Publication: maariv

Date: 22 June 2016

This article was posted by Prime Cleric Richard Ruff of the Facebook CULT The International Congregation of Lord RayEL.

According to ‘Imperial Regent’ (Alan Douglas, Angelus Domini, Angelo Domini, Ray Lear) , the cult that were residing in Israel were reported by a family member to three agencies (FBI / Interpol and The Israeli Authorities) as the family member feared that the sect in Israel were proposing to commit suicide.

This article headline …

“Members of a Christian sect had planned mass suicide”

Raymond Lear who goes by the name. ‘Lord RayEL’ whom it is believed that he is a The Returned Christ / MOSHIACH failed to materialise following various prophecies and promises made by those whom arrived in Israel for Purim 2016 and Prime Cleric Richard Ruff.

The Facebook cult have since been deported from Israel.

At the time of writing this blog, I have not been able to ascertain that in fact, the article is legit. is the only newspaper in Israel not to translate into English.

One thing, that does strike me regarding this article is that Prime Cleric Richard Ruff stated…

Look particularly at the red writing

Posted publically in Facebook Group International Congregation of Lord RayEL

Does this strike you that it doesn’t actually match ?

Something else strikes me regarding this article – 15 according to ‘Imperial Regent’ Ålan Douglas were arrested, however, the news article mentions 11.

Twiggie Truth, 2016


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