This is the transcript of a video uploaded by Samantha Kennedy Archbishop of The Ecumenical Order of Christ.   Imperial Regent Alan Douglas has stated that the Cult was arrested and detained (False Imprisoned) and that this is all in accordance with prophecy.   He has also stated that this was a joint exercise by FBI / Interpol & Israeli Authorities as a family member reported that they were going to commit mass suicide.

False Detention by Israel Police and Immigration 16th June part 1 & 2

Uploaded on You Tube 25-06-2016

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It should be noted, that the transcript is not in its entirety because of conversations which were muted.

SK Right we are on the bus being taken back to the Airport, we have asked to be returned they have refused.   This is a recording. 17th June

 Can hear cats mewing. There is a conversation, however, this is muted.

Male ? Okay, okay, its gonna be okay.
KP Yeah, has everybody got the phone number, hang onto it with dear lives
Dr Yorah Fay is a Human Rights Attorney, you have a right to be released right now and demand to stay under refugee status, contact …………..
 KP You have a right to a Hearing, claim political asylum based on religious persecution and in fact you have been detained or possibly arrested illegally it is proof and evidence that you’re suffering from religious persecution because there is no justifiable cause

More talking ……….

KP (8.03) Nobody recognises us – we are Rayelites , we are not with any mainstream, so if you tell them what we are, they will look at you with like with two heads, or they automatically think the worst because of whats on the internet.
Female ? What do we say then, whats the best thing to say?
KP That you are a Rayelite
Clark Hey Jo, how far is your Legal Representation away from here
? We have to call
? He said something about meeting us in the morning
Clark At the immigration office
KP We are not to go into the airport
SK What if we are dragged in there
Clark What about the immigration office
KP Not even, The Immigration Office is inside the Airport, you cannot go into the airport or you will lose your rights, they work for them, not us.
? Okay, so is that not where we are now, or the edge of that building?
KP Im not entering that building, they can come out and talk to me
Clark Okay
KP Stand your ground,

More talking

Clark This is pretty much what happened outside the gate and forced us to enter, but I propose that we do the same thing.
KP Tell them the name of your Human Rights Attorney Dr Yoran Fay and the phone number
Clark Go ahead and send a message along right now
KP He is aware that we are being held and detained


? Wonder what’s going on
KP They did not give us any justifiable cause whatsoever, that is proof right there that we are undergoing religious persecution. There is some idiot out there that have formed an opinion about us and that is why they didn’t tell us clearly why they are taking ….



Selena Somebody actually asked, why are you doing this, why are you doing this., and they wouldn’t tell me
Female ? ………………….. Why are you here,
KP Huh
Female ? The one guy, why you are here, and he said oh I don’t know, why are you here. ……. Playing games
? They are probably making calls right now
SS They can call all they want …….
Policeman Can you come out and take your bags
? Okay, what he say
KP Are you releasing us?
Policeman Yes, while I am here, get your bag follow
KP You’re not releasing us
Several voices No,
Clark We are under arrest if we do not consent, so I propose that we go that path
? But why are we here?
Lots of voices KP – We don’t even know why we are here
Policeman You are not arrested
Clark So we are not under arrest
Policeman Right now, no. Now sit down and I will speak to all of the group
Clark  I remember sit down but
? It doesn’t matter just hear me, guys this is an immigration facility. Could you please shut it off?
SK I have the right to keep it on
Policeman No, not here right now
SK I have the right to keep it on Sir
KP If you are confident in our rights,
Policeman Sorry, we have to go now

More voices … then thank you (lady)

Guard If you are closed, I will continue to speak
Clark You wanna join us in here
? Taking
? (Lady) Will a taxi come and pick us up from this place
? Here, have a seat brother
 TC ………. These passports as well cause if they have a right to hold them
KP We don’t even know why we are being held and that’s why we are
Male Am I under arrest?
KP Okay You know that is illegal for our claiming Refugee Status
KP Clark you need to demand your Refugee Status
Policeman Other people here come down please
? Can you please first tell us why we are here
KP Can you call us a cab because we are being held and detained Illegally and you know it   The ones who have conspired these ….
Policeman I will explain everything
 KP They should of explained to us you know that is right   You know that it is human rights attorney is going to be making a court case of it.  The UN will back us up , we know our rights
SK You should of said at the police station
Policeman Please come down
SK You should of said at the police station
KP What
SK As things were altered each time
KP They should of released us or took us back
SK As soon as our solicitor left, you did this.
Police lady If you do not want to make this worse, just go down

VOICES – (lady – I didn’t do anything)

KP (Raised Voice) Why am I here,   Why am I here
Policeman The Investigator will tell you okay
TC …………. Can I ask you a question, why are we here
Police lady Look, they just want to ask you some questions and then you are going back
SK We were asked that before, we were told that we were going to the station and answer a few questions and then back and then we ended
Police lady This is the station
SK Yes, but you have taken us all the way to Tel Aviv
Police lady You are at the airport
SK Exactly
Police lady You are at the airport
SK We have actually got visa status that hasn’t even expired yet
Police lady Okay, we are going to ask you some questions and you are going back
KP Going back to where we came from
Police lady You are at the airport, you are okay
KP We won’t go inside the building, we do not know where we are at, that is not right.
Lady Guard You are at the airport, the airport
KP Then we are not going in
Policeman Come with me
Police lady Police station, this is police station, in Israel this is a police station and you must go there
SK A flask of some sort
KP When are we going back, I have a question about that
Police lady Speaking ….
SK When are we going back to the place we were staying
KP I am going back where?
? Jerusalem
KP How am I going back, that is my question, if my bags are going off, how am I going back?
Police lady You are at the airport now, you just ask questions and then you are going back, we told you
KP Why we not informed on the way here, it’s not okay, we do have rights, you have illegally detained
Police lady You have rights in the police station,
SK We are actually here illegally under your custody
Police lady You Need to get out

You need to get out

KP When the pathway is clear, we can get out


Policeman We don’t want to use force
KP Have you already recorded that we are being forced
SK Yeah I am recording it, it’s all illegal
Police lady It’s not illegal, we are cops
? Male Can you tell us why we are here?
KP We know our rights
Police lady They are going to ask you some questions then you are going back where you come

Lots of voices

SK Are you saying back to our countries
SS You are illegally deporting us
Male ? We want to go back to Jerusalem
KP This is religious persecution
Police lady You are going back
KP You took us illegally is proof that we are suffering religious persecution
Policeman Okay, enough with the talking , please go out



SK Just to make sure that everybody knows that we will make it as clear as mustard that apparently we are under arrest, every single one of us


All because they wanted to rush us etc etc we would not take ah. The law seriously even though they are supposed to be coppers and it is total prejudice  Its just victimisation, anti Semitic

KP May as well upload it
SK Anti Semitic behaviour


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