Well if you put ‘yourself’ out there in a public domain you will be criticised.  

If members for your crackpot cargo cult use websites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc to spread your messages of indoctrinated poop , however bonkers they might be you are posting in the ‘public’ domain.  That’s a choice which Social media facilitates through a virtual form of interaction. The term ‘virtual’ is used to describe things that are not real, but which take on the important qualities of the real. The not ‘real’ aspect here … Is promulgating Raymond Lear as the Returned Christ and damning those whom do not believe this bullshit.  

So … If you post publically on a matter on Social Media platforms spreading lies you are fair game for criticism.    If you then try and make a living out of those very lies …. You also are fair game.   If you make documentaries and set up a TV Network and post publically you are open to criticism, whether that be good or bad.  The Ecumenical order of Christ is a group who cling to marginal (non-mainstream) beliefs and a theory that often displays some features of malady, as a way of explaining why their views are not more widespread. When challenged they scream RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION.  

What is the primary reason to post publically ? You want to be heard!  So on social media and online comment boards, opinions can be mixed. Within the PUBLIC online Facebook International Congregation of Lord RAYEL any dissent from that posted via ‘clergy’ you are deemed a troll.  Now this term is featured rather frequently by members of the clergy.  In that space a member of clergy and their values is gods word.   That doesn’t happen in the real world.   Nothing brings a cult together quite like an army of perceived enemies and persecutors, hence now these dimwits are crying.  

Cardinal Kelly Patrick has her knickers in a twist because she believes that she is being stalked.  She heads up a social media cult led by her, ‘Imperial’ Regent Alan Douglas (aka Angelus Domini /Raymond Lear) and Prime Cleric Richard Ruff  who believes he’s Moses (now come on). They claim to have special knowledge for using social media in this way to spread the news about some two bit failed politician who is a convicted criminal, wanted by the State of Indiana who is an annunaki half breed GOD !   These leaders gather ‘thousands’ of followers who hang on ever word these leaders say. However what they do say … Is the problem.  

So these righteous bunch of lunatics are now trying to defame all those whom are challenging their so called ‘doctrines’ and this is just plain nasty.   

Carter Davis referred to here is former Nuncio.   False Prophets Exposed asked for a response to this accusation.   

Ms Apolinario, I was a Bishop, the Global Apostolic Nuncio the revealed “brother” of Enlil and best buddy of Merlin (Angelus/Lear version 3) the sad fact is that I know more about these twits than you EVER will. I was also Richard Ruffs (buddy), who came CRAWLING to me when the Prime Cleric resigned begging me to persuade her to take the job back as he did not want it. You want to know something REALLY funny? He only unfriended my wife on Facebook THIS morning (July 27, 2016).

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, if you post publically you are open to criticism. Yes ? 

This is rather worrying how can a stalker molest over the Internet ? 

As for the Defamation …. 

Notice that the blogger and Richard Shaw were highlighted here by Bishop Selena and Cardinal Kelly.  Both Richard Shaw and I have published about Lord RAYEL being a False Prophet.  Defamation is not illegal If it’s the TRUTH!  

It is rather obvious that Kelly is clutching at straws and the whole Israeli debacle has been too much for Her and now believes she is some kind of VICTIM.    But let’s not forget it was HER instructions that told members of the Clergy how to enter Israel ILLEGALLY.  IT WAS HER in front of the Camera slagging off Rabbis, it was her Apostolic Nuncio Clark Issac stalking Rabbis GLAZERSON.    It was her crying Religious Persecution in the back of a van when they were in the process of being deported and stating “Nobody recognises us – we are RayElites, we are not with any mainstream, so if you tell them what we are, they will look at you like with two heads, or they automatically think the worst because what’s on the Internet”  and bleating religious persecution and telling Clark Issac to state that they are refugees !!!

Now of course Cardinal Kelly gets her ideas from the source of all knowledge Alan Douglas

NOW back to ISRAEL … The CULT were kicked out because they were reported by a family member that they were going to commit suicide.  
ON 23rd JULY Richard Ruff posted a Bible code stating that Raymond Lear RA-EL is DEAD.   

No wonder Raymond Lear didn’t turn up for the big announcement  PURIM 2016 ! It obviously had been too traumatic for the Cardinal  of the Ecumenical Order of Christ, and this is obviously the reason for the mass suicide pact.  This would also account for why Ruff after months of begging didn’t turn up either, because all along her knew RA-EL was dead. 


So not only are the Clergy now promulgating some fantastical fairy tale that Raymond Lear is JESUS.   They  are also spreading news about a guy whose dead and moaning in the process that their plan went tits up by All senior clergy making wild accusations of being stalked, Kelly PATRICK in particular and guess what … My name has been added to a list of stalkers. 

Public announcement posts made by senior clergy – copy and paste job 

There is some warped idea that I make contact with friends and family members of their cult.   Yes, I am in contact with many … But it is they who seek out the blogger, it is they who give freely information which is confidential.   Have I ever posted confidential information, No. Discretion is used at all times and believe me when I say … That these cretins are a dredge on society.  

False Prophets Exposed are doing what it says … Exposing false prophets.  RAYEL is dead, it says so in Moses codes, so it must be true 😂

Twiggie Truth, False Prophets Exposed, 2016.  

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