago and the American Government.

Outstanding Warrants for his Arrest.

So Conflicting arguments were reported within the online Facebook Congregation and within hours “Trolls” were implicated as the Primary reason, the writer being number one.   I must point out who these trolls are according to The Apostolate …

Add also all those whom speak out against the Facebook Congregation.  Whether, this be on social media platforms or alternative  news websites.  (this is where they peddle their bizarre stories).   These ‘trolls’ are many voices, they consist of  friends, families, loved ones, ex-cult members and observers who can see through their lies and above all question.

When I write, the collective feelings and emotions of the aforementioned are at the forefront of my mind.  The information which is contained within this blog False Prophets Exposed has been carefully gathered over the last twelve months.  I work with a team of dedicated people, who care and support those who have been able to leave behind this awful Cult and its practices.  Little, does anybody know, how much support is given behind the scenes of the ‘online world’.

Raymond Elwood Howard Lear believes he is GOD, RayEL.

An Annunaki from Planet Nibiru. Previously, he was Enlil, Jesus, King Arthur and now Raymond Lear. 

That is a ‘belief’, this ‘myth’ has been disseminated by him through an alias, namely Angelus Domini, since 2011, who now goes by the name of Alan Douglas,  Angelo Domini on Facebook.  I am covering old ground here, but for any new reader, I would urge you to read this link.   This link is a comprehensive detailed account of the Myth surrounding RayEL.  It is also a collection of articles posted by dozens of ‘voices’ over the last 5 years. What the Ecumenical Order of Christ has told YOU during this period is basically excrement, and this document comprehensibly shatters that Myth.


At the time of writing, no one has confirmed whether charges were filed.  We know only from the Congregation that they were ‘arrested and detained’.  We do not know why or what circumstances were behind the arrest as no one has provided that information from a reputable source.

What we do know is thus…

The propaganda machine has been whipped up into a frenzy.

The blogger has been blamed for passing on false information to the FBI / Interpol and Israeli Authorities.  This is a public screenshot of the accusation.

Public Posting

The last sentence of this PUBLIC post accuses the writer of getting someone’s sister to write to the agencies about  a ‘suicide scare’.   This is UTTER NONSENSE and the writer would like to be informed who this actually is.  Moreover, if indeed a Sister has made contact with various agencies I would concur that it was obviously out of concern and not a malicious act and THANKFULLY they can now be reunited with their loved one.  Only a ‘Raytard’ could turn this around and make it look cheap and nasty and state:-

 “only the U.S. and Israel know the full story, and obviously see us as the threat we are”.    


As regards to an article about an alledged sacrifice this was made by Alex Leach, an ex-cult member.  His testimony and a later redaction were posted in the public domain and were blogged here.  Both concern this Cult.

* Lord RayEL – X-cult member Blood Moon Sacrifice

* Lord RayEL – Blood Sacrifice didn’t happen because I was on Meth – Alex Leach

The ‘False Accusations’ which the Clergy blame ‘Trolls’ were nothing more than screenshots of their own ‘public’ conversations and videos threatening the State of Israel.

This is an example of pure stupidity, Alan Douglas (Raymond Lear)  ordering his Clergy not to enter the United States.

What are they hiding?

HOW STUPID ! Why is Raymond Lear telling people not to go to the U.S.?

I rest my case.

Apparently, according to the cult I am now being threatened with Court Action for exposing THE CON.  I say bring it on … I will see Ray materialise in Court AND WATCH MY BACK ! 

Twiggie Truth, 2016 and Lord RayEL Exposed Team

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