Further to the Cult being detained on 16/6/16 and then subsequently being deported from Israel, pictures have surfaced in the Facebook International Congregation of Lord RayEL that members of that Cult are now in Russia.   

The Cult were deported in June 2016 following a Bishops concerned family member making contact with authorities that the cult in Israel were going to commit mass suicide.  Now … Back in their countries of origin, foundations have been relaid and according  Bishop Selena they are now requesting donations for the only operating Sanctuary (communal church). By the looks of this, they require donations for an Exodus AGAIN from Babylon (US) to Baja and from Baja to ? 

Only a week ago Alan Doulglas (aka Raymond Lear) was informing the congregation that the world is going to end on 29th/30th July.  However, they are asking for donations 😂

So Is the cult now, thinking of laying down foundations in Russia ? 

First pictures posted from Russia 25th July 2016 

Dated 25 July 2016
Smiling from ear to ear …
With a fresh addition, the lovely intelligent researcher, Flower has replaced scowling and serial liar Vicar General Kelly Patrick.  However, they are dressed as Priests.  This is some costume change.  New uniforms.  New Direction. 

According to ‘Imperial Regent’ Alan Douglas 

This Quatrian was foretold on 11 August 1999. The Hermes mentioned is Hermes Trismegistus, otherwise known as the Egyptian God Thoth, author of many mystical works.    A new spiritual leader or Messiah, to follow on from Jesus Christ and would appear in the EAST.  Elsewhere Nostradamus mentioned that he would be born when the sun is blocked out.  Thus being 11 August 1999 and 27 Years later he will come into his own  and be instrumental in bringing an end to the long ending global conflict which started around his birth.  (2026)     Angelus is barking up the wrong tree here and has sent ‘clergy’ on a fool’s errand and In doing so ….  They have dispensed with individuality, now they blend in with ‘mainstream’ the very institutions for years they have despised and mocked, demonstrated  by the following, posted by ‘Clergy’.

Picture: James Gray

The ever changing doctrine, costumes and the girl.  

First they were Luciferians, then Christian, then Muslims, then Jews, now Christians or is that Catholics or Jesuits  ? WHO KNOWS ! 

Israel 2016 

Casual dress, men sporting Yamacules / kippah.  Vicar General Kelly Patrick sports the snood. 

Not one month has passed by the looks of it they appear to have jumped faiths Since deportation from Israel.  

looksey … They are wearing Jewish skull caps.

Recap … Cult failed miserably in Israel. 

  • Planned Mass suicide (reported, deported) They were deported besides they had violated the rules in Israel . When the family member reported that they were planning a mass suicide all of the authorities had every right to check them out and they did exactly that. Alan Douglas Aka Angelus Domini Aka Raymond Lear has milked this … Blaming Feds and corrupt governments for his own lame-assed agenda.   
  • Kelly Patrick and Selena were the last to leave Israel.  False Prophets Exposed source said that this is because Kelly had her reputation to protect – how furking ridiculous !  
  • RayEL and his Annunaki fleet failed to save the cult when detained.  

    A month ago they were Jews.  

    Following deportation.  

    NOW THEY are PRIESTS of some kind … 

    Pure comedy … 

    Ray (Alan Douglas) was rather sloppy and posted a clue … 

    Ray posted on Twitter.  

    Comedy aside …

    Seriously, Russia ? 

    The Raytards will be in good company if they plan to set up Shop.  Currently there are over 4000 weird religious cults operating within Russia. Ray has some stiff competition though. One of the only problems they may have is that they are American. (that’s if they are setting up base). 

    Competition is fierce …

    1. Vlad Sobolev the reincarnated Confucius.  This is a neopagan Confucianism cult.  Similar in doctrine, however this plump chappy interacts with his sheeple and has an Eco-village in Siberia. 
    2. A Demon exorcism cult Ark of Rescue is in Russia
    3. Konstantin Rudnov of Ashram Shambala claims as RayEL does that he is an alien God.
    4. Primorye Partisans have a small arsenal and have killed some cops.
    5. There is even a cult in Russia that worships Gadget from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. (90s ABC Disney Cartoon).  

    Russia is a Cult Wonderland, something for every taste, similar to Baja, Mexico and cheap as chips.  So this playground is perfect for the Raytards.  But … They must be wary, earlier in July, Russian president Vladimir Putin approved a package of anti-terrorism laws that usher in tighter restrictions on missionary activity and evangelism.   Despite, prayers and protests from religious leaders and human rights advocates, the Kremlin announced Putin’s approval. The amendments, including laws against sharing faith in homes, online, or anywhere but recognised church buildings, go into effect July 20.  

    As you may recall … When the cult was detained in Israel and when they were being transported to the airport, they did nothing but complain that their human rights were being violated.  They even employed a Human Rights Lawyer.  So whether Russia will be loving towards the Raytards we will just have to see.

    To share their faith, CITIZENS must secure a government permit through a REGISTERED religious ORGANISATION, and they cannot evangelise anywhere besides churches and other religious sites. The restrictions even apply to activity in private residences and online.

    Russia will not stand for the type of behaviour which was witnessed in Israel.   

    Twiggie Truth & James Ackerson 


    Russia’s Newest Laws – No evangelising outside of church 

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