Finally some TRUTH posted by Richard Ruff (Moses)? 


This would totally makes sense.    Last time Raymond Lear addressed his SUBJECTS was via You Tube (Not a live performance or a live visual – just the boring blurred signature picture and a garbled message threatening mankind for not believing in the sack of shit) and as you know you cannot take things at face value so this could be any Tom, Dick or Harry, we only have the word of the EOC and we know from research that they do not completely tell the truths. 

So when was this, hmmmm .. It’s got to be a couple of years.   Former Senior Deacon Don Scott in his testimony stated that Clark Isaac was a voice for RAYEL.  In the early years, the silly English accent was apparently Lear as he was  King Arthur in a previous reincarnation (giggle) then apparently a Knight also was the voice.  So … this really puts the cats amongst the pigeons as far as the legitimacy of the Videos.   If you do listen to them ..  in order, as instructed by the EOC you will hear a distinct change in accent and dialect.  

Anyhow,  RAYEL believes he’s the returned Jesus, so why does / did he hide away ? (Of course there is that whole outstanding warrant issue  that doesn’t exactly help matters) but saying that, he could just ‘man up’ and deal with it.   

Over the last FIVE years there has been countless promises that Ray would be announced as the MOSHIACH and is the Messiah all of which have ended in failure.   Purim was the latest epic! But hey, if he’s the real deal why hide, Why not face up to his followers, build a new world etc… 

400+ Torah codes atrributed to him being the Messiah apparently … All the prophecies about him being announced failed to materialise.   Then, early in July 2016 Ruff posted a code that says RA-EL Dead.    

The only person who would know is apparently Alan Douglas/Angelus Domini as he is the only one with him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week blah blah blah.   The name Angelus Domini and the account which was used on FB was traced back to Lear.  This has been established and documented.  One excuse given for this was that Lear created this persona (an email address years ago before he was fused with the Annunki) like yeah… Hilarious.  

But, with respect to the Facebook persona Alan Douglas – this profile was created in the summer of 2015.  No longer was Angelus Domini / Lear posting.  The mystery of Angelus Domini’s name/identity change was never addressed by ICOLR.  Veterans have noticed the change in language used and also the constant plea for tithes.   Not only that, but with Angelus / Lear there was an element of intelligence, a calculating menace, Alan Douglas is a lightweight baffoon in comparison.  

It’s rather amusing that in a recent blog published I did mention the RA-EL Dead BIBLE code and proposed that this is why Raymond Lear didn’t turn up for Purim and why Richard Ruff also didn’t make the trip to Israel.  This could be why the cult felt the reason to commit sucicide.  Consequently, all hell let loose in the Congregation.  

Whether that physical or spiritually.  

This also would explain the sudden change in direction, earlier in the year, the very mention of Lear was removed from the Sanctuary website, then reinstated in March prior to the promise that Lear would materialise in Israel.  The Ecumenical Order of Christ have created reincarnated personalities (Moses, John The Apostle) preaching from the bible and dressing as Jesuit priests.   Their very essence is going against everything that Lear stood for.  Without their leader they have splintered and are nothing.  

Nobody has seen Raymond Lear / Angelus Domini and nobody has seen Alan Douglas either.  We live in the age of the ‘Selfie’ oh here’s an idea a selfie of both of them together in their crib would be just perfect or individual shots 😂

Only way to prove he isn’t DEAD is to materialise 😂

Twiggie, David Johnson and Cult Reaper Carter David, 2016.